Russian Doll

  1. Episode 8 Ariadne
    Russian Doll Season Finale Recap: The Maze Runner Once upon a time, a very special boy and a very tough lady figured out how to rewrite the code.
  2. Episode 7 The Way Out
    Russian Doll Recap: That’s What Friends Are For Nadia and Alan have a plan to move forward, but first they have to wade through a sea of WTF.
  3. Episode 6 Reflection
    Russian Doll Recap: Mirror, Mirror With Alan and Nadia now acting out a shared existence, they also have a shared to-do list: Figuring out Alan’s first death.
  4. Episode 5 Superiority Complex
    Russian Doll Recap: Double Vision Nadia tries to make amends with the people for whom she’s caused the most grief, while Alan confronts those who’ve caused him the most grief.
  5. Episode 4 Alan’s Routine
    Russian Doll Recap: Control Freak A yin to Nadia’s yang is revealed, but just how do they overlap?
  6. Episode 3 A Warm Body
    Russian Doll Recap: Sweet Surrender In which Nadia plunges into the abyss, both metaphorical and literal.
  7. Episode 2 The Great Escape
    Russian Doll Recap: Game Theory Nadia’s on a quest for answers — but first, she has to figure out how to get down the stairs.
  8. Episode 1 Nothing in This World Is Easy
    Russian Doll Series Premiere Recap: Tomorrow Never Dies Natasha Lyonne is captivatingly funny in a series premiere in which every beat feels fraught with potential significance.
  1. Episode 7 Matryoshka
    Russian Doll Season-Finale Recap: Tabula Rasa Russian Doll’s thrilling, messy, and challenging second chance ends with Nadia accepting Nora and Vera’s traumas and hopes and desires.
  2. Episode 6 Schrödinger’s Ruth
    Russian Doll Recap: Stuck in a Moment The consequences of Nadia’s tinkering with her timeline are beginning to manifest.
  3. Episode 5 Exquisite Corpse
    Russian Doll Recap: Derailed Russian Doll makes its biggest journey yet: 1944 Budapest
  4. Episode 4 Station to Station
    Russian Doll Recap: Tripping Over The Past We finally get to see what Alan has been up to.
  5. Episode 3 Brain Drain
    Russian Doll Recap: Nora Doesn’t Live Here Anymore The whole Nadia-Nora sharing-a-body thing has a tinge of David Cronenberg body horror in this nail-bitter of an episode.
  6. Episode 2 Coney Island Baby
    Russian Doll Recap: Fool’s Gold Rush Get in, loser, we’re confronting decades of generational trauma.
  7. Episode 1 Nowhen
    Russian Doll Season-Premiere Recap: Find Hell With Me Nadia finds the universe messing with her again, but this time she’s choosing to engage.

The Latest Russian Doll News

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    How Alan Zaveri’s Humanity Became His Superpower in Russian Doll Charlie Barnett used a character inspired by himself to reveal some deep truths about the nature of existence (and grow an exquisite mustache).
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    Okay, I’d Like to Escape Russian Doll’s Time Loop Now When everything everywhere all at once backfires.
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    Annie Murphy Joins Russian Doll’s Season 2 Time Loop No ews from us.
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    The Sick Minds at The Masked Singer Are At It Again Don’t look the Russian dolls in the eye.
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    What Makes Viewers ‘Tune In Next Week"? Veteran TV writers share how they craft cliffhanger endings for everything from comedies to soaps to docuseries.
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    Natasha Lyonne’s Claps Are Expressive and Radiant Give her an Emmy for this hand work.