1. Episode 9 Revelations
    Revenge Recap: Like a Pimp For those of us who had doubts about season two of Revenge, the winter finale did a lot to assuage those concerns.
  2. Episode 8 Lineage
    Revenge Recap: Thanks for the Memories This is the series at its best: dark, complex, and soapy.
  3. Episode 7 Penance
    Revenge Recap: There Goes the Boom As Revenge’s disparate story lines come to a head, is it too much to hope for a louder boom?
  4. Episode 6 Illusion
    Revenge Recap: Fake It Till You Make It The best way to appreciate Revenge might be to accept it for the show we want it to be, not the show it is.
  5. Episode 5 Forgiveness
    Revenge Recap: To Err Is Human We still have a ways to go in terms of getting back to the heights of season one, but “Forgiveness” took steps in that direction.
  6. Episode 4 Intuition
    Revenge Recap: The Craziest Baby Shower Ever This episode had all the guilt, none of the pleasure.
  7. Episode 3 Confidence
    Revenge Recap: All Press Is Good Press It’s down and up again for Victoria Grayson.
  8. Episode 2 Resurrection
    Revenge Recap: Back From The Dead “For those who believe in resurrection, death is inconsequential.”
  9. Episode 1 Destiny

The Latest TV News

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    The Cure for the Winter Blues? Being Fully Naked in New York City On SNL, Bowen Yang and Emma Stone cheer themselves up by letting it all flap out in the breeze.
  2. mama mia
    Mama Cass Makes Her Own Kind of (Movie Soundtrack) Music on SNL “It’s a perfect song to go under a slow-mo montage where the main characters snaps and goes on a rampage.”
  3. goodbye norma jeane
    Bowen Yang’s George Santos Was a “Scandal in the Wind” SNL broke out the “Hallelujah” piano for George Santos’s swan song.
  4. the actress
    Tina Fey and Candice Bergen Induct Emma Stone Into SNL’s Five-Timers Club At this point Saturday Night Live should just have Bergen on retainer to dole out these jackets.
  5. trailer mix
    How Many Hats Are in the Trailer for The Crown’s Final Episodes? The final six episodes premiere on December 14, and the trailer promises hats galore.
  6. trailer mix
    Every TV, Movie Trailer Announced at CCXP Release the (House of the) Dragon (trailer)!
  7. legally blonde 2
    House of the Dragon’s Second Season Trailer Promises a Bloody, Blonde War There’s no mercy in a time of war, not even among bleached blonde family members.
  8. vulture lists
    21 Great Christmas TV Episodes You Can Stream Right Now Spend the holidays with the best friends and family members TV has to offer.
  9. 25 days of reality
    Yearbook Superlatives With the Cast of Squid Game: The Challenge After all, the onscreen villain may not be the same as the one behind the scenes.
  10. sign off
    Julianna Margulies Now ‘Sincerely Apologetic’ for Racist Podcast Remarks Walking back claims that the Black community had “been brainwashed to hate Jews,” among other inflammatory comments.