Shots Fired

  1. Episode 10 Hour Ten: Last Dance
    Shots Fired Finale Recap: Cold Comfort A surprisingly satisfying conclusion to a story that lacks easy answers.
  2. Episode 9 Come to Jesus
    Shots Fired Recap: Officer Down Will Ashe and Preston’s relationship survive what comes next?
  3. Episode 8 Hour Eight: Rock Bottom
    Shots Fired Recap: The People United As Gate Station crumbles to pieces, Ashe and Preston finally give in to their romantic feelings.
  4. Episode 7 Hour Seven: Content of Their Character
    Shots Fired Recap: State of Unrest As far as I’m concerned, Arlen Cox is the killer.
  5. Episode 6 Hour Six: The Fire This Time
    Shots Fired Recap: A Riot Goin’ On “The Fire This Time” finds Gate Station erupting into violence.
  6. Episode 5 Hour Five: Before the Storm
    Shots Fired Recap: What About Arlen? The true villain of Shots Fired finally emerges.
  7. Episode 4 Hour Four: Truth
    Shots Fired Recap: Follow the Weed This best episode of Shots Fired so far.
  8. Episode 3 Somebody’s Son
    Shots Fired Recap: Finding Cory One mystery is solved, but the show still has much to figure out.
  9. Episode 2 Hour Two: Betrayal of Trust
    Shots Fired Recap: What About Joey? “Betrayal of Trust” is the unfortunate result of bending a nuanced drama into the shape of a crime procedural.
  10. Episode 1 Hour One
    Shots Fired Series-Premiere Recap: A Shooting in Charlotte “Hour One” does a fine job of illustrating the indignities that racism is built upon.

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