1. Episode 10 In My Best Interest
    Power Season-Finale Recap: Truth and Lies “In My Best Interest” reeks of been-there, done-that storytelling.
  2. Episode 9 I Call the Shots
    Power Recap: Choose Me When did Power turn into a Sadie Hawkins dance?
  3. Episode 8 Trust Me
    Power Recap: Don’t Trust Anyone Dear God, I hope Lobos is dead.
  4. Episode 7 Don’t Go
    Power Recap: Crime and Punishment For a show that loves melodrama, Power rarely lets bad things happen.
  5. Episode 6 The Right Decision
    Power Recap: Adios, Lobos It always comes down to James and Angela.
  6. Episode 5 Help Me
    Power Recap: The Curse of Lobos I feel like I’m watching an extreme version of Three’s Company.
  7. Episode 4 Don’t Worry, Baby
    Power Recap: Ghost in the Machine We really didn’t need to see 50 Cent jerk off.
  8. Episode 3 I Got This on Lock
    Power Recap: The Return of Kanan Ghost’s biggest rival is “fried and burned like a pork rind.”
  9. Episode 2 It’s Never Over
    Power Recap: Be Cool This episode should be Naturi Naughton’s Emmy submission.
  10. Episode 1 Call Me James
    Power Season Premiere Recap: The Thick of It James St. Patrick is trying his damnedest to stay clean.

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