Ray Donovan

  1. Episode 12 Rattus Rattus
    Ray Donovan Recap: Taking a Dive A disappointing season ends with an all-too fitting finale.
  2. Episode 11 Chinese Algebra
    Ray Donovan Recap: Raging Bull “Chinese Algebra” is the worst episode of Ray Donovan yet.
  3. Episode 10 Lake Hollywood
    Ray Donovan Recap: All In Ray may not be a good man, but he is a straightforward one.
  4. Episode 9 Goodbye, Beautiful
    Ray Donovan Recap: The Russians Are Coming! It’s time to shake this season up.
  5. Episode 8 The Texan
    Ray Donovan Recap: Family Ties “My dad’s a Hollywood legend and I’m just a little prick from Calabasas.”
  6. Episode 7 Norman Saves the World
    Ray Donovan Recap: The Ed and Ray Show Ray Donovan falls back to Earth with a forgettable hour.
  7. Episode 6 Fish and Bird
    Ray Donovan Recap: Cat’s Cradle “Fish and Bird” is one of Ray Donovan’s best episodes.
  8. Episode 5 Get Even Before Leavin’
    Ray Donovan Recap: Desperados Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight hit the road.
  9. Episode 4 Federal Boobie Inspector
    Ray Donovan Recap: We’ve Got Tonight Dabney Coleman, Diane Ladd, and the return of Hank Azaria!
  10. Episode 3 Little Bill Primm’s Green Horseshoe
    Ray Donovan Recap: A Crooked Tree Ray Donovan is still cleaning up last season’s mess.
  11. Episode 2 Marisol
    Ray Donovan Recap: Knockout Punch “Marisol” doesn’t give the cast enough room to do what they do best.
  12. Episode 1 Girl With Guitar
    Ray Donovan Season Premiere Recap: Stage Zero “Girl With Guitar” offers hope that Ray Donovan will regain its footing.
  1. Episode 12 Time Takes a Cigarette
    Ray Donovan Season Finale Recap: Forgive Yourself Ray hits rock bottom at the end of a dark, tragic season.
  2. Episode 11 Michael
    Ray Donovan Recap: Playing With Fire Any chance at reconciliation between Ray and Mickey Donovan is gone forever.
  3. Episode 10 Bob the Builder
    Ray Donovan Recap: The Brothers Donovan Is Ray going to kill Doug?
  4. Episode 9 Mister Lucky
    Ray Donovan Recap: Stalkerazzi The entire Donovan clan is spiraling out of control.
  5. Episode 8 Horses
    Ray Donovan Recap: Abby’s Farewell “Horses” reveals the last 24 hours of Abby Donovan’s life.
  6. Episode 7 If I Should Fall From Grace With God
    Ray Donovan Recap: Confessions The sky is blue, water is wet, and the Donovans are fighting.
  7. Episode 6 Shelley Duvall
    Ray Donovan Recap: He Needs Me What will Sam Winslow do when Ray steps out of line?
  8. Episode 5 Shabbos Goy
    Ray Donovan Recap: Malfeasance of Security Is Mickey really going to kill Avi?
  9. Episode 4 Sold
    Ray Donovan Recap: A Ghost Story “Sold” is a bit unsatisfying, but Liev Schreiber does phenomenal work yet again.
  10. Episode 3 Dogwalker
    Ray Donovan Recap: Anger Management Everyone in the Donovan family is thinking about what’s next.
  11. Episode 2 Las Vegas
    Ray Donovan Recap: I Only Have Eyes for You The Memento-ing of Ray Donovan continues.
  12. Episode 1 Abby
    Ray Donovan Season-Premiere Recap: There’s No Place Like Home The most promising season premiere of Ray Donovan since the series began.
  1. Episode 12 The Dead
    Ray Donovan Finale Recap: Welcome to the Family The season goes out on a high note with an episode that smoothly combines the two main worlds of Ray Donovan: family and violence.
  2. Episode 11 Never Gonna Give You Up
    Ray Donovan Recap: End Game As the Donovans band together to save Bridget, the writing is on the wall for Mac.
  3. Episode 10 Baby
    Ray Donovan Recap: Law & Order Nobody puts Bridget in the corner.
  4. Episode 9 Dream On
    Ray Donovan Recap: New York Confidential Every time it looks like the Donovans are going to dig themselves out of the hole, they get more dirt thrown on them.
  5. Episode 8 Who Once Was Dead
    Ray Donovan Recap: Circling the Drain A gloomy but resonant episode confirms that New York City has not been good to the Donovans.
  6. Episode 7 The 1-3-2
    Ray Donovan Recap: Crooked Numbers Just as lady luck seems to finally be shining on Bunchy, the other Donovan men are the verge of imploding.
  7. Episode 6 A Girl Named Maria
    Ray Donovan Recap: Angels with Dirty Faces Halfway through Ray Donovan’s New York adventure, Ray’s foray into the city’s political machine is becoming increasingly dangerous.
  8. Episode 5 Ellis Island
    Ray Donovan Recap: Security Blankets A melancholy episode in which two men say goodbye to their children also devotes some notable screen time to New York mayoral politics.
  9. Episode 4 Pudge
    Ray Donovan Recap: Don’t Talk About Fight Club Terry finally gets an arc and Ray and Smitty bond over violence in a hyperactive but satisfying episode.
  10. Episode 3 He Be Tight, He Be Mean
    Ray Donovan Recap: N.Y. State of Mind Ray is back in action, Daryll learns a hard lesson, and Mickey’s on a mission, in a solid episode that gets the entire crew to New York City.
  11. Episode 2 Staten Island, Part 2
    Ray Donovan Recap: Wag The Dog Ray gets to fixing in New York, while Daryll faces a life-threatening problem back in California.
  12. Episode 1 Staten Island, Part One
    Ray Donovan Recap: If You Can Make It There Ray moves to New York, grows a beard, and finds even more trouble in the debut of the series’ sixth season.

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