Ted Lasso

A feel-good football comedy.

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Ted Lasso is an American college football coach. So, naturally he’d be great at coaching an English football team, right? Not exactly, but gosh darn it if Ted’s optimism and folksy charm aren’t just what AFC Richmond needs, even if the team’s owner did only hire him in an attempt to get revenge on the previous owner, her ex.

Jason Sudeikis stars as Ted, a character he actually first played in a series of commercials for NBC Sports’ coverage of the Premier League. The Apple TV+ show greatly expands on those humble beginnings, however, and Ted Lasso has gone on to be one of the streaming service’s biggest hits.

  1. Episode 12 Inverting the Pyramid of Success
    Ted Lasso Season-Finale Recap: Last Match of the Season In the finale, the team comes together to achieve their ultimate goal but shows signs that they may be drifting apart moving forward.
  2. Episode 11 Midnight Train to Royston
    Ted Lasso Recap: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Is it safe to say that Nate has gone to the Dark Side?
  3. Episode 10 No Weddings and a Funeral
    Ted Lasso Recap: Never Can Say Good-bye Rebecca and Ted confront their parental baggage in a heartfelt episode that leaves a bunch of threads dangling.
  4. Episode 9 Beard After Hours
    Ted Lasso Recap: A Night on the Town A Beard-centric episode is cleverly structured and proves Ted Lasso can (and should) break formula from time to time.
  5. Episode 8 Man City
    Ted Lasso Recap: Crash The AFC Richmond members face difficult challenges that can’t be deflected with quick, feel-good zingers. They need to actually get vulnerable.
  6. Episode 7 Headspace
    Ted Lasso Recap: The Problem With Being a Wonder Kid Our guy Roy needs to give Keeley some space. And Nate, our other guy, needs to find some humility.
  7. Episode 6 The Signal
    Ted Lasso Recap: Ted Has Fled Roy is back and AFC Richmond is finally winning again, but now the conflicts continue to turn further inward.
  8. Episode 5 Rainbow
    Ted Lasso Recap: The Rom-Communist Manifesto An episode full of loving send-ups to rom-coms puts everything that is great about Ted Lasso on full display.
  9. Episode 4 Carol of the Bells
    Ted Lasso Recap: Have a Holly Lasso Christmas The Ted Lasso crew avoid all the usual pitfalls of a Christmas episode to crystallize everything that makes a feel-good comedy so great.
  10. Episode 3 Do the Right-est Thing
    Ted Lasso Recap: Bizarro Ted Sam’s first taste of stardom challenges his ethics as Jamie learns what it means to be a good teammate.
  11. Episode 2 Lavender
    Ted Lasso Recap: A Heart-to-Tartt Talk The vibes are still good for the AFC Richmond crew, but how long can they get by on tie games?
  12. Episode 1 Goodbye, Earl
    Ted Lasso Season-Premiere Recap: Dog Day Afternoon What could have been a mean bit of dark humor to open the season turns out to be a reminder of how moving this show can be.

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