The Dropout

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“It turns out that what I want in a scam show is The Dropout, Hulu’s new series about Elizabeth Holmes, creator of the blood-testing company Theranos. None of it would work without the lead performance by Amanda Seyfried, who somehow conveys all of Holmes’s eccentricities and tics without begging for laughs or denying their absurdity. Her Holmes has elements of impersonation, but it’s much more an interpretation of the person and her motivations. She is someone who desperately wants success and can’t interrogate that within herself, someone who lacks empathy on the individual level but imagines things on a grand scale of sweeping social improvement, and someone who feels she can be comfortable in the world only if she remakes the world to fit herself.” — Kathryn VanArendonk, The Dropout Hits the Scammer Sweet Spot”

The Dropout was created by Elizabeth Meriwether and stars Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews as Elizabeth Holmes and Sunny Balwani.

  1. Episode 8 Lizzy
    The Dropout Series-Finale Recap: Okay, Bye As the bleak end approaches, Elizabeth undoes all of her CEO trappings and undergoes yet another reinvention.
  2. Episode 7 Heroes
    The Dropout Recap: Stab the Fish As much as this episode is about Theranos’s major successes amid an investigation, it’s also about Elizabeth cheering, “We got herpes!”
  3. Episode 6 Iron Sisters
    The Dropout Recap: Elizabeth the Great This week, The Dropout blends the buddy investigation, horror movie, and #WomenInScience biopic genres into a fun episode of television.
  4. Episode 5 Flower of Life
    The Dropout Recap: Science or Whatever Elizabeth has trouble keeping track of all her lies.
  5. Episode 4 Old White Men
    The Dropout Recap: NDAs and Snacks Amanda Seyfried deploys some amazing blank stares as Elizabeth Holmes in 2010.
  6. Episode 3 Green Juice
    The Dropout Recap: Adult Supervision Elizabeth gets a full CEO makeover.
  7. Episode 2 Satori
    The Dropout Recap: I Can’t Feel My Fingers The unsubtle subtext is that everyone at Theranos cares so much about their work that they will literally give their blood to it.
  8. Episode 1 I’m in a Hurry
    The Dropout Series-Premiere Recap: I Wanna Be a Billionaire Elizabeth meets Sunny and starts on her journey to become a billionaire in The Dropout’s premiere.

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