Russian Doll

  1. Episode 8 Ariadne
    Russian Doll Season Finale Recap: The Maze Runner Once upon a time, a very special boy and a very tough lady figured out how to rewrite the code.
  2. Episode 7 The Way Out
    Russian Doll Recap: That’s What Friends Are For Nadia and Alan have a plan to move forward, but first they have to wade through a sea of WTF.
  3. Episode 6 Reflection
    Russian Doll Recap: Mirror, Mirror With Alan and Nadia now acting out a shared existence, they also have a shared to-do list: Figuring out Alan’s first death.
  4. Episode 5 Superiority Complex
    Russian Doll Recap: Double Vision Nadia tries to make amends with the people for whom she’s caused the most grief, while Alan confronts those who’ve caused him the most grief.
  5. Episode 4 Alan’s Routine
    Russian Doll Recap: Control Freak A yin to Nadia’s yang is revealed, but just how do they overlap?
  6. Episode 3 A Warm Body
    Russian Doll Recap: Sweet Surrender In which Nadia plunges into the abyss, both metaphorical and literal.
  7. Episode 2 The Great Escape
    Russian Doll Recap: Game Theory Nadia’s on a quest for answers — but first, she has to figure out how to get down the stairs.
  8. Episode 1 Nothing in This World Is Easy
    Russian Doll Series Premiere Recap: Tomorrow Never Dies Natasha Lyonne is captivatingly funny in a series premiere in which every beat feels fraught with potential significance.

The Latest Russian Doll News

  1. best of 2019
    The Best TV Shows of 2019 (So Far) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Russian Doll, On My Block, and more of TV’s latest and greatest standouts.
  2. dreams come true
    Natasha Lyonne Got to Live Her Wildest Fantasy: Writing the NYT Crossword “I spend all of my time with the crossword, like an obscene amount of time.”
  3. casting
    Charlie Barnett Is the New Best Friend on You and We’re Already So Worried He will now depict a different kind of cosmic suffering.
  4. close reads
    Russian Doll’s Love Letter to Video Games From respawns and fetch quests to non-playable characters, the Netflix show maps gaming tropes onto the reality of trauma.
  5. meow
    How Russian Doll’s Oatmeal Went From Stray Cat to TV Star His real name is Louie and his trainer says he’s a “remarkable boy.”
  6. pop culture
    Why Is TV So Obsessed With the Afterlife Right Now? From The Good Place to Miracle Workers, Forever to Russian Doll, a wealth of new shows are exploring what happens to us after we die.
  7. a day in the life
    How Do the Rules of Russian Doll Compare to Groundhog Day? How similar is the time loop in Russian Doll to the time loop in Groundhog Day? Let’s break it all down.
  8. chat room
    Russian Doll’s Charlie Barnett Wants an All-Oatmeal Episode “I would love to see an episode devoted completely to Oatmeal, in which you see everything through his lens.”
  9. stunts
    How Natasha Lyonne’s Russian Doll Stunt Double Filmed All Those Death Scenes Natasha Lyonne’s stunt double, Becca G.T., knows how to die onscreen. But a “perfect” wig helped, too.
  10. close reads
    Russian Doll Has No Easy Answers Natasha Lyonne’s mind-bending Netflix show is an exquisite blend of sci-fi, psychodrama, and parable.