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Is honesty always the best policy? What if it’s your therapist who is being brutally honest. In the new Apple TV+ comedy, Jason Segel plays a therapist who, in the wake of his own grief, completely removes any filter he might have had while dealing with his patients. The resulting honestly has huge implications for both his patients and himself.

Harrison Ford co-stars, as does Jessica Williams. The show was created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Segel.

  1. Episode 10 Closure
    Shrinking Season-Finale Recap: The Best Way to Help Yourself Therapy has become a smaller and smaller part of this show over the course of the season, so the final scene of the finale feels a bit jarring.
  2. Episode 9 Moving Forward
    Shrinking Recap: Big Gesture The penultimate episode provides plenty of emotionally complex moments, which have become the best part of Shrinking.
  3. Episode 8 Boop
    Shrinking Recap: Pattern Interrupt Shrinking is moving away from its focus on therapy and toward a pure hangout sitcom.
  4. Episode 7 Apology Tour
    Shrinking Recap: The Easy Part Jimmy and Gaby pump the brakes and work to restore their friendship.
  5. Episode 6 Imposter Syndrome
    Shrinking Recap: Doing the Work Harrison Ford gets high on weed gummies. This is not a drill!
  6. Episode 5 Woof
    Shrinking Recap: Trauma-Induced Avoidance Shrinking is becoming more than just The Jason Segel Show.
  7. Episode 4 Potatoes
    Shrinking Recap: Bad Day Jimmy’s tendency to make everything about himself leads to his ugliest moment yet.
  8. Episode 3 Fifteen Minutes
    Shrinking Recap: Grieve Hard Jimmy’s new method of addressing his grief may effectively numb his pain, but his emotional bill will be due soon enough.
  9. Episode 2 Fortress of Solitude
    Shrinking Recap: Everything Goes My Way Shrinking’s ensemble gets more time to shine.
  10. Episode 1 Coin Flip
    Shrinking Series-Premiere Recap: Psychological Vigilante What happens when a therapist gets tired of incremental self-improvement and speeds up everyone’s mental-health journey? Let’s find out!

The Latest on Shrinking

  1. exit interview
    Bill Lawrence Is Still Figuring It OutDespite a rapidly shifting TV landscape, the Shrinking and Ted Lasso co-creator hasn’t abandoned his earnest worldview.
  2. chat room
    Jessica Williams Brought Her Own Spice, and Scrunchies, to ShrinkingPost-finale, Williams talks about her new spin on the “Black lady therapist” trope and her many improvised moments — including that Mariah Carey riff.
  3. appointment viewing
    Apple TV+ Books Another Therapy Sesh with ShrinkingCo-creator Bill Lawrence confirmed that a second season has been in the works “for months.”
  4. yawn solo
    Harrison Ford Isn’t Anxious. You’re Just Boring.In a searingly honest confessional, the 80-year-old actor came out … as not having social anxiety.
  5. last night on late night
    Harrison Ford Reviews Jason Segel’s PenisHe’s familiar with his Shrinking co-star’s body … of work.
  6. party report
    Jason Segel Is a Car Guy in Real Life and in ShrinkingThe Apple TV+ show’s vintage Bronco is inspired by the co-creator and star’s actual ride.
  7. party report
    Harrison Ford Doesn’t Remember the Lyrics to Sugar Ray’s ‘Every Morning’Despite singing it with Jessica Williams in Shrinking.
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    Shrinking Desperately Wants You to Like ItThe new Apple TV+ comedy starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford is as needy as its protagonist.