The Challenge: All Stars

  1. Episode 9 You’re The Best Around
    The Challenge: All Stars Season Finale Recap: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough It’s so emotional watching these Gen-Xers and geriatric millennials prove to themselves they can hike several miles without needing an ambulance.
  2. Episode 8 Mo Money Mo Problems
    The Challenge All Stars Recap: Whatever Floats Your Boat By land, by sea, by God those were some hot peppers.
  3. Episode 7 What About Your Friends
    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: Who Needs Enemies … In a surprisingly compelling deliberation, we actually get to see people express opinions for once.
  4. Episode 6 Free Fallin’
    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: Scaredy Kat It’s exciting going into the Arena truly having no idea what the outcome will be.
  5. Episode 5 Nuthin’ But An OG Thang
    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: The Blame Game Finally, someone is displaying some animosity in these eliminations.
  6. Episode 4 Semi-Charmed Lifesaver
    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: How to Save a Life How far can Mark push these “godfather” shenanigans before it stops being entertaining?
  7. Episode 3 I’ve Got the Power
    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: Ice, Ice Baby The most shocking part of this week’s episode is that Jemmye has convinced people she’s an expert in strategy and a prized ally.
  8. Episode 2 All That You Can’t Leave Behind
    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: The Best of Frenemies Well, Trishelle is certainly giving us classic Trishelle.
  9. Episode 1 Legends Never Die
    The Challenge: All Stars Premiere Recap: Homecoming Give it up to the producers for trying to kill these older competitors right out of the gate for our entertainment.

The Latest TV News

  1. what are the odds
    How Likely Is It That Your Favorite Character Is in the Community Movie? Harmon confirmed that the production was set to film in Atlanta to accommodate Donald Glover’s other projects.
  2. missing persons
    Telemarketers Patrick J. Pespas Reported Missing in Pennsylvania According to police, Pespas has been missing since Friday.
  3. human beings
    Dan Harmon Is Worried About Getting Greendale Back Together Leonard does not like this post.
  4. vulture fashion
    There’s Nothing More Obscene Than Frasier in Jeans No way they’re letting him into Chez Henri in those.
  5. the algorithm
    In Defense of Lydia’s Instagram Behavior I support women’s rights, but I also support women’s wrongs.
  6. a long talk
    Sterlin Harjo Lays Reservation Dogs to Rest “We’ve watched this world grow from four kids to a whole community.”
  7. archaeology
    Lost Pre–Monty Python Series Unearthed in Full A good day for British sketch-comedy nerds and TV preservationists.
  8. last night on late night
    John Oliver Praises WGA During First Post-Strike Last Week Tonight “Hopefully, this might encourage others, from auto workers to Starbucks baristas to health-care providers.”
  9. emergency discussion
    The Love Is Blind Experiment Finally Broke A season defined by external drama reminds us why we’re really watching.
  10. and ... action!
    All the Shows Returning After the Writers’ Strike Writers on Abbott Elementary, Yellowjackets, Grey’s Anatomy, and more are reportedly headed back to work.