Power Book II: Ghost

  1. Episode 10 Love and War
    Power Book II: Ghost Season-Finale Recap: All’s Fair in Love and War A finale full of shocking moments and plot twists end an action-packed season.
  2. Episode 9 A Fair Fight?
    Power Book II: Ghost Recap: Everyone’s Taking It Too Far Ghost gives us another episode full of twists and turns as we head into the finale.
  3. Episode 8 Drug Related
    Power Book II: Ghost Recap: When All the Tea Is Spilled An action-packed episode filled with drama, tea spilling, and a jaw-dropping ending.
  4. Episode 7 Forced My Hand
    Power Book II: Ghost Recap: No Loose Ends Arguments and hard lessons galore.
  5. Episode 6 What’s Free?
  6. Episode 5 Coming Home to Roost
    Power Book II: Ghost Recap: A Not So Happy Ending Tariq walks right into the trap that’s been set for him.
  7. Episode 4 Gettin’ These Ends
    Power Book II: Ghost Recap: The Stakes Are High Who will go down for Professor Reynolds’s murder?
  8. Episode 3 The Greater Good
  9. Episode 2 Selfless Acts?
    Power Book II: Ghost Recap: In the Power Universe, It’s Every Man for Himself There’s no such thing as a selfless act in the Power universe.
  10. Episode 1 Free Will is Never Free

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