Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. Episode 10 Hegemony
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: The Gorn Ultimatum It’s unnerving to see Captain Pike not know what to do as Strange New Worlds leaves us with a good, old-fashioned cliffhanger.
  2. Episode 9 Subspace Rhapsody
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: Stardust Melody The musical episode is a delightful triumph that balances Strange New World’s various character arcs with earworm-y songs.
  3. Episode 8 Under the Cloak of War
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: Life During Wartime What happens here will undoubtedly haunt future episodes.
  4. Episode 7 Those Old Scientists
  5. Episode 6 Lost in Translation
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: Unknown Caller Uhura is at the center of an episode with multiple historic Star Trek meetings.
  6. Episode 5 Charades
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: Meet the (Disapproving Vulcan) Parents Spock is at risk of becoming fully human forever, a truly horrible fate.
  7. Episode 4 Among the Lotus Eaters
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: Don’t You Forget About Me The crew finds itself in one mess after another.
  8. Episode 3 Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: Back From the Future La’an gets a spotlight episode with a neat time-travel story mixed with fish-out-of-water comedy.
  9. Episode 2 Ad Astra Per Aspera
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Recap: A Few Good Illyrians Una’s going to need someone who’s up for bending the rules in the interest of doing the right thing. Hmm, now who could that be?
  10. Episode 1 The Broken Circle
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season-Premiere Recap: Grand-Theft Enterprise Strange New Worlds hasn’t lost a beat on what made it successful in its first season.

More Star Trek

  1. punching up
    AMPTP Denies Rumors of Dissent in Its RanksPlus support for the strikes at Venice and TIFF, a Star Trek picket, and film distribution (Taylor’s Version).
  2. vulture lists
    Every Star Trek Captain, Ranked by CompetencyWho would you want as your boss?
  3. to sadly go…
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Secretly Sad Space Saddies, RankedDon’t let the camaraderie and consummate professionalism aboard the Enterprise fool you this crew needs a hug.
  4. exit interview
    ‘We’re Up to Try Anything’Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ co-showrunner on a season that swings from war epic to musical and back again
  5. nerd met gala
    The Marvels, Harley Quinn, and More Trailers From San Diego Comic-Con 2023Including Young Love, One Piece, and the Walking Dead universe.
  6. trailer mix
    Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Looks Borg-eousThe stakes are star high.
  7. feuds
    William Shatner Slams George Takei for ‘Blackening My Name’He also addressed criticism from other Star Trek cast members.
  8. kevin spacey
    Anthony Rapp Suffered Through Kevin Spacey Movies After Alleged MisconductRapp described feeling like he was struck with a “cattle prod” while watching one film.
  9. take a look!
    LeVar Burton Sings Reading Rainbow Theme Song at NYCCRainbows and books were the final frontier at NYCC.
  10. into it
    Damon Lindelof Knows When to Wrap Up the Party“People don’t want things to end,” says the Lost and Watchmen showrunner. “I do.”
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