Summer House

  1. Episode 3 Worst. Date. Ever.
    Summer House Recap: The Dating Game This season is offering all sorts of interesting couple dynamics: Carl and Lindsay, Hannah and Luke, Danielle and her bag of SkinnyPop.
  2. Episode 2 Mice Will Play
    Summer House Recap: Hot-Tub Vibe Machine Amanda finally has the upper hand with Kyle, and it is a joy to watch.
  3. Episode 1 The Big Bang
    Summer House Season Premiere Recap: Start With a Bang We kick off another year in Montauk with some new faces, some juicy gossip, and the first nonsense fight of the summer.

The Latest Reality TV News

  1. buffering
    Has Netflix Finally Figured Out Reality TV? With buzzy new shows like Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Cheer, Netflix’s unscripted division has been on a tear this year.
  2. synergy!
    Showtime Welcomes RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars to the Stage And right after telling Ray Donavan to sashay away! It premieres June 5.
  3. vulture investigates
    Who Are the Thirsty Celebrities on The Masked Singer Season 3? Our extremely confident predictions.
  4. skinnygirl
    Bethenny Frankel to Host Apprentice-Style Show So We Guess She’ll Be President Its working title is The Big Shot With Bethenny.
  5. bachelor nation
    What Exactly Was Peter Weber’s Ex Warning Him About on The Bachelor? Yeah, it’s about Victoria F., but how bad is it?
  6. bachelor nation
    The Bachelor’s Victoria F. Apologizes for White Lives Matter Modeling Scandal “I hope I can be shown grace as I navigate through this process.”
  7. chris harrison would never
    What’s the Bare Minimum of Reality-TV Hosting? Because Nick and Vanessa Lachey don’t clear that bar in Love Is Blind.
  8. viva la ruvolution
    Nicki Minaj, AOC, Normani, More Pledge Allegiance to RuPaul as Drag Race Judges Also, ROBYN?!
  9. reality tv
    The Horrors of The Masked Singer Are Coming to a City Near You Your favorite reality-TV nightmare has announced a nationwide tour.
  10. every rose has its thorn
    There Is a Very Juicy Rumor About the End of The Bachelor Unpacking the theory that’s taken everyone by storm.