The Chair

  1. Episode 6 The Chair
    The Chair Series-Finale Recap: The System Is On Notice Neither Pembroke nor The Chair’s finale deserve Ji-Yoon’s perseverance.
  2. Episode 5 The Last Bus in Town
    The Chair Recap: One Must Have a Mind of Winter David Duchovny enters the chat: “Is this hostility because Pembroke is, like, this lower-tier Ivy and I went to Princeton and Yale?”
  3. Episode 4 Don’t Kill Bill
    The Chair Recap: Maybe Ji-Yoon Should Quit It turns out utter thanklessness is a feature, not a bug, for the chair of Pembroke’s English department.
  4. Episode 3 The Town Hall
    The Chair Recap: David Duchovny Will Save Us If Bill isn’t going to take the outrage he has caused seriously, at least he’s a good babysitter for Juju.
  5. Episode 2 The Faculty Party
    The Chair Recap: The Disaffected Middle-Age White Male Professor Cliché The study of literature isn’t the only thing in decline at Pembroke; so is Bill’s reputation.
  6. Episode 1 Brilliant Mistake
    The Chair Series-Premiere Recap: The Ivory Tower Is Falling As the new chair of the English department, Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim’s vision of its future takes a back seat to its many existential crises.

The Latest The Chair News

  1. well read
    Close Reading the Reads of The Chair From Chaucer to The Family of Man, every book in the Netflix series tells its own story.
  2. chat room
    The Chair Gave Holland Taylor a Crash Course in Chaucer “I never really got a good handle on it at all. But I am an actress, remember, so.”
  3. tv review
    Add The Chair to Your Schedule Netflix’s satire of contemporary academia is a gem that features an excellent performance by Sandra Oh.
  4. tv
    TV’s White Guys Are in Crisis They’re no longer the main characters, but they’re still around. So what happens to them?
  5. trailer mix
    Benioff and Weiss’s New Show Has Zero Dragons, Tons of Sandra Oh The Chair stars Oh as the chair of an English department getting totally glass cliffed.
  6. casting
    Sandra Oh Will Play the Titular Character of Another Show, The Chair Produced by the Game of Thrones guys under their new Netflix deal.
  7. chat room
    Zachary Quinto on The Chair and Girls The actor and producer mentors aspiring filmmakers on the Starz competition series.
  8. Starz Orders a Project Greenlight-esque Series Called The Chair.