1. Episode 3 His Last Vow
    Sherlock Season 3 Finale Recap: A Three-Pipe Problem Before embarking on yet another interminable vacation, Sherlock packs in a rewarding mystery and says hello to a familiar face.
  2. Episode 2 The Sign of Three
    Sherlock Recap: Best Man for the Job Sherlock’s speech is a corker.
  3. Episode 1 The Empty Hearse
    Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Recap: Impossible Is Nothing A bumpy reentry, but by episode’s end, things are back to normal for Holmes and Watson.
  1. Episode 3 The Final Problem
    Sherlock Season-Finale Recap: The East Wind “The Final Problem” barely resembles Sherlock as we know it.
  2. Episode 2 The Lying Detective
    Sherlock Recap: A Sick Man “The Lying Detective” brings fun back to Baker Street.
  3. Episode 1 The Six Thatchers
    Sherlock Season Premiere Recap: An Appointment in Samarra “The Six Thatchers” isn’t much of a mystery, but it’s certainly shocking.
  4. Episode 0 The Abominable Bride
    Sherlock Holiday Special Recap: Unstuck in Time Welcome to Victorian England! Here’s your fancy hat and uncomfortable corset.

The Latest TV News

  1. finale thoughts
    Ted Lasso’s Phil Dunster Thinks Jamie Has Become a Better Sort of Narcissist “He’s becoming one of 11 rather than one in a million.”
  2. fast & furious: hobbes & che
    The Romance of the Century Returns on And Just Like That … Will Che have to choose between Miranda and weed?
  3. finale thoughts
    Succession’s Alan Ruck Is Still Unraveling Clues About Connor “Jesse was like, ‘I don’t know … perhaps.’ That’s the whole show, to an extent. He loves that everybody has a different opinion about it.”
  4. the present moment
    How to Give Netflix, Hulu, and Other Streaming Services As Gifts For Father’s Day shoppers in need of options.
  5. dramaturgically
    A Study in Vanderpump Rules Facial Acting All the looks pulled in the season-ten reunion.
  6. scandoval
    The Affair of the Lightning-Bolt Necklace A source claims that Raquel Leviss has “dipped out” on Tom Sandoval.
  7. did north sign off on this?
    Kim Kardashian Crosses Picket Line Into American Horror Story: WGA Strike After all the 2007 strike did for Keeping Up With the Kardashians?
  8. yama kippi yay bo
    Oh, Honey! Kim Cattrall Returns As Samantha Jones on And Just Like That … The Messiah is here!
  9. chat room
    American Born Chinese’s Ben Wang Gets the EEAAO Comparisons “We don’t have to feel like we’re living in separate worlds and jumping between them; we can be in all of them at the same time.”
  10. the hat's back
    Timothy Olyphant Reprises His Role As Smoldering Gunslinger in Justified Spinoff Heading into town on July 18.