Power Book IV: Force

  1. Episode 10 Family Business
    Power Book IV: Force Season-Finale Recap: Ghost of Power Book Past Everyone is switching sides and exposing lies in Force’s action-packed season finale.
  2. Episode 9 Trust
  3. Episode 8 He Ain’t Heavy
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Everyone Has a Proposition Tommy’s business may be going well, but his family life only gets more complicated.
  4. Episode 7 Outrunning a Ghost
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Heavy in the Clubs It wouldn’t be a Power universe series if there weren’t plenty of family drama to spread around.
  5. Episode 6 This is Who We Are
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Bad for Business Tommy, Liliana, and Claudia have a plan that will seem familiar to fans of the Power universe.
  6. Episode 5 Take Me Home
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Everybody Wants Tommy Dead So much arguing, slapping, and kidnapping is happening in Chicago.
  7. Episode 4 Storm Clouds
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Tommy Gun Tommy is the guy you want on your team.
  8. Episode 3 Firestarter
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Money Don’t Have No Conscience Force’s central brotherhoods keep getting tested.
  9. Episode 2 King of the Goddamn Hill
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Chicago Is Now Home So much in this episode just feels too forced.
  10. Episode 1 A Short Fuse and a Long Memory
    Power Book IV: Force Recap: Sex, Guns, and Drugs The Power universe welcomes Tommy back with a wild introduction to the Windy City.

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