The Crown

  1. Episode 10 Gloriana
    The Crown Season-Finale Recap: Duty Prevails “Gloriana” does its best to build Elizabeth’s decision as a real crisis.
  2. Episode 9 Assassins
    The Crown Recap: Painting Mr. Churchill Why does “Assassins” focus so heavily on Winston Churchill?
  3. Episode 8 Pride & Joy
    The Crown Recap: The Absence of Noise “Pride & Joy” lays out dueling visions of the British monarchy.
  4. Episode 7 Scientia Potentia Est
    The Crown Recap: A Good Dressing Down What can Queen Elizabeth II actually do?
  5. Episode 6 Gelignite
    The Crown Recap: Much Ado It’s time, at last, to dig into the Princess Margaret drama.
  6. Episode 5 Smoke and Mirrors
    The Crown Recap: Coronation Day “Smoke and Mirrors” is the first truly standout episode of The Crown.
  7. Episode 4 Act of God
    The Crown Recap: The Great Smog A true-to-life London tragedy offers no easy narrative in “Act of God.”
  8. Episode 3 Windsor
    The Crown Recap: The Duke of Windsor As a costume drama, The Crown is an absolute dream.
  9. Episode 2 Hyde Park Corner
    The Crown Recap: It’s Not a Hat Regnal name or not, Elizabeth is still Elizabeth.
  10. Episode 1 Wolferton Splash
    The Crown Series Premiere Recap: All the Princess’s Men “Wolferton Splash” is defined by the male influences in Elizabeth’s life.
  1. Episode 10 Mystery Man
    The Crown Season-Finale Recap: Shut Up, Philip Was Prince Philip involved in the Profumo affair?
  2. Episode 9 Paterfamilias
    The Crown Recap: School Days “Paterfamilias” is a truly devastating episode.
  3. Episode 8 Dear Mrs. Kennedy
    The Crown Recap: Meet the Kennedys A muddled heap of JFK imitations, African politics, and lessons about public grief.
  4. Episode 7 Matrimonium
    The Crown Recap: A Woman for the Modern Age You don’t need to know royal history to know that Margaret’s marriage won’t go smoothly.
  5. Episode 6 Vergangenheit
    The Crown Recap: Elizabeth Learns a Lesson About Nazis Edward VIII and his wife Wallis throw themselves back into Elizabeth’s life.
  6. Episode 5 Marionettes
    The Crown Recap: Why Do You Hate the Queen? Thank goodness for Lord Altrincham.
  7. Episode 4 Beryl
    The Crown Recap: Goode Times What comes next for Princess Margaret and Tony?
  8. Episode 3 Lisbon
    The Crown Recap: The One Where Everyone Shaves Are we really supposed to sympathize with Philip?
  9. Episode 2 A Company of Men
    The Crown Recap: Any Port in a Storm Anybody wanna join Philip’s beard-growing competition?
  10. Episode 1 Misadventure
    The Crown Season-Premiere Recap: Batten Down the Hatches Things are not looking good for the United Kingdom.
  1. Episode 10 Cri de Coeur
    The Crown Season Finale Recap: There Is Only One Queen By at last accepting the role that she spent decades fighting against, Margaret gives her sister the strength to move the royal family forward.
  2. Episode 9 Imbroglio
    The Crown Recap: Unsuitable Lord Mountbatten and the Queen Mother’s scheme to suppress Charles and Camilla’s relationship sets in motion the royal family’s slow evolution.
  3. Episode 8 Dangling Man
    The Crown Recap: The Right Woman Before leaving this earth, the Duke of Windsor uses Charles’s burgeoning relationship with Camilla to sow the seeds of another succession crisis.
  4. Episode 7 Moondust
    The Crown Recap: Failure to Launch The Apollo 11 lunar mission proves an inspired avenue by which to explore Philip’s deep-seated self-loathing.
  5. Episode 6 Tywysog Cymru
    The Crown Recap: Duty Calls Charles’ investiture as Prince of Wales is a learning experience in more ways than one.
  6. Episode 5 Coup
    The Crown Recap: It’s Not Easy Being Queen Elizabeth is cruelly reminded of why she can’t spend her days raising horses: She has to keep her power-hungry family members in check.
  7. Episode 4 Bubbikins
    The Crown Recap: Hidden Figure With Philip’s mother newly installed at the palace, Princess Anne coerces a family reconciliation via an age-old secret royal weapon: the press.
  8. Episode 3 Aberfan
    The Crown Recap: All Things Bright and Beautiful In the face of unfathomable disaster, Elizabeth remains frustratingly on-brand.
  9. Episode 2 Margaretology
    The Crown Recap: Dull vs. Dazzling We return to the complicated relationship between the royal sisters for a deliciously soapy (and historically suspect) Margaret showcase.
  10. Episode 1 Olding
    The Crown Season-Premiere Recap: Changing of the Guard We meet back up with Elizabeth, looking very different but still much the same, at the dawn of a particularly turbulent time in British history.

The Latest The Crown News

  1. trailer mix
    Fairy Tales Are Shattered in The Crown’s Season 4 Trailer Wave hello to Diana, Thatcher, and a few corgis.
  2. rule britannia
    Curtsy to Margaret Thatcher, Diana, and Their Wigs in These New Crown Photos They look incredible.
  3. trailer mix
    The Crown Season 4 Returns in November With Thatcher’s Wig and Diana’s Wedding Look at the dress!
  4. casting call
    Tall Icon Elizabeth Debicki Will Portray The Crown’s Next Princess Diana She already has the hair.
  5. casting call
    Game of Thrones Star Jonathan Pryce to Portray Old Prince Philip on The Crown The High Sparrow has flown the coop to greener, more Netflix-oriented pastures.
  6. god save the queen
    The Crown Will Get 6 Seasons After All, Extending Imelda Staunton’s Reign The sixth season will bring the story up to “the early 2000s.”
  7. casting
    Lesley Manville to Take Over As Princess Margaret in The Crown Season 5 She joins Imelda Staunton for the show’s final season.
  8. the royals
    Put ‘Tampongate’ in The Crown, You Cowards The series won’t touch on the infamous, racy phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.
  9. keep calm and carry on
    The Crown Continuing Production Despite Coronavirus, Thank You Very Much The Crown sees your hand-washing and raises you one stiff upper lip.
  10. chat room
    Emma Star Josh O’Connor Suggested that ‘Inn-oh-cence’ Line Reading He also does not know what Prince Charles is thinking.