Queer as Folk

  1. Episode 8 Sacrilege
    Queer As Folk Season-Finale Recap: Bitch, Fight for Me! The season finale ends where it all began: Babylon.
  2. Episode 7 Problematica
    Queer As Folk Recap: I Don’t Know How to Feel About This When you have a solid bench of queer day players, wouldn’t you want to indulge in all genres and watch them thrive?
  3. Episode 6 Bleep
    Queer As Folk Recap: How About Ruthie? The best episode of Queer As Folk so far. Period.
  4. Episode 5 Choke
    Queer As Folk Recap: She Startin’ Brodie gets more signs that he should curb his behavior, but you start to wonder if he’ll take the hint.
  5. Episode 4 #F*ck Disabled People
    Queer As Folk Recap: An Inclusive Sex Party QAF continues its exploration of how queer art can respond to trauma without being subsumed by it.
  6. Episode 3 Welcome to the Hellmouth
    Queer As Folk Recap: Wanna Watch Buffy? Is there a better way to bond than over the delicious monsters-are-all-around-us world of Sunnydale High?
  7. Episode 2 Blocked
    Queer As Folk Recap: Hello, My Trauma Queens Getting off, as it turns out, is on everyone’s minds.
  8. Episode 1 Babylon
    Queer As Folk Series-Premiere Recap: Don’t Be Such a Drama Queen! The reimagining of Queer As Folk shines in showing both the darkness and the light the queer community contains within itself.

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