1. Episode 10 Let’s Get Together
    Physical Season-Finale Recap: Don’t Call It a Climax We’re only left with a hint of whether Sheila is giving herself over to the dark side.
  2. Episode 9 Let’s Face the Facts
    Physical Recap: The Facts of Life Will the truth finally set everyone free?
  3. Episode 8 Let’s Not and Say We Did
    Physical Recap: What We Do in the Shadows This episode is full of unhappy rich people in their mansions.
  4. Episode 7 Let’s Take This Show on the Road
    Physical Recap: Friends in Low Places Where are Sheila’s real friends? Why doesn’t she have any?
  5. Episode 6 Let’s Get It On Tape
    Physical Recap: Living Out Loud That’s one less thing Sheila has to pretend about.
  6. Episode 5 Let’s Agree to Disagree
    Physical Recap: Power Moves Sheila is having a much easier time refusing to take no for an answer.
  7. Episode 4 Let’s Get This Party Started
    Physical Recap: Woman on the Edge of a Nervy Breakthrough Sheila’s putting the on in confidence these days.
  8. Episode 3 Let’s Get Down to Business
    Physical Recap: The New Adventures of Old Sheila Sheila seems to be, for the very first time, content — which is thrilling, but also confusing and concerning.
  9. Episode 2 Let’s Get Political
    Physical Recap: The Personal Is Political We now have confirmation that Sheila was at one point “someone of consequence.”
  10. Episode 1 Let’s Do This Thing
    Physical Series-Premiere Recap: Desperate Housewife Brace yourself and dive into the vortex of self-loathing that is Sheila Rubin’s interior monologue.

The Latest TV News

  1. busy philipps wya
    We’re Busy Wondering Who Will Play Michelle Williams’s BFF In FX’s upcoming limited series adaptation of the Dying for Sex podcast.
  2. the law
    Kelly Clarkson’s Ex-Husband-Manager Owes Her $2.6M For negotiating deals without a talent license.
  3. buffering
    How the Networks (Barely) Survived the Fall TV Season “The networks all did what they needed to crawl through the tunnel of crap at the end of The Shawshank Redemption,” says one insider.
  4. no more mr. nice pie
    The Great British Baking Show Needs a Villain Yes, it goes against everything this show stands for. But hear me out.
  5. obits
    Tony-Winning Actress Frances Sternhagen Dies at 93 She also played endless difficult mothers on television.
  6. outbackstories
    ‘Time Has Caught Up With Us’ How Baz Luhrmann reengineered 2008’s Australia to bring new perspectives to Faraway Downs.
  7. hosting duties
    SNL Is Bringing You a Very Barbie Christmas Weird Barbie will host alongside Billie Eilish as musical guest. Feeling pink yet?
  8. i'm out?
    Mark Cuban Says He’s Leaving Shark Tank However, ABC has not confirmed the news.
  9. exit interview
    A Darker, Sadder Succession Months after his masterpiece finale, Jesse Armstrong ponders the real tragedy of his show’s ending.
  10. coming soon
    Wanda’s Nosy Neighbor Gets a Show of Her Own We’ll peep the WandaVision spinoff, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, soon.