The Affair

  1. Episode 12 212
    The Affair Finale Recap: Who Killed Scotty Lockhart? Noah and Alison are bound together in inescapable ways. Their love is a fragile, dangerous thing.
  2. Episode 11 211
    The Affair Recap: Our Own Traditions “All you ever wanted is more. All I ever wanted was her.”
  3. Episode 10 210
    The Affair Recap: A Good Man Noah’s manhood is on trial.
  4. Episode 9 209
    The Affair Recap: You Are Not Alone We finally get to see what the unfiltered truth looks like.
  5. Episode 8 208
    The Affair Recap: Nostalgia Trip Noah finds new ways to be utter trash.
  6. Episode 7 207
  7. Episode 6 206
    The Affair Recap: Reckless This show is at its best when it’s not playing a game of spot the difference.
  8. Episode 5 205
    The Affair Recap: You Can Stay This episode has one of kindest, most romantic moments in the entirety of The Affair.  
  9. Episode 4 204
    The Affair Recap: What’s Going to Happen to Us? The selfish desires of Noah and Helen have weighty consequences.
  10. Episode 3 203
    The Affair Recap: Trouble in Paradise The show finally has some venom to it.
  11. Episode 2 202
    The Affair Recap: Who Am I to You? What is Cole hiding?
  12. Episode 1 201
    The Affair Recap: A Storm Is Coming Helen’s chapter is a heartbreaking look at the loneliness city-dwelling women experience in the wake of romantic upheaval. 
  1. Episode 10 310
    The Affair Season Finale Recap: The Most Important Job The Showtime drama hits rock bottom with an utterly terrible finale.
  2. Episode 9 309
    The Affair Recap: Man in the Mirror At last, The Affair answers the season’s big question about Noah.
  3. Episode 8 308
    The Affair Recap: The Awful Truth Cole’s love for Alison may lead to his undoing.
  4. Episode 7 307
    The Affair Recap: Welcome Home Noah and Helen are a match made in hell.
  5. Episode 6 306
    The Affair Recap: Memory Lane In a moving episode, The Affair tackles class divisions in a truly fascinating way.
  6. Episode 5 305
    The Affair Recap: Trip to Block Island Where do Alison and Noah go from here?
  7. Episode 4 304
    The Affair Recap: As Good As It Gets The love between Alison and Cole is like gravity — there’s just no denying it.
  8. Episode 3 303
    The Affair Recap: Person of Interest This is a confounding episode.
  9. Episode 2 302
    The Affair Recap: Out of the Past Alison Lockhart is Montauk’s very own madwoman in the attic.
  10. Episode 1 301
    The Affair Recap: A Haunted Man Time doesn’t heal all wounds on The Affair. It magnifies them.

The Latest The Affair News

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    The Affair: Once More Into the Ocean Maura Tierney’s performance anchors the Showtime drama as it navigates its fifth and final season.
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    The Affair Season 5 Trailer: Oh Hey, Anna Paquin’s in This Show Now Still moody.
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    A Complete Guide to Every TV Show Ending in 2019 So long and farewell, sweet content.
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    Recapping the Mystery of Ruth Wilson’s The Affair Departure Her character was unexpectedly killed off and she can’t discuss what happened. Why?
  5. departures
    The Affair’s Dominic West Never Talked With Ruth Wilson About Her Pay Gap Wilson’s surprise departure from the show came earlier this year.
  6. sure!
    The Affair to Jump Into the Future With Anna Paquin, Climate Change She’ll play the now-adult daughter of Ruth Wilson and Joshua Jackson.
  7. the affair
    Ruth Wilson Says There’s ‘A Much Bigger Story’ Behind Her Affair Exit So what is the truth!
  8. car accidents
    The Affair’s Maura Tierney Was Hospitalized After Being Struck by Car Luckily she escaped with no major injuries and only a few paparazzi photos.
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    The Affair Is Ridiculous But I Still Can’t Quit It The fourth season took a ton of absurd, soapy turns. But trying to divorce it was impossible.
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    Ruth Wilson Says She Had ‘No Say’ About The Affair Death She had other ideas.