1. Episode 2 Vaulter
    Succession Recap: The Lion’s Den Once again, Logan has all his children firmly under his thumb, each completely vulnerable to his capriciousness.
  2. Episode 1 The Summer Palace
    Succession Season Premiere Recap: Dad’s Plan Is Better Logan may be committed to running Waystar as a family business, but he’s clearly not confident about his Large Adult Sons and Daughter.

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  1. vaulter dot com
    The ‘Vaulter’ Headlines on Succession Are Works of Art Exhibit A: “5 Reasons Why Drinking Milk on the Toilet Is Kind of a Game-Changer.”
  2. vaulter dot com
    Succession Power Rankings: Can Tom Eat the Peach? Elio Perlman could never.
  3. last night on late night
    Kieran Culkin Apologizes to All the Extras He’s Mean to in Succession “They asked me to!”
  4. culture
    What It’s Like to Have a Family Like Succession “I don’t think my grandpa wanted my mom to take over, since she’s a woman.”
  5. poor cousin greg
    Succession Power Rankings: Thank You, Cousin Greg, for the Park Coke Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s way too invested in Napoleonica?
  6. napoleonica
    Yes, Succession Fans, Napoleon’s Severed Penis Is a Collector’s Item Sadly, Connor Roy is right this time.
  7. video
    The Meanest Jabs in Season One of Succession “Buckle up, f*cklehead.”
  8. soundtracked
    Admit It, You’re Humming Succession’s Theme Song Right Now The show’s composer breaks down its “strange, circus-like” earworm.
  9. roll clip!
    Crank Up the Piano and Watch the New Succession Season Two Credits Now with new family footage.
  10. encounter
    Cousin Greg Is Nobody’s Fool An afternoon at the golf range with Nicholas Braun, Succession’s clumsiest power player.