The Gilded Age

  1. Episode 9 Let the Tournament Begin
    The Gilded Age Season-Finale Recap: Clash of the Titans The finale’s spectacle and opulence is The Gilded Age at its best.
  2. Episode 8 Tucked Up in Newport
    The Gilded Age Recap: Escape From Mrs. Astor’s George is preparing for the court hearing, and people in fun hats are playing tennis in Newport. Those are our two story lines.
  3. Episode 7 Irresistible Change
    The Gilded Age Recap: Electric City This week, the Big Event is the lighting-up of the New York Times building, and not everyone is invited.
  4. Episode 6 Heads Have Rolled for Less
    The Gilded Age Recap: Butler Betrayal The pinnacle of sulking butler!
  5. Episode 5 Charity Has Two Functions
    The Gilded Age Recap: Mother Knows Best It is extremely weird to hear Nathan Lane speak with this Southern accent.
  6. Episode 4 A Long Ladder
    The Gilded Age Recap: The Uninvited Guest Why is Marian showing up to a party she wasn’t invited to? Was it for the sole purpose of embarrassing Peggy?
  7. Episode 3 Face the Music
    The Gilded Age Recap: The Classic Double Cross We hope you are interested in how stocks worked during the Gilded Age.
  8. Episode 2 Money Isn’t Everything
    The Gilded Age Recap: Stocks, Bazaars, and Broadway Stars So far, there haven’t been enough cutthroat drawing-room whispers that topple a nation and/or family name!
  9. Episode 1 Never the New
    The Gilded Age Series-Premiere Recap: Keeping Up With the Astors The long-awaited The Gilded Age has arrived, and we’re jumping into a charming era of corruption, greed, corporate monopolies, and industrialization.

The Latest TV News

  1. an apple a day
    Jessica Chastain to Transform Into a Mysterious Investigator for Apple TV The Savant follows a woman who infiltrates online hate groups to stop large-scale violent attacks before they happen.
  2. chalet 2000
    Where Will The White Lotus Season 3 Take Place? Mike White teased a season satirizing spirituality, but that could be anywhere.
  3. vulture travel
    Start Making Your Reservations for The White Lotus Season 3 One ticket to Thailand, please.
  4. coming soon
    The Kardashians Season 3 Is Their Rashomon “Listen, everyone has their own truth of how they think something happened.”
  5. schweaty hosts
    Molly Shannon and Ana de Armas Will Be Superstar SNL Hosts With musical hosts the JoBros and Karol G, respectively.
  6. reunions
    The Pink Power Ranger Isn’t in the Reunion, and It’s ‘None of Ur Beeswax’ “Maybe I just didn’t want to wear spandex in my 50s.”
  7. wambsgans watch
    What’s Tom’s Deal in This Week’s Succession? Let’s assess, on the fuck-or-get-fucked spectrum, exactly how things are going for Tom at the end of season-four premiere ‘The Munsters.’
  8. the munsters
    Succession Power Rankings: Everyone’s Disgusting! The final-season premiere is full of maneuvering among the Roy family, Nan Pierce’s many headaches, and the abstract concept of time.
  9. sleuthing
    Let’s Look Way Too Hard for Clues in the Season-4 Succession Credits Sequence Making like truffle pigs and snuffling out deets.
  10. whose anatomy is it anyway?
    Nevertheless, Grey’s Anatomy Persisted The medical drama has been renewed for season 20 with a new showrunner.