1. Episode 2 Lovers’ Spat
    Schmigadoon! Recap: Meat Basket for Sale As Melissa sours on Schmigadoon, Josh begins to get in tune.
  2. Episode 1 Schmigadoon!

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  1. s! c! h! m! i! g! a! d! o! o! n!
    The Many, Many Musical-Theater References Behind Schmigadoon’s Songs Co-creator Cinco Paul talks us through the origin of every musical number, and the stories behind their references.
  2. tv review
    I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No to Schmigadoon! I love this Golden Age Musical pastiche with the helplessness of a protagonist being yanked into an indulgent, unnecessary dream ballet.
  3. schmigadoon!
    Schmigadoon! Trailer: Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key Stuck in a Musical Coming to Apple TV+ on July 16.
  4. tv
    The Show-Tunes-Obsessed Mormons Behind Schmigadoon! Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul’s send-up of musical theater is both wholesome and really, really funny.