1. Episode 10 Nobody’s Fault But Mine
    Revolution Recap: A Little Less Conversation Screw it: Let’s just swordfight.
  2. Episode 9 Kashmir
    Revolution Recap: Dazed and Confused The worst thing about this episode is that it puts Charlie in two near-death situations and has her survive both.
  3. Episode 8 Ties That Bind
    Revolution Recap: Running In Place We’re far enough into Revolution’s first season to know one thing for certain – this show is never going to be great.
  4. Episode 7 The Children’s Crusade
    Revolution Recap: I Won’t Grow Up Another episode of Revolution, another terrible plan by Charlie.
  5. Episode 6 Sex and Drugs
    Revolution Recap: The Meek Shall Inherit On the show’s problem with flashbacks.
  6. Episode 5 Soul Train
    Revolution Recap: Toughen Up If you find yourself in a world without power, accept that you will always be too tough, not tough enough, and totally expendable.

The Latest TV News

  1. chat room
    American Born Chinese’s Ben Wang Gets the EEAAO Comparisons “We don’t have to feel like we’re living in separate worlds and jumping between them; we can be in all of them at the same time.”
  2. the hat's back
    Timothy Olyphant Reprises His Role As Smoldering Gunslinger in Justified Spinoff Heading into town on July 18.
  3. will the greyhounds ride again?
    Is Ted Lasso Over or What? Looking through “So Long, Farewell” for hints about a possible spinoff.
  4. endings
    Ted Lasso Wanted to Do It All The show tried to be everything to everyone at once without settling down to be any one thing in particular.
  5. it's all connected
    Remembering What the Hell Happened on Manifest Because “it’s all connected,” remember?
  6. finale thoughts
    Somebody Somewhere’s Road to ‘Gloria’ Jeff Hiller reflects on Joel and Sam’s season-two journey from codependency to wistful reconnection.
  7. newsies energy
    SAG-AFTRA Prepares Its Troops for the Fight The stars of SAG urge members to vote “yes” on strike authorization.
  8. with open wounds
    What Was That Hug Really About? Like all the best parts of Succession, Kendall and Roman’s stitch-popping embrace in the series finale is open to interpretation.
  9. new dystopia loading
    Black Mirror Is Back, and It’s Probably Gonna Be Depressing If the trailer is any indication.
  10. backstories
    The Tragedy of Hope “With Open Eyes” needed to feel like “a slow boil toward that final boardroom scene,” says Succession director Mark Mylod.