Southern Charm

  1. Episode 13 Ain’t No Thang Like a Chicken Wing
    Southern Charm Season-Finale Recap: Shep of Fools Thomas and Kathryn are the absolute worst.
  2. Episode 12 A Tribe Called Key West
    Southern Charm Recap: All Keyed Up This group trip is as much fun as laser hair removal.
  3. Episode 11 Boys Gone Wild
    Southern Charm Recap: Take Back the Night If you want to understand rape culture, watch this episode.
  4. Episode 10 The Hangover
    Southern Charm Recap: The Shep Has Sailed This is a sad little first birthday party in the park, isn’t it?
  5. Episode 9 Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch
    Southern Charm Recap: Diner’s Club Kathryn is the best reason to watch this deflated soufflé of a show.
  6. Episode 8 Sari, Not Sari
    Southern Charm Recap: Cow Burns and Caftans This is one of the most boring hours of reality TV that I have ever witnessed.
  7. Episode 7 Fowl Play
    Southern Charm Recap: Two in the Bush What is going on with Kathryn’s look?
  8. Episode 6 To Liver and Die in Charleston
    Southern Charm Recap: Peter’s Pan Shep’s hard-drinking lifestyle is starting to take its toll.
  9. Episode 5 Craig of All Trades, Master of None
    Southern Charm Recap: Kathryn the Great Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is the master of this universe.
  10. Episode 4 Shipwrecked
    Southern Charm Recap: Mark O’Polo Thomas Ravenel is an incredibly problematic man.
  11. Episode 3 Step and Release
    Southern Charm Recap: Shep and Repeat Naomie is quickly becoming my favorite person on this show.
  12. Episode 2 Roamin’ Holiday
    Southern Charm Recap: Forcing It Forced is not a good look on this show.
  13. Episode 1 While the Kat’s Away
    Southern Charm Premiere Recap: The Eagle Has Landon You’ve finally gotten your wish — we’re recapping this season of Southern Charm.
  1. Episode 16 Reunion Part 2
    Southern Charm Reunion Part Two Recap: The Final Showdown The season ends with a reminder that Ashley is a lot of trouble, and may need a lot of help.
  2. Episode 15 Reunion Part One
    Southern Charm Reunion Part One Recap: A #MeToo Moment A reunion episode grapples with a cast member’s sexual assault allegations.
  3. Episode 14 Ho, Ho, Ho
    Southern Charm Season Finale Recap: Kathryn the Great Ashley takes center stage and her conflict with Kathryn comes to a head in the season 5 finale.
  4. Episode 13 Game Changer
    Southern Charm Recap: Ponying Up Many shellfish are consumed in an episode focusing on a polo game.
  5. Episode 12 Gone Girl
    Southern Charm Recap: Pillow Talk Everyone is in a race to see who can be the most pathetic.
  6. Episode 11 Beer and Trembling
    Southern Charm Recap: Cast of Characters Everybody hates Ashley even when she’s most MIA. Also, the show’s attempt to force a romance continues not to work.
  7. Episode 10 Family Ties
    Southern Charm Recap: Liar, Liar Thomas and Ashley once again demonstrate why they deserve each other.
  8. Episode 9 Hilton Head-ache
    Southern Charm Recap: Getting Crabs Ashley’s reign of terror continues.
  9. Episode 8 What the Fuskie
    Southern Charm Recap: Hilton Heads Up What is wrong with these people? Their bodies are as battered as their iPhones.
  10. Episode 7 Kat’s Got Your Tongue
    Southern Charm Recap: Don’t Shop Believing What kind of sweet deal did Gwynne’s make with this show?
  11. Episode 6 Exes on the Half Shell
    Southern Charm Recap: French Connection Three extraordinarily excruciating things happened in Charleston this week, and one of them involves designer pillows.
  12. Episode 5 Pulp Friction
    Southern Charm Recap: Put Peyton in Her Place Someone needs to tell Naomie to chill out.
  13. Episode 4 All Talk No Action
    Southern Charm Recap: Let’s Screw Lunch How many times will Craig and Naomie have the exact same fight?
  14. Episode 3 Groovy Baby
    Southern Charm Recap: What to Expect When You’re Disrespecting Ashley is using Thomas, but Thomas is also using Ashley.
  15. Episode 2 The Break-Up Bunch: Part 2
    Southern Charm Recap: Getting Grilled J.D. and his good old boys are the absolute worst.
  16. Episode 1 The Break Up Bunch: Part 1
    Southern Charm Season-Premiere Recap: Battle of the Sexless Shep, Austen, and Craig trying to operate a smoker is one of the funniest things I have seen on TV.
  1. Episode 14 White Gloves Off
    Southern Charm Season-Finale Recap: Threesome’s Company Is Shep’s ugly fixation on Austen and Madison’s relationship fueled by jealousy, misogyny, or some potent cocktail of the two?
  2. Episode 13 Outfoxed
    Southern Charm Recap: These Dogs Don’t Hunt This Ashley story line feels about as real as this truly fake foxhunt.
  3. Episode 12 Who Put the Mad in Madison
    Southern Charm Recap: It Makes You Clap The final lap of the Colorado vacation is quite a thing to behold.
  4. Episode 11 Rocky Mountain High Part 2
    Southern Charm Recap: Pot Goes the Weasel Kathryn is the undisputed MVP of Austen and Shep’s dumb weed dinner.
  5. Episode 10 Rocky Mountain High Part One
    Southern Charm Recap: Bus Stop Bust-up The subtext of this show is really that all the guys are stupid idiots and all of the girls know better.
  6. Episode 9 Sorry Not Sorry
    Southern Charm Recap: Ugh, Ashley Why would Eliza think it was a good idea to invite Ashley, a woman who is universally reviled by the cast, to a party?
  7. Episode 8 New Craig, Who Dis?
    Southern Charm Recap: Eliza Do Little Naomie is worried about Craig — and, honestly, we should all be worried about Craig.
  8. Episode 7 Dick Moves and Dick Picks
    Southern Charm Recap: What’s Your Hook? As Austen returns from the boys’ get-over-Madison RV trip, he appears to have still not gotten over Madison.
  9. Episode 6 A Salt and Battery
    Southern Charm Recap: Camp Nowhere When the men of Southern Charm set off on an ill-fated camping trip, it’s not long before the hot dogs start flying.
  10. Episode 5 In Sew Deep
    Southern Charm Recap: Pillow Party Let us proclaim the mystery of Craig.
  11. Episode 4 Barking Up the Wrong Tree House
    Southern Charm Recap: Out on a Limb Is Kathryn really “self-sabotaging,” or is that just the sweet sugar wine talking?
  12. Episode 3 Slide Into Your DMs Like…
    Southern Charm Recap: Thank God It’s Tuesday The good news is that Kathryn’s new man isn’t Thomas. The bad news is that he might as well be.
  13. Episode 2 Kat’s Out of the Bag
    Southern Charm Recap: Dizzy Bat At Chelsea’s game-filled housewarming party, everybody wins, in that nobody is rushed to the hospital.
  14. Episode 1 RSVPeeved
    Southern Charm Season Premiere Recap: Some Bit of Difficulty How do you excise a cancerous core character from a long-running reality-TV ensemble? Pretty easily, it turns out!
  1. Episode 10 Treehouse of Cards Part 2
    Southern Charm Season Finale Recap: Pregnancy Pause After a maddening season, Kathryn was making some progress — only to leave us with an even more maddening “cliffhanger.”
  2. Episode 9 Treehouse of Cards, Part 1
    Southern Charm Recap: Party Hardly The big final party brings more talk of Kathryn’s racism, while Madison and Austin continue to flirt and spar.
  3. Episode 8 It’s My Party and I’ll Come If I Want To
    Southern Charm Recap: Beach, Please The beach party formerly known as Austen’s birthday may go down as the worst party in Bravo history.
  4. Episode 7 Low Country Broil
    Southern Charm Recap: They Got Crabs You may think this episode is about the trouble between Shep and Taylor and Austen and Madison’s breakup, but it’s actually all about Craig.
  5. Episode 6 Love Sick
    Southern Charm Recap: Positives and Negatives Two vicious and very necessary breakups give Austen and Kathryn the wakeup calls they so desperately need, but will they listen?
  6. Episode 5 Monumental Change
    Southern Charm Recap: Statue, Limitations If you thought this show couldn’t bungle both COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter in a single episode, think again.
  7. Episode 4 Single and Ready to Pringle
    Southern Charm Recap: Lock It Down The drama in this episode is almost moot, because as soon as lockdown hits, it’s wiped away by the noise of the coronavirus.
  8. Episode 3 A Pair and a Spare
    Southern Charm Recap: Every Dog Has His Day Craig and Lucy may have gotten into the mud, but Thomas is the real bad dog here, and he deserves to be left alone with his fleas.
  9. Episode 2 Charleston Whine and Food Festival
    Southern Charm Recap: All Apologies Madison is mad to be mad and Shep is sorry to be sorry and neither of them are really progressing.
  10. Episode 1 The Good Shepherd
    Southern Charm Season Premiere Recap: Doubting Thomas So we’re really keeping this guy around, huh Bravo?
  1. Episode 15 Wreck the Halls
    Southern Charm Season-Finale Recap: Winter Blunder Land Naturally this bizarre season ends with the whole disjointed cast having no idea where to sit or what to do at their big finale party.
  2. Episode 14 Trawlin’ and Brawlin’
    Southern Charm Recap: Port and a Storm In this episode, we got to see Shepard Rose, the archvillain of entitlement, literally eat the food from someone else’s plate
  3. Episode 13 St. Simon Says Fight
    Southern Charm Recap: Georgia Preaches Everyone has let Shep’s behavior slide and now we’re left with an entitled, spoiled frat boy with no intention of growing up.
  4. Episode 12 Guys and Dolls
    Southern Charm Recap: French Misses Sometimes you have filler scenes and episodes, but Southern Charm is in the middle of a filler season.
  5. Episode 11 Who’s Coming to Friendsgiving
    Southern Charm Recap: Turkey Lurkey Time It’s Friendsgiving, but the only problem is that none of these people are actually friends, they don’t have any drama, and they aren’t interesting.
  6. Episode 10 Walking on Eggshells
    Southern Charm Recap: Point Break What is keeping all of these people together other than the centripetal force of low-level fame?
  7. Episode 9 Auldbrass Glitters Is Not Gold
    Southern Charm Recap: Kiss and Yell It’s Charleston’s next-morning-brunch equivalent: everyone debriefing the previous night, hungover in their respective homes.
  8. Episode 8 Holy Mutt-rimony
    Southern Charm Recap: Puppy Love Austen is sad because his own antics have caught up with him.
  9. Episode 7 Clean Slates and Secret Dates
    Southern Charm Recap: Dog Day Afternoon It’s ludicrous to have two animals marry each other.
  10. Episode 6 Shuckers and Sinners
    Southern Charm Recap: Shell Shucked Why would Olivia invite Madison and not Venita? Hmm. I wonder.
  11. Episode 5 Exes and Uh-Ohs
    Southern Charm Recap: Tea and No Sympathy Venita asks Olivia the hardest, sharpest, most baller question.
  12. Episode 4 It’s My Party and I’ll Fight If I Want To
    Southern Charm Recap: Petty in Pink An episode with nothing but filler. Some good filler, some bad filler, but filler nonetheless.
  13. Episode 3 Barbecues, Breakups, and Betrothals
    Southern Charm Recap: Attack of the Man-Child It’s time to examine these inexplicable relationships.
  14. Episode 2 Suspicious Minds
    Southern Charm Recap: Marcie’s Playground It’s getting increasingly difficult to understand who exactly is in this cast.
  15. Episode 1 Great Ex-Pectations
    Southern Charm Season-Premiere Recap: Doing the Charleston Craig has a store, a girlfriend, and another show — he’s done taking Shep’s crap.

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