1. Episode 10 Fault Lines
    Snowfall Season-Finale Recap: The Sun Is Also a Star Snowfall’s finale closes out the season with a meteor shower of alliances, interests, and atrocities as everything falls apart around Franklin.
  2. Episode 9 Departures
    Snowfall Recap: Two Weeks’ Notice Breakups are never easy.
  3. Episode 8 Celebration
    Snowfall Recap: Family Trip The Jay and Bey of South Central tie the knot and celebrate their marital bliss by going on a mass psychedelic trip.
  4. Episode 7 Lying in a Hammock
    Snowfall Recap: Soldier of Love Jerome is really going through all the emotions in this one. Meanwhile, Franklin gets the wrath of a very grumpy Teddy.
  5. Episode 6 The Iliad: Part 2
    Snowfall Recap: Liars, Tigers, and Bears A charming and chilling perfect movie villain returns from Franklin’s past.
  6. Episode 5 The Iliad: Part I
    Snowfall Recap: Dreams and Nightmares Franklin and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
  7. Episode 4 Revolutions
    Snowfall Recap: The Fire Next Time Cissy is back, and she’s making moves.
  8. Episode 3 Lion
    Snowfall Recap: Bite the Hand Teddy keeps a watchful eye over Franklin.
  9. Episodes 1 and 2 Comet/Commitment
    Snowfall Season-Premiere Recap: All the World’s a Trap House The premiere episodes of FX’s crime drama makes it clear that last season’s drug game is not this season’s drug game.
  1. Episode 10 The Struggle
    Snowfall Series-Finale Recap: Prometheus It’s natural to want Franklin to live happily ever after, but like most stories about the drug game, the ending is grim.
  2. Episode 9 Sacrifice
    Snowfall Recap: Mrs. Saint’s Revenge Franklin and Teddy’s twisted game finally comes to an end.
  3. Episode 8 Ballad of the Bear
    Snowfall Recap: El Oso y El Santo Snowfall is reminding us why it’s the best crime show since Breaking Bad.
  4. Episode 7 Charnel House
    Snowfall Recap: Nothing Left to Lose With Jerome gone, there is no one to anchor the Saint family, and Louie and Franklin are crumbling under the weight of their immense guilt.
  5. Episode 6 Concrete Jungle
    Snowfall Recap: A Dying Breed If Franklin is Prometheus, bringing fire to Compton in the form of rocked-up cocaine, then Louie is Icarus, flying too close to the sun.
  6. Episode 5 Ebony + Ivory
    Snowfall Recap: Preparing for the Worst This is the most unhinged we’ve seen Franklin.
  7. Episode 4 Projects Boy
    Snowfall Recap: Busted Pipes and Broken Lights All the Snowfall characters are getting backed into a corner.
  8. Episode 3 Door of No Return
    Snowfall Recap: Welcome Home, Leon Leon and Wanda return to Los Angeles to find their neighbor at the center of a civil war between Franklin and Louie and Jerome.
  9. Episodes 1 and 2 Fallout/The Sit Down
    Snowfall Season-Premiere Recap: Rome is Burning Franklin’s empire is in ruins, but he’s hellbent on rebuilding.

The Latest FX News

  1. explainer
    Hillsong’s Celebrity (Un)following Many stars were once linked to the now scandal-ridden megachurch.
  2. the hat's back
    Timothy Olyphant Reprising Role As Smoldering Gunslinger in Justified Spinoff Coming in July 2023.
  3. trailer mix
    Hungry for The Bear Season Two? Back in business June 22.
  4. isn't it?
    Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian to Slay American Horror Story 12 Michaela Jaé Rodriguez will also be joining the cast.
  5. what peep do in the shadows
    Fifth Time’s the Charm for American Peep Show, Bets FX Minnie Driver and Amandla Jahava will star in the pilot from writer Stefani Robinson.
  6. chat room
    Snowfall’s Angela Lewis Pitched Louie’s Villain Turn “I don’t take the hate personally, because I advocated to be a villain.”
  7. heartbroken
    6 Shows That Aren’t Getting Valentines This Year Reboot, Kindred, American Gigolo, and more have been canceled.
  8. buffering
    “We Had to Learn Everything Over Again”: How FX Survived the Streaming Wars John Landgraf on the network’s transition to Hulu, working for Disney, and why peak TV is finally, actually here (really).
  9. close read
    Fleishman Is in Trouble Does What the Book Couldn’t Do The episode “Me-Time,” adapted by Taffy Brodesser-Akner from her own novel, is a prime example of the potency of stories told onscreen.
  10. finale thoughts
    Zazie Beetz Lays Van to Rest Seven years playing Atlanta’s most wayward character has brought the actor clarity: “The character is a part of my transformation.”