Search Party

  1. Episodes 10 and 11 Password to the Shadows; The House of Uncanny Truths
    Search Party Season Finale Recap: Finding Chantal The end of Search Party is smart, surprising, and wildly entertaining.
  2. Episodes 7 and 8 The Riddle Within the Trash; The Return of the Forgotten Phantom
    Search Party Recap: Ghosting in the Machine “I’ve been lying to everyone.”
  3. Episodes 5 and 6 The Mystery of the Golden Charm; The Secret of the Sinister Ceremony
    Search Party Recap: The Writing on the Wall Parker Posey! Ron Livingston! A weird pregnancy cult in Red Hook!
  4. Episodes 3 and 4 The Night of One Hundred Candles; The Captive Dinner Guest
    Search Party Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? “Look me in the eye and tell me you know what to wear to a vigil.”
  5. Episodes 1 and 2 The Mysterious Disappearance of the Girl No One Knew; The Woman Who Knew Too Much
    Search Party Series Premiere Recap: Dory the Explorer What happened to Chantal Witherbottom?
  1. Episodes 9 and 10 Frenzy; Psychosis
    Search Party Season-Finale Recap: Dory Is Going to Hell “Your friends are pointless, entitled, empty idiots.”
  2. Episodes 7 and 8 Denial; Hysteria
    Search Party Recap: Those Hipster Kids Did It! Detective Joy is terribly close to cracking this case.
  3. Episodes 5 and 6 Paranoia; Obsession
    Search Party Recap: The Key to the City Good boy Drew has clearly embraced his dark side.
  4. Episodes 3 and 4 Paralysis; Suspicion
    Search Party Recap: Back to Brooklyn Of all Dory’s bad ideas, this one might be the worst.
  5. Episodes 1 and 2 Murder!; Conspiracy
    Search Party Season-Premiere Recap: We’re Not Murderers! Will Dory and her friends actually get away with murder?
  1. Episode 10 The Reckoning
    Search Party Season-Finale Recap: Blind Justice It doesn’t matter that Dory is an entitled millennial, she’s simply a liar who does well in a system that rewards liars.
  2. Episode 9 Irrefutable Evidence
    Search Party Recap: Dory Almost Gets Pancaked Drew, Portia, and Elliott have all hit their rock bottoms, but Dory is just “freakin’ lucky.”
  3. Episode 8 A Dangerous Union
    Search Party Recap: The Wedding of the Season Marc and Elliott’s wedding was always going to be one of the season’s high points, and the payoff does not disappoint.
  4. Episode 7 Rogue Witness
    Search Party Recap: The Whole Truth It’s a bad day for the defense.
  5. Episode 6 In God We Trust
    Search Party Recap: Millennials On Trial The court case we’ve been waiting for is finally here.
  6. Episode 5 Public Appeal
    Search Party Recap: Meet The Sief Family Finally meeting Dory’s parents destroys her last shred of humanity.
  7. Episode 4 A National Affair
    Search Party Recap: Something to Lie For Wow, Dory just really sucks now, huh?
  8. Episode 3 The Whistleblower
    Search Party Recap: The Gang Gets Their Defense Together Dory may think she has things under control, but her actions have set off a chain of events beyond her consideration.
  9. Episode 2 The Rookie Lawyer
    Search Party Recap: Self-Defense Dory is the only one who doesn’t have anything to lose, and everyone else is counting on her to do the right thing.
  10. Episode 1 The Accused Woman
    Search Party Season Premiere Recap: Dory Thrives on the Dark Side Even though Dory is absolutely guilty, it feels like she really might be able to get away with this simply through willpower alone.

The Latest Search Party News

  1. perfect casting
    Kathy Griffin Joins Search Party Season 5 Griffin completed her scenes before undergoing lung-cancer surgery.
  2. renewals
    Dory Will Keep Swimming With Search Party’s Season 5 Renewal And by swimming we mean fighting for her life.
  3. finding dory
    How Search Party Landed on That Surreal Season 4 Finale Creators Charles Rogers and Sarah Violet-Bliss explain why “there was no chance that this was going to be an easy season for Dory.”
  4. teasers
    Search Party Season 4 Trailer: Finding Dory In which Susan Sarandon kicks Alia Shawkat down a staircase.
  5. returns
    Search Party Sets Off From HBO Max in January 2021 The gang’s all here. Except Dory, someone really should start looking for her.
  6. close reads
    Search Party’s Elliott Is the Limit Case of the ‘Gay BFF’ John Early’s “gay, energetic, self-diagnosed narcissist” is a satirical figure as funny as he is terrifying.
  7. chat room
    After Leaving NCIS, Shalita Grant Wanted to Embrace Comedy on Search Party The story behind this season’s vocal fry-iest character.
  8. tv review
    Search Party Is Back, and Its Knives Are Out Despite a two-year delay, season three’s focus on privileged, white millennials winding their way through the justice system feels of the moment.
  9. profile
    Alia Shawkat, Through the Looking Glass What the Search Party actress has learned from her tabloid year.
  10. trailer mix
    Search Party Season 3 Trailer: Trial by Hipster To the courtroom they go.