The Challenge

  1. Episode 19 The World Is Not Enough
    The Challenge: Double Agents Season-Finale Recap: Win Some, Lose Some Overall, the melodrama of this final was worth a pretty lukewarm season.
  2. Episode 18 No Time to Die
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Running Up That Hill The events of this episode are Greek in tragedy, biblical in moralism, Tarantino-esque in carnage, and Fessy-ian in pettiness.
  3. Episode 17 True Lies
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Now or Never Congrats, Fessy. You’ve officially won me over by being the worst!
  4. Episode 16 A Most Wanted Man
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: A House Divided For some reason, this week we get another standard episode even though everyone has a skull.
  5. Episode 15 Never Say Never Again
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: The Plot Against Aneesa Aneesa is finally realizing her veteran status means nothing to these younger competitors, and even some of her peers.
  6. Episode 14 The Best of Enemies
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Shook Ones The force field that’s been protecting Leroy this entire game has finally been penetrated. For now.
  7. Episode 13 The Spy Who Loved Fessy
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Girls Just Wanna Have Fessy A week with hardly any stakes culminates in a rejection that all but one person saw coming.
  8. Episode 12 Tinker, Tailor, Bunny, Spy
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Big Trust Issues What Big T goes through over the span of five minutes in this episode is now my worst nightmare.
  9. Episode 11 An Inconvenient Goof
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Security Breach Now that the game is winding down, it’s time for the underdogs to either rise to the occasion or just go home.
  10. Episode 10 Amber Alert
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Irreconcilable Differences What is the subtext for all this tension between Lolo and Nam?
  11. Episode 9 Lady Vengeance
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Trivial Pursuit Let’s celebrate the season’s midpoint by watching a bunch of gym rats plummet into freezing water because they don’t know who invented the telephone.
  12. Episode 8 A Muddy Matter
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Natural Born Killas A refreshing episode features fewer boring conversations, more physical competition, and a long-awaited explosion from ticking time bomb Lolo Jones.
  13. Episode 7 Die Another Jay
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Loose Lips Sink Ships Whether it’s bad producing or competitors being overly dramatic, the emotional stakes in this whole Jay scenario just don’t feel real.
  14. Episode 6 From Theresa With Love
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Another Round Everyone is just performing at this point!
  15. Episode 5 Skyfall
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: The Weakest Link  The female rookies’ reign of terror has officially begun.
  16. Episode 4 Duplicity
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Fess/Off You really know people hate you when everyone claps for the person you just beat in a competition.
  17. Episode 3 Enemy of the State
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: Barefoot and Provoked Thank you for your service, Josh. This episode was a hoot.
  18. Episode 2 Dive Another Day
    The Challenge: Double Agents Recap: A Hot Fess The breakneck speed at which Fessy has somehow become the king of The Challenge is wild to witness.
  19. Episode 1 License to Killer Kam
    The Challenge: Double Agents Premiere Recap: Every Champ Must Go Oh, these producers are preparing us for some MESS.

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