Summer House

  1. Episode 14 Rave Goodbye
    Summer House Season Finale Recap: Stark Naked, Raving Mad It’s the end of summer and everyone has changed, but also stayed the same.
  2. Episode 13 America’s Roast Wanted
    Summer House Recap: Use the Force, Luke Who is this Paige and where has she been all season?
  3. Episode 12 Offensive Rebound
    Summer House Recap: Sweet Release Everyone is bothered by what is going on with Hannah and Luke except for Hannah and Luke.
  4. Episode 11 A Birthday to Die For
    Summer House Recap: Clique Clique Boom Actually, Lindsay’s birthday seems like the perfect time to start drama.
  5. Episode 10 Clique Bait
    Summer House Recap: On the Same Paige Lindsay may be starting shit, but she’s also right that Hannah needs to make her own mistakes with Luke without Paige’s interference.
  6. Episode 9 Pledge Master, Beer Lord
    Summer House Recap: All Greek to Me Kyle’s birthday toga party really shows what a production budget can do for a little backyard shindig.
  7. Episode 8 Exes and Oh-No’s
    Summer House Recap: Jules of Denial Sorry, Jordan, but if you’re not sleeping with Jules then you are not on this show.
  8. Episode 7 Love Her, Boy
    Summer House Recap: Making Up Is Hard to Do Kyle and Amanda need to put some distance between them, Kyle’s fantasy of them being an entrepreneur power couple be damned.
  9. Episode 6 Caged Heat
    Summer House Recap: Luke Warms What’s a guys’ night out without a drunken fight over a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor?
  10. Episode 5 Hampton’s Vice
    Summer House Recap: Crossing Jordan As Carl and Lindsay are breaking up, Jordan and new castmate Jules are making up — or are they?
  11. Episode 4 Red, White and Eww
    Summer House Recap: What Happened Last Night If things keep on like this, the show will eventually be called Carl Vs. Lindsay: Round 300 Billion.
  12. Episode 3 Worst. Date. Ever.
    Summer House Recap: The Dating Game This season is offering all sorts of interesting couple dynamics: Carl and Lindsay, Hannah and Luke, Danielle and her bag of SkinnyPop.
  13. Episode 2 Mice Will Play
    Summer House Recap: Hot-Tub Vibe Machine Amanda finally has the upper hand with Kyle, and it is a joy to watch.
  14. Episode 1 The Big Bang
    Summer House Season Premiere Recap: Start With a Bang We kick off another year in Montauk with some new faces, some juicy gossip, and the first nonsense fight of the summer.
  1. Episode 12 Makeups and Breakups
    Summer House Season-Finale Recap: ’Til Death Do Us Party The house bids farewell to the season the only way they know how: with an elaborate theme party.
  2. Episode 11 Derby Days
    Summer House Recap: Des-pised The Kentucky Derby party is a great showcase of what makes this cast so fun and what makes Hannah and Des so annoying.
  3. Episode 10 Couples Retreat
    Summer House Recap: Pornin’ Down the House Watch out, the couples are coming.
  4. Episode 9 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    Summer House Recap: Say Anything, Do Nothing The morning after the giant mêlée between Carl, Kyle, and Luke, and everyone is full of regret.
  5. Episode 8 Crawl Me Maybe
    Summer House Recap: Use the Force, Luke A fight that starts with the feelings of the women in the house ends up getting channeled into the physicality of the men.
  6. Episode 7 Medium at Large
    Summer House Recap: Psychic Friends Network Paige and Hannah have shipped this so hard, they have The Secret-ed it into reality.
  7. Episode 6 Power-Pointless
    Summer House Recap: PowerPoint of Love Why on earth would Steven put in so much effort to win back Lindsay, a cluster bomb of dashed expectations?
  8. Episode 5 Best Frenemies
    Summer House Recap: Birthday Guuuurrrrlllll What Lindsay really wants, apparently, is to be dating a telepath.
  9. Episode 4 Trash Talk
    Summer House Recap: Hannah Bananas It’s not Kyle’s fault that Hannah singled herself out for criticism.
  10. Episode 3 The Sandwich Between Us
    Summer House Recap: The Sandwiches of Eastwick Luke went from having everything he wanted to getting nothing he wanted with one backyard screech.
  11. Episode 2 Let the Good Times Roll
    Summer House Recap: Skating on Thin Ice Oh, Luke, a house full of girls who know all your deepest and darkest secrets was never going to work out for you.
  12. Episode 1 Kiss and Don’t Tell
    Summer House Season-Premiere Recap: Love in the Time of COVID This may end up being one of the few reality shows to actually be improved by filming during a pandemic.
  1. Episode 15 A Happy Sending
    Summer House Season-Finale Recap: Wedding Smells Kyle and Amanda’s wedding is an inevitable culmination and a bit of a letdown all at once.
  2. Episode 14 Keep Prom and Carry On
    Summer House Recap: Prom and Proper The prom has everyone feeling all warm and fuzzy.
  3. Episode 13 Pre-Nope
    Summer House Recap: Labor Day Weak End It’s okay that Kyle is stressed out, but that doesn’t excuse him for getting drunk and yelling at all of his friends while out at a fancy restaurant.
  4. Episode 12 Playing With Fire
    Summer House Recap: Bonfire of the Inanities Sure, it’s a standard-issue episode of Summer House, but isn’t it lovely to spend time with these rascals?
  5. Episode 11 Hurricane Warning
    Summer House Recap: Hamptons Hurling Club We’re denied the carnage the previous episode promised, but somehow the cast members’ responsible behavior turns out to be a wonderful thing.
  6. Episode 10 That’s Not Amore
    Summer House Recap: Hasta La Pasta The Summer House crew has chosen absolute chaos yet again, and it’s nothing short of a beautiful mess.
  7. Episode 9 Happily Ever Never
    Summer House Recap: Birthday Blowout Summer House descends into absolute chaos during Lindsay’s party, and it raises the question: What can you get away with because it’s your birthday?
  8. Episode 8 A Twisted Fairytale
    Summer House Recap: The Butterfly Effect Ciara and Lindsay set the stage for a showdown.
  9. Episode 7 One Basket, Too Many Eggs
    Summer House Recap: Fertile Ground Kyle, this is not the kind of speech you should be making at your own birthday party.
  10. Episode 6 Summer Should Be Kinky
    Summer House Recap: Of Human Bondage For all the squabbling between Kyle and Amanda, it sure is a pretty sexy episode.
  11. Episode 5 Birthday Hex
    Summer House Recap: Say My Name The house has an uncomfortable but necessary conversation about race.
  12. Episode 4 Charmed I’m Not Sure
    Summer House Recap: Non-Exclusively Yours Sorry, but Kyle should be canceled for the dumbest unforced error in the whole world.
  13. Episode 3 Heartbreak in the Hamptons
    Summer House Recap: Love Rhombus There is so much horniness on Summer House it can’t be contained in the Bravosphere.
  14. Episode 2 Star-Spangled Drama
    Summer House Recap: Red, White, and Lewd It’s the Fourth of July, and everyone is doing their patriotic duty by trying to get laid or having relationship drama.
  15. Episode 1 Where’s My Lover, Boy?
    Summer House Season-Premiere Recap: Outside the Boxes Kyle and Amanda need to turn it down several notches (but not before the end of the season, obviously).
  1. Episode 15 Welcome to the Jungle
    Summer House Season-Finale Recap: Queens of the Jungle After a long, grueling season, perhaps it’s for the best that Lindsay and Danielle breakup as friends and move on.
  2. Episode 14 (Don’t) Let Them Eat Cake
    Summer House Recap: You Can Have Your Cake Where will Carl and Lindsay go?
  3. Episode 13 The Hangover
    Summer House Recap: Otherwise Engaged A rare “everyone is right” episode. Well, except for Danielle, of course.
  4. Episode 12 Ring of Fire
    Summer House Recap: Put a Ring to It Summer House is better with more people swarming around. Make the cast gigantic!
  5. Episode 11 Pity Party
    Summer House Recap: ’Tis a Pity Why does Lindsay expect Carl to fix the beef between her and Danielle? It’s your friendship, Lindsay!
  6. Episode 10 Who Wears the Crazy Pants
    Summer House Recap: Welcome to the Rad House Summer House is giving us nothing.
  7. Episode 9 Holy Cow, Kyle is 40
    Summer House Recap: Birthday Boy, Oh Boy This week has everything we want from a Summer House episode: hot boys, hot girls, a few deep conversations, and some light personal drama.
  8. Episode 8 Hazed and Confused
    Summer House Recap: Charm Offensive Other than the Southern Charm and Winter House invasions, there isn’t much going on this week.
  9. Episode 7 Rise and Wine
    Summer House Recap: Let’s Hear It for the Boys If it’s not a show about 20-somethings partying or a group of friends, what is Summer House about?
  10. Episode 6 Panic at the Disco
    Summer House Recap: Party Hardly If you question Lindsay and Carl’s relationship — its sanctity, timeline, durability — Lindsay will incinerate you.
  11. Episode 5 The Hangover
    Summer House Recap: Early Check Out There is still a lot of season left, and we’re already kicking people out. What will happen by Labor Day?
  12. Episode 4 Pillow Talk
    Summer House Recap: Italian Stallions When do couples influencing one another cross a line? The Summer House crew have some thoughts!
  13. Episode 3 A Cup of LoyalTEA
    Summer House Recap: The Loyalty Card Look at all this maturity and growth from our cast. But also look at all this chaos and immaturity. It’s perfect.
  14. Episode 2 Line in the Sand
    Summer House Recap: Blown Jobs It seems like the drama between Kyle and Carl is just getting started.
  15. Episode 1 Star Spangled Feud
    Summer House Season-Premiere Recap: Bedroom Bingo Carl and Lindsay are holding onto each other so tightly it’s messing up the vibe in the house.

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