1. Episode 6 Argestes
    Succession Recap: We Here for You Amid panels, nature hikes, and $75 Cobb salads, a new threat to the family’s survival emerges.
  2. Episode 5 Tern Haven
    Succession Recap: Jury of Pierce Logan’s toxic influence is all over the best episode of the season thus far.
  3. Episode 4 Safe Room
    Succession Recap: Good Boy In so many ways, the Roy siblings are still children: bratty and tempestuous and spoiled, yes, but also vulnerable and easily wounded.
  4. Episode 3 Hunting
    Succession Recap: Esprit de Boar A company retreat lays bare the doubts about Logan that have been hiding in plain sight from the beginning.
  5. Episode 2 Vaulter
    Succession Recap: The Lion’s Den Once again, Logan has all his children firmly under his thumb, each completely vulnerable to his capriciousness.
  6. Episode 1 The Summer Palace
    Succession Season Premiere Recap: Dad’s Plan Is Better Logan may be committed to running Waystar as a family business, but he’s clearly not confident about his Large Adult Sons and Daughter.

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    Just 13 Seconds of Succession Composer Wailing on That Theme Song Nicholas Britell is now an Emmy winner.
  2. if i were a roy
    Succession Power Rankings: Shiv Is Beyoncé. That’s Canon. Thank you, Kendall, for a diss that beautifully backfires.
  3. chat room
    Cherry Jones on Succession and Why Nan Is a ‘Wannabe Katharine Graham’ And reuniting with her old college buddy Holly Hunter.
  4. succession in session
    What Advice Would a Sex Therapist Give Succession’s Roman Roy? Each week, we take a member of the Roy family to therapy. First up: What is going on with Roman’s sex life?
  5. backstories
    How Succession Created an Even Weirder Rich Family Than the Roys Behind the Pierces and Succession’s latest shocker.
  6. meet the pierces!
    Succession Power Rankings: Big, Vulgar, and Boisterous All families are weird and unhappy in their own way, right?
  7. locked in the bathroom
    That Whole Gerri-Roman Thing on Succession Has Escalated Quickly “I don’t think it’s like sexual harassment by your boss, because it’s Roman.”
  8. chat room
    Succession Star J. Smith-Cameron on Roman and Gerri’s Whole Thing “It’s still very, very weird!”
  9. just say numbers
    Succession Power Rankings: Executive-Level Business, or Something Nazis! Safe rooms! Holly Hunter!
  10. connor roy 2020
    Wait, ‘Hyperdecanting’ Wine Isn’t Just a Succession Joke? Connor Roy isn’t the only guy putting his wine in a blender.