Raised by Wolves

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  1. Episode 8 Happiness
    Raised by Wolves Season-Finale Recap: Fertile Ground Mother can’t stop getting duped!
  2. Episode 7 Feeding
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Everyone Has to Prove Themselves Hmmm. We might have been wrong about No. 7.
  3. Episode 6 The Tree
    Raised by Wolves Recap: A False Prophet Should Suffer Campion gives Father’s reanimated being the name Grandmother, which is, honestly, kind of rude.
  4. Episode 5 King
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Welcome to Our World Marcus goes full cult leader, and Sue hears the voice of … something.
  5. Episode 4 Control
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Return of the Necromancer Do not mess with Mother’s children.
  6. Episode 3 Good Creatures
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Mother of Reptiles No. 7 was once a terrifying creature to be feared and hunted but is now a lovable slithering scamp.
  7. Episode 2 Seven
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Maybe This Is Paradise Mother starts exhibiting more and more human characteristics that go well beyond her programming.
  8. Episode 1 The Collective
    Raised by Wolves Season-Premiere Recap: The Mission Isn’t Lost Raised by Wolves is back with a new tropical location, a new quantum computer, and a new atheist colony.

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    12 Books to Fill the Succession-Size Hole in Your Heart Stories with familial machinations, high-society satire, and juicy corporate power struggles — sound familiar?
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    What Was Succession About? Shakespeare, siblings, and sourdough starter.
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    Succession Made You Decide “Who will win?” is a question as appealing and empty as Tom and Shiv’s apartment. The much harder one has always been, “What kind of show is this?”
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  8. with open eyes
    Succession Power Rankings: A Meal Fit For a King Make yourself a snack with whatever you can find — NOT Peter’s cheese! — and settle in for the series-finale edition.
  9. with open eyes
    All the Callbacks in the Succession Series Finale Lawrence Yee of Vaulter returns!
  10. my dynasty is dropping
    The Roys Are Moving on to the Music Industry No, it’s not “L to the OG” part two. The Succession season 4 album comes out at midnight.