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“In Ramy, the new Hulu comedy created by Youssef, Ari Katcher, and Ryan Welch, the sweeping generational arc of those plots is weighed against Ramy’s religion and culture. He’s Egyptian-American, he’s Muslim, and he’s lived through the last two decades of American culture shaped by not only the usual personal crises of adolescence but also the specifically disorienting alienation of being a Muslim teenager in post-9/11 New Jersey.” — Kathryn VanArendonk “Ramy Isn’t Telling a Universal Story of the American Muslim Experience. That’s Why It’s So Good.

  1. Episode 10 we gave it all up for hot dogs
    Ramy Season-Finale Recap: It’s Maktoub Who among us hasn’t eaten a pork hot dog by mistake?
  2. Episode 9 a blanket on the television
    Ramy Recap: Dogs Are Haram The men are going through it in this episode.
  3. Episode 8 merchants in medina
    Ramy Recap: Ramy Is the Devil The Quran is the original blockchain.
  4. Episode 7 second opinion doctor
    Ramy Recap: A Poop Transplant for Ahmed Does Amhed need a second wife, or does he just need a poo-poo switcheroo?
  5. Episode 6 american life coach
    Ramy Recap: The Real Housewife of New Jersey Dena’s seeing a therapist, which is great … in theory.
  6. Episode 5 bad momma
    Ramy Recap: Seduced by the Devil The new toxic, messy, haram Dena is certainly entertaining, but she’s gotten herself into Ramy territory here.
  7. Episode 4 that’s what she said
    Ramy Recap: The Lord of the Bling This episode reminds me of The Office.
  8. Episode 3 limoges
    Ramy Recap: Scenes From a Marriage Farouk and Maysa are fighting.
  9. Episode 2 egyptian cigarettes
    Ramy Recap: What Counts As Home? Ramy goes to Israel.
  10. Episode 1 harry potter
    Ramy Season-Premiere Recap: Spiritual Debt Ramy’s crisis of faith is leading him to more questionable decisions.

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  1. chat room
    Ramy’s MaameYaa Boafo Wants to Be More Like Zainab in Real Life“She is not afraid to ask for things, and when she’s in a situation that doesn’t serve her, she will remove herself.”
  2. backstories
    ‘Everything Was Incredibly Challenging and Beautiful at the Same Time’Ramy captures life in Palestine while exposing its protagonist’s greed.
  3. austin’s power
    Austin Powers References Are Comedy’s Hottest Mini-TrendAnd they’re perfectly tucked inside This Fool, Ramy, and Bros.
  4. into the ramy-verse
    Ramy Regrets Ramy-ifying His Character’s NameA Ramy by any other name would be just as funny.
  5. trailer mix
    Ramy’s Season 3 Trailer Has the Best Narrator Since Jane the VirginBella Hadid makes her acting debut in the new season.
  6. a long talk
    ‘Look, Trust Me’Mo collaborators Mo Amer and Ramy Youssef parse their shared creative language.
  7. a twenty-four
    The Age of A24 TV Is Upon UsThe studio behind Euphoria and Ramy is bringing its signature cool to nearly every major streaming service in the next year.
  8. trailer mix
    Take Your Shoes Off Before Watching the Trailer for MoThe Netflix series, created by and starring comedian Mo Amer, premieres August 24.
  9. 9/11: 20 years later
    Ramy Captured the Paradox of Being Muslim American After 9/11A revisitation of “Strawberries,” Ramy Youssef’s examination of how to come of age in a country that demands your culture’s disavowal.
  10. emmys 2020
    This Is What Happens When You Lose an Emmy in 2020It quite literally waves good-bye.
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