Reservation Dogs

  1. Episode 8 Satvrday
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Unfinished Business A finale full of difficult conversations and decisions caps off a spectacular and revelatory season.
  2. Episode 7 California Dreamin’
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Don’t Wanna Walk Anymore Elora wants desperately to escape the reservation before she’s caught in the current of her own history.
  3. Episode 6 Hunting
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Home with Dad As the effect of Daniel’s absence becomes more clear, it’s becoming less certain whether all of the Rez Dogs will make it to California.
  4. Episode 5 Come and Get Your Love
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Be Good, Fight Evil A reimagining of the Deer Lady makes for a genuinely delightful episode.
  5. Episode 4 What About Your Dad?
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Greasy, Greasy Fry Bread The beginnings of a rift between Bear and Elora threatens to tear the group apart.
  6. Episode 3 Uncle Brownie
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Creator’s Medicine (Buds, Beer, and Backstrap) Elora’s Uncle Brownie, played by Cayuga actor Gary Farmer, teaches the Rez Dogs how to be warriors.
  7. Episode 2 NDN Clinic
    Reservation Dogs Recap: Meat Pies and Black Eyes A quieter episode fleshes out our main characters and the minutiae of the small town of Okern.
  8. Episode 1 F*ckin’ Rez Dogs
    Reservation Dogs Series-Premiere Recap: I Wanna Be Your Dog This strong introduction to a vibrant fictional world sets up authentic conflict without dwelling on Indigenous trauma. Oh yeah, and it’s funny.

The Latest Reservation Dogs News

  1. tv review
    With A Little Patience, Reservation Dogs Will Enchant You This series about a quartet of Indigenous friends in a tiny Oklahoma town operates at its own deliberate pace and on its own distinct wavelength.
  2. trailer mix
    Oh, What a Beautiful ‘Thuggy Ass’ Morning in the Reservation Dogs Trailer An Indigenous comedy from the mind of Taika Waititi.