1. Episode 9 Episode Nine
    Poldark Season-Finale Recap: True, Real, and Abiding Love Ross Poldark is the world’s most self-absorbed man.
  2. Episode 8 Episode Eight
    Poldark Recap: Now What? Ross has leapt unceremoniously from the moral high ground.
  3. Episode 7 Episode Seven
    Poldark Recap: What Can I Say? Watch out, Ross: Demelza throws one hell of a punch.
  4. Episode 6 Episode Six
    Poldark Recap: Trade Free or Die Hard Knives! Manliness! Fisticuffs!
  5. Episode 5 Episode Five
    Poldark Recap: The Fair Widow Poldark Merry Christmas in October!
  6. Episode 4 Episode Four
    Poldark Recap: Lighten Up, Francis If I had pearls, I would have clutched them during this episode.
  7. Episode 3 Episode Three
    Poldark Recap: Fisticuffs! Okay Poldark, let’s get back to the love triangle.
  8. Episode 2 Episode Two
    Poldark Recap: What Is Terminally Lazy Can Never Die Jud Paynter is the world’s worst manservant.
  9. Episode 1 Episode One
    Poldark Season Premiere Recap: Nowhere to Go But Up If you like bodices, love triangles, and/or blood feuds, this show is for you.
  1. Episode 9 Episode 9
    Poldark Season-Finale Recap: Moments in the Dunes The sexual tension between Demelza and Hugh Armitage finally reaches a breaking point.
  2. Episode 8 Episode 8
    Poldark Recap: Peyton Place Is Ross Poldark a bad husband?
  3. Episode 7 Episode 7
    Poldark Recap: The Bitch Is Back The idea of poor Morwenna being stuck with Whitworth gives me no joy.
  4. Episode 6 Episode 6
    Poldark Recap: The Gospel Truth Oh, Drake. Oh, little buddy.
  5. Episode 5 Episode 5
    Poldark Recap: Other People’s Parties This may surprise you, but things are still pretty bad in France.
  6. Episode 4 Episode 4
    Poldark Recap: A Widower For One Week Pick up your baby, Elizabeth!
  7. Episode 3 Episode 3
    Poldark Recap: Cake or Death I’m enjoying this slobs vs. snobs vibe immensely.
  8. Episode 3 Episode 3
    Poldark Recap: A Man for All Seasons Ross has some ideas about how to fix the mines while Dwight seems concerned that he won’t be able to fix his child.
  9. Episodes 1 and 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2
    Poldark Season-Premiere Recap: Sunrise, Sunset Ross Poldark always has to be so extra.
  1. Episode 8 Episode 8
    Poldark Finale Recap: Vial Misery What a difference two decades and countless pensive gazings at the sea make for the inhabitants of Cornwall.
  2. Episode 4 Episode 4
    Poldark Recap: Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here Dwight and Lady Caroline suffer a devastating loss while a flood at the mine spells trouble for the future.
  3. Episode 2 Episode 2
    Poldark Recap: The Parting Glass Ross and Demelza try to find balance in their marriage while an evil clergyman promises to cause trouble for the rest of the season.
  4. Episode 1 Episode 1
    Poldark Recap: A Hanging Matter As the series returns, Ross struggles to save the day when Demelza’s brothers are convicted of a crime they did not commit.
  1. Episode 8 Episode 8
    Poldark Series-Finale Recap: The End? Ending TV’s premiere wheat-scything, sea-gazing series with a hastily thrown-together French spy plot? Bold, Poldark, very bold.
  2. Episode 7 Episode 7
    Poldark Recap: The French Connection Yes, one episode before the series finale feels like the perfect time to introduce a sudden plot twist of Ross masquerading as a French spy.
  3. Episode 6 Episode 6
    Poldark Recap: The Hole Way See, this is exactly why Ross doesn’t like to cry.
  4. Episode 5 Episode 5
    Poldark Recap: Needful Skillage Ross says the time has come to return Ned to Honduras … and I agree!
  5. Episode 4 Episode 4
    Poldark Recap: This Will Not End Well Will Sad George ever return, or are we doomed to Sneering George for the rest of Poldark’s short time on this earth?
  6. Episode 3 Episode 3
    Poldark Recap: The Madness of George The horrors of early 19th-century mental health care are pretty bad, but not quite as bad as Caroline’s parties.
  7. Episode 2 Episode 2
    Poldark Recap: London Calling Once again, Ross and Demelza are doomed by this show’s love of dramatic irony.
  8. Episode 1 Episode 1
    Poldark Season-Premiere Recap: Hallucination Ghost Is it possible Truro sits on a Hellmouth? That would explain a lot.

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