The Act

  1. Episode 8 Free
    The Act Finale Recap: To the Lighthouse The Blanchard family tragedy reaches its conclusion with Gypsy’s imprisonment, both literal and metaphorical.
  2. Episode 7 Bonnie and Clyde
    The Act Recap: Chicken Can Wait The black humor of Gypsy and Nick’s failed getaway makes this installment of The Act less unnerving than usual, but no less dark.
  3. Episode 6 A Whole New World
    The Act Recap: A History of Violence The series splits from its present-day timeline to examine the origins of the psychological prison from which Gypsy has finally, violently escaped.
  4. Episode 5 Plan B
    The Act Recap: Sex, Lies, and Video Chat For the first time in her life, Gypsy Rose Blanchard has plans of her own, and it’s as liberating as it is sinister.
  5. Episode 4 Stay Inside
    The Act Recap: To the Victor Go the Spoils Nick Godejohn enters Gypsy’s life via an online relationship that will have horrific IRL consequences.
  6. Episode 3 Two Wolverines
    The Act Recap: Con Women A trip to a costume-heavy comics convention provides Gypsy an escape from her mother’s fantasy life and into someone else’s.
  7. Episode 2 Teeth
    The Act Recap: You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile A series of spectacular moments concerning the fate of Gypsy’s teeth communicate her plight more effectively than mere recounting ever could.
  8. Episode 1 La Maison du Bon Rêve
    The Act Season Premiere Recap: Under the Pink The chilling saga of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard begins at the end, with the promise of a brutal but riveting journey ahead.

The Latest The Act News

  1. mild injuries
    Oops! Patricia Arquette Hit Joey King With Her Golden Globe It’s unknown whether or not Arquette had her Viking helmet on at the time.
  2. golden globes 2020
    Patricia Arquette Begs You to Vote in Golden Globes Speech “While I love my kids so much, I beg of us all to give them a better world.”
  3. emmy insider
    Patricia Arquette Breaks Down Scenes From The Act and Escape at Dannemora “There aren’t always the greatest parts for women in TV, or anywhere, and these are great parts in their own right.”
  4. true crime
    How The Act’s Actors Compare to Their Real-Life Counterparts How closely does Hulu’s dramatization of the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard hew to the established facts? We break it down character by character.
  5. tv review
    The Act Ended As It Began, Cloaked in Nearly Impenetrable Sadness Hulu’s true-crime mini-series brings the tragic tale of Gypsy and Dee Dee Blanchard to a powerful but somewhat confounding conclusion.
  6. chat room
    The Act’s Calum Worthy on His Method for Making a Murderer “What would he be feeling immediately afterwards — what would that numbness feel like? What would that realization of what you’ve done feel like?”
  7. now streaming
    Here’s How You Can Get Hulu for Super Cheap This limited-time Huloophole means you now have one less excuse for not watching Ramy.
  8. the act
    Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Stepmom Has a Bone to Pick With The Act Kristy Blanchard and her screenwriting partner say they were iced out of the Hulu series, and are now attempting their own take on the family’s story.
  9. true crime
    The Act’s Co-Creators Are Making Real Art From True Crime “We were never really that interested in making a straight murder show.”
  10. women in the writers room
    The True Story Behind Twisted Munchausen Drama The Act Creator Michelle Dean on turning her viral true-crime article into a TV show — and why she needed a female-heavy writers room to do it.