Star Trek: Discovery

  1. Episode 15 Will You Take My Hand?
    Star Trek: Discovery Season Finale Recap: Klingons Are Animals I’m already looking forward to yelling at my TV screen again next season.
  2. Episode 14 The War Without, The War Within
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Unsubscribing, Klingon-Style Important wig update: Georgiou has the wig now.
  3. Episode 13 What’s Past Is Prologue
    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Why Do the Agony Booths Even Open? The Lorca stuff is a mess, but there’s still plenty to enjoy here.
  4. Episode 12 Vaulting Ambition
    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Have You Tried the Fear Ganglia? “Vaulting Ambition” is just chockablock with twists and the promise of more twists to come.
  5. Episode 11 The Wolf Inside
    Star Trek Discovery Recap: The Killer in Me Is the Killer in You In the grand tradition of evil doppelgängers everywhere, Burnham’s Mirrorverse outfits are incredible.
  6. Episode 10 Despite Yourself
    Star Trek Discovery Recap: A Good Old-Fashioned Mirror-versin’ Time to meet our Terran counterparts, slap a goatee on Saru, and start a-stabbing everybody.
  7. Episode 9 Into the Forest I Go
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: One Last Job If you’re planting covert sensors on an enemy ship, maybe try making them quieter.
  8. Episode 8 Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: You Broke a Perfectly Good Saru Every little blissed-out thing Saru does in this episode makes me extremely happy.
  9. Episode 7 Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad
    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Be Seeing You “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” feels both prescient and poignant.
  10. Episode 6 Lethe
    Star Trek Discovery Recap: Excuse Me, You’re Standing On My Katra Something is off about this Ash Tyler guy.
  11. Episode 5 Choose Your Pain
  12. Episode 4 The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry
  13. Episode 3 Context Is for Kings
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: You Can’t Sit With Us Sonequa Martin-Green is captivating, charming, and heartbreakingly winsome.
  14. Episode 2 Battle at the Binary Stars
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Belay That Premise Everything goes pear-shaped for the USS Shenzhou and her crew.
  15. Episode 1 The Vulcan Hello
    Star Trek: Discovery Series Premiere Recap: Get Back in the Antiproton Chamber! Wherever we’re going, I’m just happy to be watching Star Trek.
  1. Episode 14 Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2
    Star Trek: Discovery Season Finale Recap: The Final Frontier Michael Burnham closes the loop, and so does Star Trek: Discovery, in an explosive finale that set the series back on course.
  2. Episode 13 Such Sweet Sorrow
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: The Bye-Bye Crew Oh my God, just go already!
  3. Episode 12 Through the Valley of Shadows
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: My Large Adult Klingon Son We’re really gonna double down on the time crystal thing, then?
  4. Episode 11 Perpetual Infinity
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Struggle Is Pointless Dr. Gabrielle Burnham has arrived to try and stop the Control AI from evolving further, but it may be too late.
  5. Episode 10 The Red Angel
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Mousetrap If The Red Angel must be caught, and it only appears when Burnham’s life is endangered … well, you see where this is going.
  6. Episode 9 Project Daedalus
  7. Episode 8 If Memory Serves
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Through the Looking Cage A bold dip into original series canon goes a long way toward justifying bringing Spock and Pike into the Disco fold.
  8. Episode 7 Light and Shadows
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Lost, in Space Michael finds her brother, Amanda Grayson gets complicated, and a slash ship is born. If only the episode stopped there.
  9. Episode 6 The Sounds of Thunder
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Red Angel Ex Machina In the best episode of the series to date, Discovery meets — and immediately deconstructs — a new foe species.
  10. Episode 5 Saints of Imperfection
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Into the Spore-Verse The crew makes an insane gambit to get back a single ensign, and wins a delightful, if scientifically dubious, resurrection for its trouble.
  11. Episode 4 An Obol for Charon
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Witness Me, Bloodbags! The biggest dorks in Starfleet go into full-on geek mode as they rush to solve a fistful of mysteries.
  12. Episode 3 Point of Light
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Mother! Parasites, angels, logic extremists, secret love children — everybody’s gettin’ haunted this week.
  13. Episode 2 New Eden
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: The Mothman Prophecies An overstuffed episode moves at a breakneck pace between narratively convenient coincidences.
  14. Episode 1 Brother
    Star Trek: Discovery Season Premiere Recap: Where’s My Damned Red Thing? Captain Pike isn’t a regular stepdad; he’s a cool stepdad.
  1. Episode 13 “The Hope is You Part 2”
    Star Trek: Discovery Season Finale Recap: Deus Ex Mycelia A nice, neat conclusion betrays the complex problems this show was just starting to explore.
  2. Episode 12 There Is a Tide…
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Abstractions and Apples Discovery dips its toes in Deep Space Nine territory, and it … kind of works?
  3. Episode 11 Su’Kal
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Anticipated Input Technically, this counts as a holodeck episode.
  4. Episode 10 Terra Firma Part 2
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: The Spoils of Peace For a redemption arc, there sure is a lot of brutal murder going on here.
  5. Episode 9 Terra Firma Part 1
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Through the Looking Glass Turns out Georgiou’s condition is both temporal and interdimensional. The cure? Atonement. (Maybe.)
  6. Episode 8 Sanctuary
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Observers, Manifest! A perfectly fine episode is studded with some shining mini-moments.
  7. Episode 7 Unification III
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Endearing Messianic Complex It’s the best episode of Discovery to date, but ask yourself: are you ready to cry this much?
  8. Episode 6 Scavengers
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Dropped in the Fire “You had me at ‘unsanctioned mission.’”
  9. Episode 5 Die Trying
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Looking Up “Can we irradiate your entire personality?”
  10. Episode 4 Forget Me Not
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: Still Me, Just More Me Where there’s a Trill, there’s a way.
  11. Episode 3 “People of Earth”
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: An Unstoppable Force A perfect marriage of formats, a main character’s long-deserved redemption, and an exciting new face combine for a hall-of-fame episode.
  12. Episode 2 Far From Home
    Star Trek: Discovery Recap: A Wonderful First Impression “I don’t know, I’m on drugs.”
  13. Episode 1 That Hope Is You, Part 1
    Star Trek: Discovery Season-Premiere Recap: True Believers “It’s a supercool story, just in a completely devastating way!!”

The Latest Star Trek News

  1. trailer mix
    Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Looks Borg-eous The stakes are star high.
  2. feuds
    William Shatner Slams George Takei for ‘Blackening My Name’ He also addressed criticism from other Star Trek cast members.
  3. kevin spacey
    Anthony Rapp Suffered Through Kevin Spacey Movies After Alleged Misconduct Rapp described feeling like he was struck with a “cattle prod” while watching one film.
  4. take a look!
    LeVar Burton Sings Reading Rainbow Theme Song at NYCC Rainbows and books were the final frontier at NYCC.
  5. into it
    Damon Lindelof Knows When to Wrap Up the Party “People don’t want things to end,” says the Lost and Watchmen showrunner. “I do.”
  6. rip
    Trailblazing Star Trek Actor Nichelle Nichols Dead at 89 Nichols was one of the first Black female leads on television.
  7. yes sir
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episodes, Ranked by Captain Pike’s Hair “He’s No. 1 on the call sheet.”
  8. rip
    David Warner, Star Trek and Titanic Actor, Dead at 80 The actor died a few days before his 81st birthday of a cancer-related illness.
  9. emergency discussion
    Hooray, Star Trek Feels Like Star Trek Again Strange New Worlds is the best the franchise has been in decades. Two lifelong fans break down why it works so well.
  10. let's do it again
    The Hardest Sequel I Ever Wrote The writers behind Blade Runner 2049, Batman Returns, the John Wick sequels, and more on their toughest franchise gigs.