1. Episode 22 White Hat’s Back On
    Scandal Finale Recap: Bang Bang Boo Hoo Bye Bye The big surprise reveal of the season-ender raises so many questions.
  2. Episode 21 Any Questions
    Scandal Recap: And the Mole Is… Did anyone else stop breathing at the end of this episode?
  3. Episode 20 A Woman Scorned
    Scandal Recap: Mutually Assured Destruction Mellie and Liv owned this episode.
  4. Episode 19 Seven Fifty-Two
    Scandal Recap: I Think They Were Real Shonda Rhimes decided to welcome us back from hiatus with a sucker punch right to the cry bones.
  5. Episode 18 Molly, You in Danger, Girl
    Scandal Recap: Home Invasion That ending, right?
  6. Episode 17 Snake in the Garden
    Scandal Recap: Something Mellie This Way Comes Severed ears and suicides on last night’s Scandal.
  7. Episode 16 Top of the Hour
    Scandal Recap: Morality Clause When do Huck and Quinn get their own spinoff show?
  8. Episode 15 Boom Goes the Dynamite
    Scandal Recap: Blood for Blood Come on, Fitz! You cannot have it both ways!
  9. Episode 14 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Scandal Recap: On the Rocks This week was heavy on cringe-inducing Oval Office conversations and watching Fitz spin into an alcoholic spiral.
  10. Episode 13 Nobody Likes Babies
    Scandal Recap: I Know What You Did Last Election Night We thought the whole episode would build up to just one revelation. Boy, were we wrong.
  11. Episode 12 Truth or Consequences
    Scandal Recap: Nothing to Lose, No Time to Waste Olivia went to a dark place this week, and everyone seemed to implode in her absence.
  12. Episode 11 A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar
    Scandal Recap: Seeds of Discontent This is an episode of flashbacks and daddy issues.
  13. Episode 10 One for the Dog
    Scandal Recap: Letters, Ligature Marks, and Liars Huck is in a hole, Hollis is in the crosshairs, and Harrison is a gladiator in a suit in our first Scandal recap.
  1. Episode 18 The Price of Free and Fair Election
    Scandal Finale Recap: Bad Guys Run the World How many crazy things can happen in one episode?
  2. Episode 17 Flesh and Blood
    Scandal Recap: When Ohio Brings You Low Oh me oh my-o, something’s going down in Ohio.
  3. Episode 16 The Fluffer
    Scandal Recap: Shut It Down This episode was neither the bomb nor revealed much about who’s on the receiving end of the bomb.
  4. Episode 15 Mama Said Knock You Out
    Scandal Recap: Happy, Together Family It’s Fitz Family Fun Night at the White House!
  5. Episode 14 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
    Scandal Recap: Bad Things Happen to Good People Three cheers to Dan Bucatinsky.
  6. Episode 13 No Sun on the Horizon
    Scandal Recap: Yum Yum, Crispy Piggy Are Liv and Jake good people doing bad things, or are they actually just bad?
  7. Episode 12 We Do Not Touch the First Ladies
  8. Episode 11 Ride, Sally, Ride
    Scandal Recap: The World Is Watching Many reveals, many yawns.
  9. Episode 10 A Door Marked Exit
    Scandal Recap: Cut Off the Head In true Scandal style, the big moments came quick in the last two minutes of the mid-season finale.
  10. Episode 9 YOLO
    Scandal Recap: Window of Opportunity Huck gets his Marathon Man moment with Quinn. Is it safe, indeed.
  11. Episode 8 Vermont Is for Lovers, Too
    Scandal Recap: Trying to Reach You In which we meet Olivia’s very intriguing mother.
  12. Episode 7 Everything’s Coming Up Mellie
    Scandal Recap: It’s Not Fair, It’s America If you are anything but Team Mellie after this episode, then just get out of here.
  13. Episode 6 Icarus
    Scandal Recap: The Monster Who Loves You Who the hell is Adnan Salif?
  14. Episode 5 More Cattle, Less Bull
    Scandal Recap: We Got Poped We learned some interesting information about Fitz’s past last night.
  15. Episode 4 Say Hello to My Little Friend
    Scandal Recap: Set the Bones We got confirmation this week that Papa Pope is a mean S.O.B.
  16. Episode 3 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington
    Scandal Recap: All Killed Out Last night’s episode was fun, but a little overwrought.
  17. Episode 2 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
    Scandal Recap: Making Jam in Vermont Just another dad, talking about mastodons.
  18. Episode 1 It’s Handled
    Scandal Recap: Get on the Plane Olivia and Fitz have become a slo-mo Benny Hill skit with better clothes.
  1. Episode 22 You Can’t Take Command
    Scandal Season Finale Recap: Pope in Power In this season-four finale, power is what everyone loses. Well, all but one.
  2. Episode 21 A Few Good Women
    Scandal Recap: Occupational Hazards Scandal’s occupational hazards are about possibly being kidnapped, tortured, or killed.
  3. Episode 20 First Lady Sings the Blues
    Scandal Recap: Conflict of Interest It’s interesting how Liv continues to underestimate her father’s evil.
  4. Episode 19 I’m Just A Bill
    Scandal Recap: Back, But Never Here Welcome back, Papa Pope!
  5. Episode 18 Honor Thy Father
    Scandal Recap: Father Dearest All hell is about to break loose — Scandal is back!
  6. Episode 17 Put a Ring on It
    Scandal Recap: Full Circle and Sweet Baby Is Scandal trying to tell us that bad people don’t deserve good hair?
  7. Episode 16 It’s Good to Be Kink
  8. Episode 15 The Testimony of Diego Muñoz
    Scandal Recap: Bad Decisions and Rose’s Boo Love is going to get all of them six feet under.
  9. Episode 14 The Lawn Chair
    Scandal Recap: Justice for Brandon This was the most important Scandal episode ever.
  10. Episode 13 No More Blood
    Scandal Recap: Once a Gladiator, Always a Gladiator We all should have predicted who would save the day from the line that Quinn uttered last episode.
  11. Episode 12 Full Circle
    Scandal Had Olivia Pope Sold at Auction Last Night A lot of people descend to dark places they might not typically go this week.
  12. Episode 11 Where’s the Black Lady?
    Scandal Recap: The Black Lady, the Babysitter, and the Boss Olivia is becoming Helen of Troy, while Mellie does some impressive work on VP Andrew.
  13. Episode 10 Run
    Scandal Recap: The Killer Inside Welcome back! This week, Olivia kills a guy with a pipe!
  14. Episode 9 Where the Sun Don’t Shine
    Scandal Midseason Finale Recap: Dancing On My Own Olivia seems to have squared away how she feels about her parents.
  15. Episode 8 The Last Supper
  16. Episode 7 Baby Made a Mess
    Scandal Recap: Helen of Troy It was a very “don’t start none, won’t be none” sort of night.
  17. Episode 6 An Innocent Man
    Scandal Recap: Truth Is Like the Sun Fake Nancy Reagan rules.
  18. Episode 5 The Key
  19. Episode 4 Like Father, Like Daughter
    Scandal Recap: Let’s Go to Paris What a good episode. Also, now we all know what “Eiffel Tower” means.
  20. Episode 3 Inside the Bubble
    Scandal Recap: Everything Is Missing We marvel at the women on this show, and their complex relationships.
  21. Episode 2 The State of the Union
    Scandal Recap: Big-Girl Pants Operation: Get Some.
  22. Episode 1 Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia
  1. Episode 21 That’s My Girl
    Scandal Season Finale Recap: Like Father, Like Daughter Face it, Fitz: There is no Vermont. There is no jam.
  2. Episode 20 Trump Card
    Scandal Recap: Abby v. Olivia v. Rowan This episode was fantastic.
  3. Episode 19 Buckle Up
    Scandal Recap: The Dark Side Liv doesn’t want any more blood on her hands.
  4. Episode 18 ’Til Death Do Us Part
    Scandal Recap: The Truth About Jake I am officially done with Olake’s toxic relationship.
  5. Episode 17 Thwack!
    Scandal Recap: Welcome Home Olivia can’t fight it anymore: She is her father’s daughter.
  6. Episode 16 The Miseducation of Susan Ross
    Scandal Recap: Susan’s Big Secret Does anyone else suddenly like Fitz again? These times, they are a-changin’, folks.
  7. Episode 15 Pencils Down
    Scandal Recap: Olivia Goes to the Dark Side I still want to believe in the goodness of Susan Ross.
  8. Episode 14 I See You
    Scandal Recap: Jake Needs to Watch His Back This episode may be called “I Miss You,” but I miss Scandal. Because what we’re watching is something different.
  9. Episode 13 The Fish Rots From the Head
    Scandal Recap: Handling Other Things Everyone on this show is garbage.
  10. Episode 12 Wild Card
    Scandal Recap: Just Listen to Huck, Liv Cy is so maniacal and evil and I love it.
  11. Episode 11 The Candidate
    Scandal Recap: Savid? Suvid? Dusan? Whatever the hell we’re calling this ship, I’m down.
  12. Episode 10 It’s Hard Out Here for a General
    Scandal Recap: The Rise of Mellivia Welcome back, #Gladiators! I’m here for Mellivia.
  13. Episode 9 Baby, It’s Cold Outside
    Scandal Recap: Olitz Reach a Breaking Point Finally, Liv has chosen #TeamBeByYourself.
  14. Episode 8 Rasputin
    Scandal Recap: What Are the Stakes? Lots of juicy things clearly happened, but it didn’t all add up for me.
  15. Episode 7 Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance
    Scandal Recap: Evil Liv Yes, Bill, this episode is about your disgusting self.
  16. Episode 6 Get Out of Jail, Free
    Scandal Recap: Olivia & Fitz’s Wedding Day! If after tonight’s episode, you didn’t join me on #TeamMellie, then we (and Olivia) have problems.
  17. Episode 5 You Got Served
    Scandal Recap: The Bitch (Cyrus) Is Back! “You Got Served” gave me an all-you-can-eat buffet of drama, sexiness, and real talk. It was close to perfect.
  18. Episode 4 Dog-Whistle Politics
    Scandal Recap: Mellie Seeks Revenge Not only was this one-hour class amazing, this might have been the best one of the best episodes of Scandal in a really long time.
  19. Episode 3 Paris Is Burning
    Scandal Recap: Olivia Chooses Herself Another strong episode from Shonda & Co.
  20. Episode 2 Yes
    Scandal Recap: Say Yes to the Press All hail the Queen of Giving Zero Damns.
  21. Episode 1 Heavy Is the Head
    Scandal Recap: Everything’s Moving Too Fast Olivia is just gonna stay a side piece until it’s the perfect time to come out?
  1. Episodes 15 and 16 Tick Tock; Transfer of Power
    Scandal Season-Finale Recap: It Feels Right Olivia Pope finally turns to the dark side.
  2. Episode 14 Head Games
    Scandal Recap: Mother’s Day It’s like the good old days on Scandal again.
  3. Episode 13 The Box
    Scandal Recap: Eleven Pounds This show transformed into 24 so gradually, we barely noticed it happening.
  4. Episode 12 Mercy
    Scandal Recap: The Hateful Eight “Mercy” allows for some interesting character work that feels vital, even as it seems ridiculous.
  5. Episode 11 Trojan Horse
    Scandal Recap: Thwack Revisited The show’s latest surprise death doesn’t feel very shocking.
  6. Episode 10 The Decision
    Scandal Recap: Defying Defiance Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have screen chemistry so phenomenal, Shonda Rhimes tilted the entire show in their direction.
  7. Episode 9 Dead in the Water
    Scandal Recap: Slapping Abby Scandal takes its characters to extreme places, then escorts them back into the real world.
  8. Episode 8 A Stomach For Blood
    Scandal Recap: The Manchurian Ginger Is Huck really dead? Time will tell, but the non-answer in “A Stomach for Blood” is pretty manipulative.
  9. Episode 7 A Traitor Among Us
    Scandal Recap: Civil War If Scandal kills off a major character, it’d be a very smart move.
  10. Episode 6 Extinction
    Scandal Recap: A Streak of Weakness Scandal is at its worst when the biggest threat comes from some all-powerful group of corporate baddies.
  11. Episode 5 They All Bow Down
    Scandal Recap: Sibling Rivalry “Am I wrong in thinking that Olivia is your sister in a House Lannister kind of way?”
  12. Episode 4 The Belt
    Scandal Recap: Locked Up “The Belt” is Scandal at its worst.
  13. Episode 3 Fates Worse Than Death
    Scandal Recap: Sex, Lies, and Videotape For the first time in a long time, Scandal is earning its mysteries.
  14. Episode 2 Hardball
    Scandal Recap: All’s Fair in Love and Politics The Scandal renaissance is upon us.
  15. Episode 1 Survival of the Fittest
    Scandal Season Premiere Recap: Hail to the Thief Scandal suddenly feels like its old self again.
  1. Episode 18 Over a Cliff
    Scandal Series-Finale Recap: A Gladiator Good-bye A frantic and satisfying ending to the Scandal saga.
  2. Episode 17 Standing in the Sun
    Scandal Recap: Truth and Consequences “Standing in the Sun” sprints through 30 episodes of plot in a single, jam-packed hour.
  3. Episode 16 People Like Me
    Scandal Recap: A Gladiator Disarmed These final episodes are focused on redeeming the idea of America itself.
  4. Episode 15 The Noise
    Scandal Recap: Cyrus for President The final Scandal battle is the romantics against the power-hungry pragmatists.
  5. Episode 14 The List
    Scandal Recap: Girls Against Boys In Scandal, D.C. has long been a sexually treacherous boys’ club.
  6. Episode 13 Air Force Two
    Scandal Recap: Nonsense at 20,000 Feet “Air Force Two” is a perfect representation of what Scandal has become.
  7. Episode 12 Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself
    Scandal Recap: Introducing Pope and Keating Neither Scandal nor HTGAWM has been this fun in a really long time.
  8. Episode 11 Army of One
    Scandal Recap: B613 Deficiency It’s difficult to think of another television show that’s been subsumed to this degree by an unworkable plot element.
  9. Episode 10 The People v. Olivia Pope
    Scandal Recap: A Very Special Intervention “The People v. Olivia Pope” can’t seem to decide what story it’s trying to tell.
  10. Episode 9 Good People
    Scandal Recap: Tuesdays With Marvin This final season is a lot more experimental and free-wheeling than anyone could have anticipated.
  11. Episode 8 Robin
    Scandal Recap: Death of a Gladiator Scandal is the last show on Earth that should be trying a misdirect like this episode does.
  12. Episode 7 Something Borrowed
    Scandal Recap: Bad to the Bone The show is stalling for time with only hours left to wrap up its story.
  13. Episode 6 Vampires and Bloodsuckers
    Scandal Recap: No Weddings and Two Funerals Olivia Pope has officially joined the pantheon of television’s great antiheroes.
  14. Episode 5 Adventures in Babysitting
    Scandal Recap: Olivia’s War With one shocking explosion, the season jolts back to life.
  15. Episode 4 Lost Girls
    Scandal Recap: Vermont Can Wait All together now: Olivia Pope doesn’t need to be rescued.
  16. Episode 3 Day 101
    Scandal Recap: The House in Vermont Has there ever been a more boring episode of Scandal?
  17. Episode 2 Pressing the Flesh
    Scandal Recap: The President Needs a Vibrator Olivia is getting pushed closer and closer to the edge.
  18. Episode 1 Watch Me
    Scandal Season-Premiere Recap: Fear of a Black Hat “Watch Me” heralds the birth of a brand-new Olivia Pope.

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