Summer House

  1. Episode 14 Rave Goodbye
    Summer House Season Finale Recap: Stark Naked, Raving Mad It’s the end of summer and everyone has changed, but also stayed the same.
  2. Episode 13 America’s Roast Wanted
    Summer House Recap: Use the Force, Luke Who is this Paige and where has she been all season?
  3. Episode 12 Offensive Rebound
    Summer House Recap: Sweet Release Everyone is bothered by what is going on with Hannah and Luke except for Hannah and Luke.
  4. Episode 11 A Birthday to Die For
    Summer House Recap: Clique Clique Boom Actually, Lindsay’s birthday seems like the perfect time to start drama.
  5. Episode 10 Clique Bait
    Summer House Recap: On the Same Paige Lindsay may be starting shit, but she’s also right that Hannah needs to make her own mistakes with Luke without Paige’s interference.
  6. Episode 9 Pledge Master, Beer Lord
    Summer House Recap: All Greek to Me Kyle’s birthday toga party really shows what a production budget can do for a little backyard shindig.
  7. Episode 8 Exes and Oh-No’s
    Summer House Recap: Jules of Denial Sorry, Jordan, but if you’re not sleeping with Jules then you are not on this show.
  8. Episode 7 Love Her, Boy
    Summer House Recap: Making Up Is Hard to Do Kyle and Amanda need to put some distance between them, Kyle’s fantasy of them being an entrepreneur power couple be damned.
  9. Episode 6 Caged Heat
    Summer House Recap: Luke Warms What’s a guys’ night out without a drunken fight over a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor?
  10. Episode 5 Hampton’s Vice
    Summer House Recap: Crossing Jordan As Carl and Lindsay are breaking up, Jordan and new castmate Jules are making up — or are they?
  11. Episode 4 Red, White and Eww
    Summer House Recap: What Happened Last Night If things keep on like this, the show will eventually be called Carl Vs. Lindsay: Round 300 Billion.
  12. Episode 3 Worst. Date. Ever.
    Summer House Recap: The Dating Game This season is offering all sorts of interesting couple dynamics: Carl and Lindsay, Hannah and Luke, Danielle and her bag of SkinnyPop.
  13. Episode 2 Mice Will Play
    Summer House Recap: Hot-Tub Vibe Machine Amanda finally has the upper hand with Kyle, and it is a joy to watch.
  14. Episode 1 The Big Bang
    Summer House Season Premiere Recap: Start With a Bang We kick off another year in Montauk with some new faces, some juicy gossip, and the first nonsense fight of the summer.
  1. Episode 4 Trash Talk
    Summer House Recap: Hannah Bananas It’s not Kyle’s fault that Hannah singled herself out for criticism.
  2. Episode 3 The Sandwich Between Us
    Summer House Recap: The Sandwiches of Eastwick Luke went from having everything he wanted to getting nothing he wanted with one backyard screech.
  3. Episode 2 Let the Good Times Roll
    Summer House Recap: Skating on Thin Ice Oh, Luke, a house full of girls who know all your deepest and darkest secrets was never going to work out for you.
  4. Episode 1 Kiss and Don’t Tell
    Summer House Season-Premiere Recap: Love in the Time of COVID This may end up being one of the few reality shows to actually be improved by filming during a pandemic.

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