1. Episode 8 Belles of the Ball
    Pose Finale Recap: Belles of the Ball Season one comes to a fairy-tale close, albeit one that doesn’t ignore the gravity of what’s come before.
  2. Episode 7 Pink Slip
    Pose Recap: Aye, Papi Elektra and Angel both bump up against the limitations of the straight world.
  3. Episode 6 Love is the Message
    Pose Recap: Chicken Patty Angel continues her confrontation with Stan’s wife in an episode titled after a classic disco song that has a special meaning for Pray Tell.
  4. Episode 5 Mother’s Day
    Pose Recap: The Mother Load In another too-long episode, Pose turns its eye to mother issues.
  5. Episode 4 The Fever
    Pose Recap: Good News, Bad News Some injections from a less-than-legitimate source are just one source of drama in this episode.
  6. Episode 3 Giving and Receiving
    Pose Recap: Jingle Balls Christmas means togetherness, drama, and some Santa-targeting theft.
  7. Episode 2 Access
    Pose Recap: No Romance Without Finance In “Access,” everyone on Pose is obsessed with money.
  8. Episode 1 Pilot
    Pose Series-Premiere Recap: In My House Ryan Murphy’s new show kicks off with three intersecting New York stories.
  1. Episode 2 Intervention
    Pose Recap: I’m Not Trying to Be Nice This episode alone could handily win Billy Porter another Emmy.
  2. Episode 1 On the Run
    Pose Season-Premiere Recap: Times Have Changed The final season kicks off with Blanca looking ahead with bright-eyed optimism, while Pray Tell seeks survival in self-destruction.

The Latest Pose News

  1. premieres
    Passionate Janet Mock Speech Turns Pose Premiere Into Pulpit: ‘Fuck Hollywood’ “This makes you uncomfortable? It should.”
  2. party report
    Angelica Ross Reveals Pose Isn’t Quite Ready to Say Good-bye to Candy After All “The audience is going to get everything they’re looking for out of this third season.”
  3. trailer mix
    Pose Season 3 Trailer: The Final Walk Begins May 2 Mj Rodriguez, Billy Porter, and Dominique Jackson star in the groundbreaking FX show.
  4. hire billy porter
    Pose Will Vogue One Last Time With Season 3 Seriously, hire Billy Porter.
  5. tv timeline
    How TV Stories Have Shaped Our Understanding of AIDS Using the tools of serialized storytelling, television has both reflected and reshaped our perception of the virus, one fictional character at a time.
  6. apologies
    Zoe Saldana Apologizes, for Real This Time, for Playing Nina Simone “I should have never played Nina.”
  7. tv
    Pose’s Steven Canals to Explore LGBTQ Victory Over DSM Designation in 81 Words The limited series is based on Alix Spiegel’s 2002 This American Life episode of the same name.
  8. emmys 2019
    Billy Porter Takes Emmys Attendees to Church in His Acceptance Speech “We all have the right!”
  9. hardest things
    The Hardest Song I Ever Chased Hollywood’s most reliable music supervisors explain how they got that song into your favorite movie or TV show.
  10. pose
    A Pop-Culture Guide to Pose Season Two What to watch, listen to, and read after every episode to more fully experience the rich history of NYC’s ballroom scene in 1990.