Schitt's Creek

  1. Episode 13 Christmas
    Schitt’s Creek Holiday Special Recap: We Wish You a Schitty Christmas Johnny’s determination to revive the Rose family Christmas traditions leads to a weird, perfectly imperfect holiday celebration.
  1. Episode 14 Life Is a Cabaret
    Schitt’s Creek Season Finale Recap: Curtain Call With the Cabaret premiere upon us, Miss Stevie Budd earns her spotlight in a hilarious, heartfelt finale.
  2. Episode 13 The Hike
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: A Bashful Clam and a Backpack of Cheese While David and Patrick are on a hike that’s more than a hike, Johnny battles a heart attack that’s less than a heart attack.
  3. Episode 12 The Roast
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: We’re Gonna Need to Get Shots Ted and Alexis’s give and take relationship (he gives, she takes) is put to the test by a “dumb, once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity.”
  4. Episode 11 Meet The Parents
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: There Will Be a Surprise and There Will Be Tears David’s plans for Patrick’s surprise birthday party lead to a different sort of surprise entirely, in what’s easily the best episode of the season.
  5. Episode 10 Roadkill
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: First the Tamagotchis, Now This? We take a break from Cabaret rehearsals to get down to business — serious business, kinky business, and spa business alike.
  6. Episode 9 The M.V.P.
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: The Little League Record for Most Times Hit by a Ball Witness David Rose, in full uniform, participating in a team sport. Truly, what a time to be alive.
  7. Episode 8 The Hospies
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: The Search for Sally Bowles Moira and Johnny both get opportunities to trot out their newfound parenting skills, to varying degrees of success.
  8. Episode 7 A Whisper of Desire
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: Hopefully Some Holds Barred Small-town theater plus Moira Rose? It was only a matter of time — and the time is now.
  9. Episode 6 Rock On!
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: Was It the Lack of Ground Rules? With Alexis’ “help,” David nearly spirals out over his relationship with Patrick — and illustrates how much he’s grown in the process.
  10. Episode 5 Housewarming
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: Dressed to the Nines in Choking Hazards Johnny and Moira have some adventures in behbey-sitting, while their actual kids live through some real team drama.
  11. Episode 4 The Dress
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: Off the Rack While Moira’s still imagining a life beyond Schitt’s Creek, her kids are illustrating how much the town has changed them for the better.
  12. Episode 3 The Plant
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: A Must-Stay Who knew a place called Schitt’s Creek would turn out to be the best place on the planet to fall and stay in love?
  13. Episode 2 Love Letters
    Schitt’s Creek Recap: 50 Shades of Johnny Rose Rose Apothecary may have gotten robbed (well, sort of), but it’s Moira who steals this episode.
  14. Episode 1 The Crowening
    Schitt’s Creek Season Premiere Recap: Winging It Plucking Moira away from the Rose family only highlights how loving this show’s central relationships are.

The Latest Schitt’s Creek News

  1. send to streaming heaven
    Don’t Worry About Your Paddle: Schitt’s Creek Floats On Over to CW Seed You’ll be able to watch the first four seasons of the series on the CW’s streaming platform.
  2. the industry
    The Making of an Emmy Underdog Success Story Though big shows on big networks continue to dominate, bottom-up Emmy campaigns increasingly have a chance of working.
  3. chat room
    Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy Can Also Picture Moira Rose at the Emmys “This is a win for Moira.”
  4. vulture lists
    25 Essential Canadian Sitcoms From Schitt’s Creek to, yes, a show about hockey.
  5. schitt's creek
    Everything We Know About Moira Rose’s Career on Schitt’s Creek From Sunrise Bay to The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening.
  6. endings
    Say Goodbye to Those Wigs, Schitt’s Creek Will End With a Sixth and Final Season “Concluding with a final chapter that we had envisioned from the very beginning.”
  7. quiz time
    Which Ex-Socialite Said This Out-of-Touch Quote: Alexis Rose or Tahani Al-Jamil? They have a lot of famous friends.
  8. tv's moira rose
    How Schitt’s Creek Pulled Off the Making of The Crows Have Eyes III Dan Levy and Catherine O’Hara break down how the standout scene in Moira Rose’s “comeback vehicle” took flight.
  9. comedy
    The Unlikely Rise of Schitt’s Creek Schitt doesn’t just happen overnight. Here’s how the cult comedy transformed into a Peak TV success story.
  10. profile
    Dan Levy Made Schitt’s Creek With His Dad. But It’s His Weird Little Baby. Scouting for clothes with the creator of TV’s funniest town.