The Afterparty

  1. Episode 8 Maggie
    The Afterparty Season-Finale Recap: How Great Is This Party? Danner has the whole case figured out, but she needs to speak to Maggie before announcing who killed Xavier.
  2. Episode 7 Danner
    The Afterparty Recap: Mad Dog Danner’s story is far too weighty to fit comfortably inside a half-hour comedic riff on Law & Order–type procedurals.
  3. Episode 6 Zoë
    The Afterparty Recap: If I Could Turn Back Time Is there something a little off about Zoë’s animated story?
  4. Episode 5 High School
    The Afterparty Recap: The Invisible Man We finally learn what went down at the infamous St. Patrick’s Day party in Walt’s retelling.
  5. Episode 4 Chelsea
    The Afterparty Recap: Don’t Look Behind You Someone is sending Chelsea cryptic texts in her psychological-thriller version of the night.
  6. Episode 3 Yasper
    The Afterparty Recap: High School Reunion Musical Yasper’s version of events is giving High School Musical and Hamilton.
  7. Episode 2 Brett
    The Afterparty Recap: A Quarter-Mile at a Time Brett’s efforts to preserve his family on reunion night turns the story into a Fast & Furious–esque action movie.
  8. Episode 1 Aniq
    The Afterparty Series-Premiere Recap: Meet Cute Aniq attends his high-school reunion in the name of love and becomes the prime suspect in Apple’s murder-mystery comedy.
  1. Episode 10 Vivian and Zoë
    The Afterparty Season-Finale Recap: Saving Grace It’s nice to get all these lovey-dovey happy endings, but we’re kind of skipping over the fact that Edgar got mixed up in this twisted love story.
  2. Episode 9 Isabel
    The Afterparty Recap: The Mother I Know Does Not Bounce Isabel’s Hitchcockian psychological-thriller story proves to be a lot of fun, even if her feelings toward Grace are too all over the place.
  3. Episode 8 Feng
    The Afterparty Recap: My Wife Is My Life We get a glimpse of Feng’s sincere, sweet side (and also his business’s financial struggles).
  4. Episode 7 Ulysses
    The Afterparty Recap: A Tragic Tale Dramatically Told Zoë’s family is looking less and less innocent.
  5. Episode 6 Danner’s Fire
    The Afterparty Recap: The Perfect Plan Danner’s episode isn’t really doing much for the overall mystery.
  6. Episode 5 Sebastian
    The Afterparty Recap: One Last Score Sebastian’s heist gives Aniq and Danner a fresh perspective on the mystery, but they’re no closer to absolving Grace.
  7. Episode 4 Hannah
    The Afterparty Recap: Aim With Your Heart Hannah is Zoë’s main suspect and the main character of a Wes Anderson–esque mind movie.
  8. Episode 3 Travis
  9. Episode 2 Grace
    The Afterparty Recap: Pride & Prejudice & Fast Company Grace and Edgar’s six-month courtship has the makings of a Regency-era romance, including a Darcy-esque hand flex.
  10. Episode 1 Aniq 2: The Sequel
    The Afterparty Season-Premiere Recap: A Rom-Com Sequel Apple TV+’s genre-bending murder mystery is back for round two.

The Latest TV News

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    ‘It Never Needed to Go This Long’ Five months of agony delivered the WGA an historic deal. Here’s how the writers won — and why they’re still angry.
  2. kim vs kim
    Who’s Afraid of Kim Kardashian? A weekly report on who did it scarier: American Horror Story’s Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) or The Kardashians’s Kim (also Kim Kardashian).
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    What’s Going On in This Vicious Kardashian Phone Call? You know you’re watching kwality reality TV when an on-camera feud ends with one sister calling the other a [bleep] witch.
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    Assembling Okern Reservation Dogs’ art department designed its fictional hometown to mirror the memories of its most important audience: the series’ cast and crew.
  5. music notes
    How This Fool Captured the Underground Sound of L.A. “Why not give groups in Southern California money instead of using a song from a well-known punk group that’s been played to death?”
  6. close read
    Sex Education Makes an Asexual Mess Season four’s O bucks certain stereotypes, falls into others, and generally challenges our expectations of representation.
  7. endings
    Reservation Dogs Looks Beyond Good-bye The series signs off with a reminder that farewells don’t have to be forever and new journeys are always beginning.
  8. reality tv
    Love Is Blind Creator Responds to Allegations of Cast Member Mistreatment Chris Coelen responded to allegations that Love Is Blind has “inhumane working conditions.”
  9. and ... action!
    All the Shows Returning After the Writers’ Strike Late-night TV is back, baby.
  10. trailer mix
    Jodie Foster Isn’t New to This, She’s True Detective Night Country premieres January 14, 2024.