Shadow and Bone

  1. Episode 8 No Mourners
    Shadow and Bone Season-Finale Recap: A Tale of Two Boats Where Alina once dirtied her hands and doubted her victory, now she’s confident and righteous. And she’s headed to Ketterdam.
  2. Episode 7 The Unsea
    Shadow and Bone Recap: Make Me Your Villain Make him a monster or make him a tragic figure, just don’t do … whatever this is.
  3. Episode 6 The Heart Is an Arrow
    Shadow and Bone Recap: Now Kiss Kaz Brekker really should have stayed in Ketterdam.
  4. Episode 5 Show Me Who You Are
    Shadow and Bone Recap: The Lynx Flush Baghra is the hero none of us deserve.
  5. Episode 4 Otkazat’sya
    Shadow and Bone Recap: Time For a Heist Alina is learning to be her own person, albeit under extreme duress.
  6. Episode 3 The Making at the Heart of the World
    Shadow and Bone Recap: Punching Through the Shadow Fold This episode would be a total bummer if it weren’t for the Crows.
  7. Episode 2 We’re All Someone’s Monster
    Shadow and Bone Recap: Yours to Lose As Alina’s new identity begins to take shape, the political stakes of this world begin to take on fascinating new dimension.
  8. Episode 1 A Searing Burst of Light
    Shadow and Bone Series-Premiere Recap: Take Your Time or Take Your Chances The Netflix adaptation of Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse YA novels starts out with some good adaptation choices and some seriously questionable ones.

The Latest Shadow and Bone News

  1. spoilers
    8 Huge Moments From the Shadow and Bone Finale … and what they mean for a possible third season.
  2. plot twists
    An Exhaustive List of Shadow and Bone’s Biggest Season-Two Reveals How many secret identities, plot twists, and surprising emotional character turns can fit into eight episodes? A lot!
  3. renewals
    Shadow and Bone Makes Netflix Its Shadow and Home for a Second Season The fantasy series has been renewed for another eight episodes.
  4. vulture lists
    11 Fantasy Novels to Read After Bingeing Shadow and Bone Beyond the Grishaverse.
  5. viewing guide
    Let’s Illuminate the Shadow and Bone Universe Get ready to step into Netflix’s version of the Grishaverse — and if you just said, “What the hell’s a Grisha?” Congratulations, this is for you.
  6. tv review
    Shadow and Bone Almost Gets Lost in the Dark Netflix’s adaptation of the Grishaverse novels pulls it together in the end, but only after traversing a vast, foggy muddle of exposition.
  7. trailer mix
    Shadow and Bone Trailer: Come On Baby, Light My Fire Your next YA obsession?
  8. trailer mix
    Shadow and Bone Teaser: Uh-Oh, the Villain Is Hot Netflix’s latest YA fantasy adaptation premieres April 23.