Roswell, New Mexico

  1. Episode 5 Don’t Speak
    Roswell, New Mexico Recap: Home Truths A packed episode deepens some of this show’s mysteries while seemingly resolving others.
  2. Episode 3 Tearin’ up My Heart
    Roswell, New Mexico Recap: Thanks for the Memories Isobel takes her chance to get into Liz’s head, and finds something unexpected.
  3. Episode 2 So Much for the Afterglow
    Roswell, New Mexico Recap: Alien Autopsy There’s a lot of emotional whiplash happening in the romances of Roswell this week.
  4. Episode 1 Pilot
    Roswell, New Mexico Premiere Recap: Nostalgia’s a Bitch This pilot serves up all the alien romance and small-town drama Roswell fans will want, alongside smart commentary about fear, bigotry, and otherness.

The Latest TV News

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    Zach Woods and Hugh Laurie Are Going to Space …in a new HBO comedy from Armando Iannucci, but still!
  2. casting
    The CW’s The Lost Boys Casts Tyler Posey, Kiele Sanchez, and Many Sexy Vampires Sexy vampires literally never die, that’s kind of the point.
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    Who Are the Thirsty Celebs on The Masked Singer? An Investigation The Monster is definitely T-Pain.
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    The Magicians’ Queliot Episode Is a Landmark Moment For Slash Fandom The Syfy fantasy drama embraced a queer relationship that viewers pined for, but don’t call it fan service.
  5. investigations
    Jussie Smollett Charged With Filing a False Police Report The indictment, which carries a felony charge, was handed down Wednesday evening.
  6. this! is! jeopardy!
    Jeopardy! Fan Favorites Buzzy Cohen and Austin Rogers on Their All-Stars Return “It was more like being on a film set than it was being on a syndicated television show.”
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    A Bachelor Compendium of Every ‘Wrong Reasons’ Warning Colton Has Ignored “They’re already talking about being the next Bachelorette.”
  8. snl
    Idris Elba to Make His SNL Hosting Debut Next Month He’ll be joined by musical guest Khalid.
  9. empire
    Fox Says Jussie Smollett Not Written Out of Empire As Investigation Continues Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Smollett has agreed to be reinterviewed by police about his potential role in his own alleged attack.
  10. f marry kill
    Let’s Play ‘F, Marry, Kill’ With Netflix’s Dating Around Time for some imaginary murder, betrothals, and flings.