Raised by Wolves

  1. Episode 8 Happiness
    Raised by Wolves Season-Finale Recap: Fertile Ground Mother can’t stop getting duped!
  2. Episode 7 Feeding
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Everyone Has to Prove Themselves Hmmm. We might have been wrong about No. 7.
  3. Episode 6 The Tree
    Raised by Wolves Recap: A False Prophet Should Suffer Campion gives Father’s reanimated being the name Grandmother, which is, honestly, kind of rude.
  4. Episode 5 King
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Welcome to Our World Marcus goes full cult leader, and Sue hears the voice of … something.
  5. Episode 4 Control
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Return of the Necromancer Do not mess with Mother’s children.
  6. Episode 3 Good Creatures
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Mother of Reptiles No. 7 was once a terrifying creature to be feared and hunted but is now a lovable slithering scamp.
  7. Episode 2 Seven
    Raised by Wolves Recap: Maybe This Is Paradise Mother starts exhibiting more and more human characteristics that go well beyond her programming.
  8. Episode 1 The Collective
    Raised by Wolves Season-Premiere Recap: The Mission Isn’t Lost Raised by Wolves is back with a new tropical location, a new quantum computer, and a new atheist colony.

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