The Affair

  1. 212
    Episode 12 212
    The Affair Finale Recap: Who Killed Scotty Lockhart? Noah and Alison are bound together in inescapable ways. Their love is a fragile, dangerous thing.
  2. 211
    Episode 11 211
    The Affair Recap: Our Own Traditions “All you ever wanted is more. All I ever wanted was her.”
  3. 210
    Episode 10 210
    The Affair Recap: A Good Man Noah’s manhood is on trial.
  4. 209
    Episode 9 209
    The Affair Recap: You Are Not Alone We finally get to see what the unfiltered truth looks like.
  5. 208
    Episode 8 208
    The Affair Recap: Nostalgia Trip Noah finds new ways to be utter trash.
  6. 206
    Episode 6 206
    The Affair Recap: Reckless This show is at its best when it’s not playing a game of spot the difference.
  7. 205
    Episode 5 205
    The Affair Recap: You Can Stay This episode has one of kindest, most romantic moments in the entirety of The Affair.  
  8. 204
    Episode 4 204
    The Affair Recap: What’s Going to Happen to Us? The selfish desires of Noah and Helen have weighty consequences.
  9. 203
    Episode 3 203
    The Affair Recap: Trouble in Paradise The show finally has some venom to it.
  10. 202
    Episode 2 202
    The Affair Recap: Who Am I to You? What is Cole hiding?
  11. 201
    Episode 1 201
    The Affair Recap: A Storm Is Coming Helen’s chapter is a heartbreaking look at the loneliness city-dwelling women experience in the wake of romantic upheaval. 
  1. 310
    Episode 10 310
    The Affair Season Finale Recap: The Most Important Job The Showtime drama hits rock bottom with an utterly terrible finale.
  2. 309
    Episode 9 309
    The Affair Recap: Man in the Mirror At last, The Affair answers the season’s big question about Noah.
  3. 308
    Episode 8 308
    The Affair Recap: The Awful Truth Cole’s love for Alison may lead to his undoing.
  4. 307
    Episode 7 307
    The Affair Recap: Welcome Home Noah and Helen are a match made in hell.
  5. 306
    Episode 6 306
    The Affair Recap: Memory Lane In a moving episode, The Affair tackles class divisions in a truly fascinating way.
  6. 305
    Episode 5 305
    The Affair Recap: Trip to Block Island Where do Alison and Noah go from here?
  7. 304
    Episode 4 304
    The Affair Recap: As Good As It Gets The love between Alison and Cole is like gravity — there’s just no denying it.
  8. 303
    Episode 3 303
    The Affair Recap: Person of Interest This is a confounding episode.
  9. 302
    Episode 2 302
    The Affair Recap: Out of the Past Alison Lockhart is Montauk’s very own madwoman in the attic.
  10. 301
    Episode 1 301
    The Affair Recap: A Haunted Man Time doesn’t heal all wounds on The Affair. It magnifies them.

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