1. Episode 8 Let’s Not and Say We Did
    Physical Recap: What We Do in the Shadows This episode is full of unhappy rich people in their mansions.
  2. Episode 7 Let’s Take This Show on the Road
    Physical Recap: Friends in Low Places Where are Sheila’s real friends? Why doesn’t she have any?
  3. Episode 6 Let’s Get It On Tape
    Physical Recap: Living Out Loud That’s one less thing Sheila has to pretend about.
  4. Episode 5 Let’s Agree to Disagree
    Physical Recap: Power Moves Sheila is having a much easier time refusing to take no for an answer.
  5. Episode 4 Let’s Get This Party Started
    Physical Recap: Woman on the Edge of a Nervy Breakthrough Sheila’s putting the on in confidence these days.
  6. Episode 3 Let’s Get Down to Business
    Physical Recap: The New Adventures of Old Sheila Sheila seems to be, for the very first time, content — which is thrilling, but also confusing and concerning.
  7. Episode 2 Let’s Get Political
    Physical Recap: The Personal Is Political We now have confirmation that Sheila was at one point “someone of consequence.”
  8. Episode 1 Let’s Do This Thing
    Physical Series-Premiere Recap: Desperate Housewife Brace yourself and dive into the vortex of self-loathing that is Sheila Rubin’s interior monologue.

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    Muppet Babies’ Gonzo-rella Is the Cutest Disney Princess With the help of Rizzo the Fairy RatFather, an ally.
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    The Simpsons Is Doing Its First All-Musical Episode Based on the Disney+ show Encore! because synergy.
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    Top Chef Winner Gabe Erales Is ‘Sorry’ After Sexual Misconduct Allegations “My personal growth will be a perpetual apology in seeking forgiveness.”
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    Physical’s Dierdre Friel Is Totally Willing to Shave Her Head “It’s such an amazing moment for Greta. She is claiming her marriage. She is claiming her own empowerment.”
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    Tig Notaro Makes the Perfect Cartoon Comedian An animated stand-up special wouldn’t work for every comedian. Thankfully, Drawn has an ideal star.
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    How My Love of Reality TV Led Me to Hayu The streaming service lets international fans of unscripted fare binge Housewives to their heart’s content.
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    The Best and Worst of the 2021 Olympics So Far Because in a pandemic Olympics, there’s room for celebration and deep concern.
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    Jeff Daniels Is the Mare of the American Rust Trailer Showtime’s own Pennsylvania drama, co-starring Maura Tierney, premieres on September 12.
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    Welcome to the ‘What Are We Doing Here?’ Olympics The opening ceremony’s determined efforts to project normalcy amid the abnormal were occasionally lovely and frequently surreal.