The Girlfriend Experience

  1. Episode 13 Separation
  2. Episode 12 Home
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Homecoming “Does this kind of work ever make you scared?”
  3. Episode 11 Fabrication
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Eye of the Storm Christine may have won the battle, but she’s losing the war.
  4. Episode 10 Available
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Escape Route This show is a curious contradiction. Whose fantasy does it serve?
  5. Episode 9 Blindsided
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Everything Will Not Be Okay “Provocation” explores the perilous routes that women navigate.
  6. Episode 8 Provocation
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Don’t Call Me Dear Christine’s life is coming undone.
  7. Episode 7 Access
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Under Control For the first time, Christine doesn’t have the upper hand.
  8. Episode 6 Boundaries
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Meeting Annabelle “Boundaries” feels honest and urgent in ways previous episodes haven’t.
  9. Episode 5 Insurance
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Mirror, Mirror A client’s death brings Christine an enormous inheritance — with strings attached.
  10. Episode 4 Crossing the Line
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: No Exceptions Christine deals with the dangers and repercussions of her new life.
  11. Episode 3 Retention
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Going Freelance Christine doesn’t seem to be thinking this through.
  12. Episode 2 Episode Two
    The Girlfriend Experience Recap: Just a Friend What’s really going on between Christine and Avery?
  13. Episode 1 Entry
    The Girlfriend Experience Season Premiere Recap: The Price of Desire This is a handsomely crafted show with tremendous promise.

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