Pretty Little Liars

  1. Episode 24 A is for Answers
    Pretty Little Liars Season Four Finale Recap: Bring Up the Bodies This season four finale supposedly gave us answers but mostly left us with a lot of questions.
  2. Episode 23 Unbridled
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Feel It in My Fingers Hanna has the best of everything this week: the best kiss, the best mom, the best one-liners …
  3. Episode 22 Cover for Me
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Mommie Dearest Has the biggest villain of all been right next door this entire time?
  4. Episode 21 She’s Come Undone
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Home Wrecker Toby discovers cronuts and Aria angry-walks all over town.
  5. Episode 20 Free Fall
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Need for Speed This week, the top spot in the Pretty Little Power Rankings belongs to an actual grown-up.
  6. Episode 19 Shadow Play
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Kiss Me Deadly The gang heads back in time in this noirish black-and-white episode.
  7. Episode 18 Hot for Teacher
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: School Hard Last week’s episode was great, and next week’s looks fun. So it’s okay for this one to be lackluster.
  8. Episode 17 Bite Your Tongue
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: White Teeth Teens Hanna survives what is, hands down, the most terrifying attack we’ve yet seen on Pretty Little Liars.
  9. Episode 16 Close Encounters
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: On to the Next One Ashley Marin is one of the only parents in Rosewood to ever top the Pretty Little Power Rankings.
  10. Episode 15 Love ShAck, Baby
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Lost in Translation Spencer gets real with everyone this week.
  11. Episode 14 Who’s in the Box?
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Never Let Me Go Which character had the best episode? Hint: She pronounces the word gazebo “gayz-bo.”
  12. Episode 13 Grave New World
    Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Recap: House Hunters The annual episode between Pretty Little Liars’ summer and winter seasons.
  13. Episode 12 Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Gone Baby Gone What is dead may never die.
  14. Episode 11 Bring the Hoe Down
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Crawl Space Is all the out-of-left-field stuff from this season going to pay off, now or ever?
  15. Episode 10 The Mirror Has Three Faces
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Mother Knows Best Mrs. Hastings was so powerful this week that she earned her rightful place atop the Pretty Little Power Rankings.
  16. Episode 9 Into The Deep
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Come Hell or High Water In a shocking twist, Emily’s birthday party does not go as planned.
  17. Episode 8 The Guilty Girl’s Handbook
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Killer Instinct Coherent plot progression has finally come to Rosewood.
  18. Episode 7 Crash and Burn, Girl!
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Always Crashing in the Same Car In a delightful turn of events, Caleb enlists Toby as his partner in crime-solving.
  19. Episode 6 Under the Gun
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Open Mike (Montgomery) Night Something is rotten in the fictional metropolis of Rosewood.
  20. Episode 5 Gamma Zeta Die!
  21. Episode 4 Face Time
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: False Faces Emily’s dad rockets to the top of the Pretty Little Power Rankings.
  22. Episode 3 Cat’s Cradle
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Parental Guidance Strongly Suggested Spencer tops this week’s Pretty Little Power Rankings.
  23. Episode 2 Turn of the Shoe
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Bye Bye Birdie So much pain befell our Liars this week.
  24. Episode 1 ’A’ Is for A-L-I-V-E
  1. Episode 25 Welcome to the Dollhouse
  2. Episode 24 I’m a Good Girl, I Am
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: We All Fall Down Keep those chins up: At least none of you is at the very, very bottom of this week’s Pretty Little Power Rankings.
  3. Episode 23 The Melody Lingers On
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Law and Disorder Who is allied with whom? Who is the enemy? What’s with this Édith Piaf jam?
  4. Episode 22 To Plea or Not to Plea
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Arrested Development Read on for the return of the Pretty Little Power Rankings.
  5. Episode 21 Bloody Hell
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Keep Calm and Watch Your Carry-on We are only three episodes away from the big A reveal, and everything and nothing make sense in Rosewood.
  6. Episode 20 Pretty Isn’t the Point
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Pretty Hurts This is why we watch this show: teen drama that slaps us with a huge, plot-driving twist to ensure we keep coming back.
  7. Episode 19 Out, Damned Spot
  8. Episode 18 Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Holbrook Back! This whole town is strung together with whispers.
  9. Episode 17 The Bin of Sin
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Where the Hell Is A? Also, these hashtags are getting out of hand.
  10. Episode 16 Fresh Meat
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: No Rest for the Wicked Did you think we’d leave you hanging? We would never!
  11. Episode 16 Over a Barrel
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: BreAking Bad What is going on with that hazmat suit?
  12. Episode 14 Through a Glass, Darkly
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Murderers’ Row The winter premiere of PLL brings a rare gift: an official timeline.
  13. Episode 13 How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: You Better Not Cry It’s Christmas in Rosewood!
  14. Episode 12 Taking This One to the Grave
    Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap: Killer Queen And that’s all she wrote … until October.
  15. Episode 11 No One Here Can Love or Understand Me
  16. Episode 10 A Dark Ali
  17. Episode 9 March of Crimes
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Pleased As Punch This was an hour of our Liars, and our Liars’s loved ones, taking action.
  18. Episode 8 Scream for Me
  19. Episode 7 The Silence of E. Lamb
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Drunk in Love Pam Fields is the person we talk about when we talk about parenting.
  20. Episode 6 Run, Ali, Run
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Leaving So Soon? Nothing says “I will ruin your life, xoxo” like a black-and-white video of someone burying your mom!
  21. Episode 5 Miss Me x 100
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Tick, Tick … BOOM! A hundred down. A thousand more to go, please?
  22. Episode 4 Thrown From the Ride
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Like a Good Neighbor When you’re one of the Liars, you just can’t trust anyone.
  23. Episode 3 Surfing the Aftershocks
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: You Don’t Know Me This episode was too clever by half, but that’s better than too incoherent by a billion.
  24. Episode 2 Whirly Girl
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Life After Death “It’s a whistle. You put it between your lips and blow.”
  25. Episode 1 EscApe From New York
  1. Episode 78 FrAmed
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Brother Knows Best The #SummerOfAnswers needs to start living up to its name.
  2. Episode 20 Hush, Hush, Sweet Little Liars
    Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Recap: Twin Peaks Why make things simple when they can be unnecessarily convoluted?
  3. Episode 19 Don’t Ask Me Why
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Stair Wars All of a sudden, everybody is into taking big leaps.
  4. Episode 18 Burn This
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Girl on Fire Cashely today, Cashley tomorrow, Cashley forever.
  5. Episode 17 We’ve All Got Baggage
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Marriage Plots Face it, A. The Liars can’t be killed by car.
  6. Episode 16 Where Somebody Waits for Me
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hole in the Wall This might be the first time the Rosewood Police actually accomplished something.
  7. Episode 15 Do Not Disturb
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hiding in Plain Sight Why is Ali cowering in front of Sad Robyn?
  8. Episode 14 New Guys, New Lies
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Love Is a Losing Game Does Aria actually not know that breaking and entering is a crime?
  9. Episode 13 The Gloves Are On
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Amateur Hour When life gives you, like, four homicides, make lemonade.
  10. Episode 12 Charlotte’s Web
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Making a Murderer These kids are tampering with evidence, keeping secrets, and lying to the police like it’s 2010.
  11. Episode 11 Of Late I Think of Rosewood
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Last 5 Years This is, like, your 37th funeral, ladies. Get it together.
  12. Episode 10 Game Over, Charles
  13. Episode 9 Last Dance
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Dancing in the Dark The Pretty Little Power Rankings: Prom Edition!
  14. Episode 7 O Brother, Where Art Thou
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Unfortunate Son There are so many nonsensical elements at play here, begging for our attention.
  15. Episode 6 No Stone Unturned
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Cage Fright It’s kinda hard to hunt for clues and pick emoji at the same time.
  16. Episode 5 She’s Not There
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hide and Seek It feels like we’re finally out of the woods.
  17. Episode 4 Don’t Look Now
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: O Brother, Where Art Thou? No one wants to take their eyes off our Liars, for fear they’ll be snatched away in the darkness.
  18. Episode 3 Songs of Experience
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: True Detectives Do all TV characters have to have loose floorboards in their rooms for secret-storing purposes?
  19. Episode 2 Songs of Innocence
  20. Episode 1 Game On, Charles
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hold On, We’re Going Home I am not entirely sure anything that transpired in Tuesday night’s episode made sense.
  1. Episode 20 Till Death Do Us Part
    Pretty Little Liars Series-Finale Recap: Two Can Keep a Secret It’s time to leave Rosewood for good.
  2. Episode 19 Farewell, My Lovely
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Stop the Crazy The Liars finally thwart one of their longtime nemeses.
  3. Episode 18 Choose or Lose
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Poor Unfortunate Souls How many fingerless corpses are in Rosewood these days?
  4. Episode 17 Driving Miss Crazy
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities How does anyone do anything on this show without Mona?
  5. Episode 16 The Glove that Rocks the Cradle
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Lost in the Flood Ms. Spencer Hastings-Drake. My, my, my.
  6. Episode 15 In the Eye Abides the Heart
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Call That Changed My Destiny Mona is a queen and everyone else is a plebe.
  7. Episode 14 Power Play
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Unplanned Parenthood Officer Marco Elevator really earned the top spot in this week’s power rankings.
  8. Episode 13 Hold Your Piece
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Smooth Operator Ms. Montgomery actually gets it together this week!
  9. Episode 12 These Boots Were Made for Stalking
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Teen Rogue Liars, I’m not mad. Just disappointed.
  10. Episode 11 Playtime
    Pretty Little Liars Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Don’t Hate the Players PLL is back! But an awful lot of Rosewood’s worst are nowhere to be found.
  11. Episode 10 The DArkest Night
    Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap: The Beginning of the End It finally happened! We found the only competent police officer in Rosewood!
  12. Episode 9 The Wrath of Kahn
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Dark Night If wealth were measured in leather jackets, Aria would be a Rockefeller.
  13. Episode 8 Exes and OMGs
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Final Five We have finally crossed over to a realm where Pretty Little Liars has no plot at all.
  14. Episode 7 Original G’A’ngsters
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Brothers Grim Maybe don’t make jokes about a blind girl when you’re literally the people who blinded her.
  15. Episode 6 Wanted: Dead or Alive
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Big Dig What should Aria’s wedding hashtag be? #ICaughtAPredator?
  16. Episode 5 Along Comes Mary
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: What Is Dead May Never Die Time to retire the cat-face sweatshirt, Ali.
  17. Episode 4 Hit and Run, Run, Run
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Boy, Bye Hell yes, Mona is back.
  18. Episode 3 The Talented Mr. Rollins
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Crash Dummy That’s one hell of a Brexit.
  19. Episode 2 Bedlam
    Pretty Little Liars Recap: Bad Medicine Get out while you still can, Liam! You deserve so much better than Rosewood.
  20. Episode 1 Tick Tock, Bitches
    Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere Recap: Kidnapped by Danger Wait, why does A have a second initial now?

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