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Somebody Somewhere, which premieres this Sunday, is a patently personal project for Everett, who also grew up in Manhattan, Kansas, but went on to become a fixture of the New York comedy-and-music scene. Everett sings, does stand-up, and performs in shows that combine cabaret, storytelling, and big, raunchy spectacle. (This is her first successful project for TV; she made a well-reviewed but fruitless pilot for Amazon Prime in 2017.) Her path to a theater career came in part via her popular karaoke performances. One of her go-to songs was Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart,” a number Everett’s character, Sam, also performs. This makes the show feel like an alternate history, one that wonders what might have happened if Everett had never left home, never found her voice after high school.

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    Somebody Somewhere Season-Finale Recap: A Crazy Thing A catharsis and joy-filled finale brings Sam and Joel back together!
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    Somebody, Somewhere Recap: The Fred Rococo Bachelor-Party Experience While things seem dire between Sam and Joel at the moment, all hope is not lost.
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    Somebody Somewhere Recap: Kinda Good But Kinda Gross Sam and Joel reach a new level of intimacy.
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    Somebody Somewhere Season-Premiere Recap: Pound It or Pass A day-in-the-life kind of episode for Sam and Joel puts their wonderful friendship on full display.

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