The Good Fight

  1. Episode 10 Chaos
    The Good Fight Season Finale Recap: One for You and One for Me It was a finale worthy of the rest of the very strong series
  2. Episode 9 Self Condemned
    The Good Fight Recap: Wishful Thinking It’s been wonderful to watch The Good Fight go from good to great.
  3. Episode 8 Reddick vs. Boseman
    The Good Fight Recap: The Head and the Heart This series is nothing if not name-heavy.
  4. Episode 7 Not So Grand Jury
    The Good Fight Recap: More Than You Can Chew Thank God for Elsbeth Tascioni.
  5. Episode 6 Social Media and Its Discontents
    The Good Fight Recap: Martyrs of Political Correctness Diane Lockhart faces off against an alt-right provocateur.
  6. Episode 5 Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate
    The Good Fight Recap: Living in Tiananmen Square Man, is it great to see Elsbeth again.
  7. Episode 4 Henceforth Known as Property
    The Good Fight Recap: The Truth Doesn’t Matter This episode feels downright prescient in its examination of fake news.
  8. Episode 3 The Schtup List
    The Good Fight Recap: Who Voted for Trump? “The Schtup List” tees up story lines for the rest of the season.
  9. Episode 2 First Week
    The Good Fight Recap: A Moment of Truth Bernadette Peters as a villain? That’s an embarrassment of riches.
  10. Episode 1 Inauguration
    The Good Fight Series Premiere Recap: The Fall of Diane Lockhart “Inauguration” is Christine Baranski at her best.
  1. Episode 10 The One About the End of the World
    The Good Fight Season Finale Recap: No Guardrails The season ends by asking once more when this dreadfully uncertain moment in history is going to end, and finding no answers.
  2. Episode 9 The One Where the Sun Comes Out
    The Good Fight Recap: Hail, Hail A bizarre mid-May storm underscores a grand reckoning that shakes the foundations of Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart.
  3. Episode 5 The One Where a Nazi Gets Punched
    The Good Fight Recap: The Overton Window Having Michael Sheen around as court jester gives an episode swarming with neo-Nazis the comic balance it needs.
  4. Episode 4 The One With Luca Becoming a Meme
    The Good Fight Recap: No Tolerance The combination of Maia’s drug arrest and Lucca getting harassed by a white woman forces the partners to address the firm’s racial disparities.
  5. Episode 3 The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance
    The Good Fight Recap: The Troll Toll A complex and delectably feisty episode finds Diane and Maia learning the benefits and hidden costs of fighting fire with fire.
  6. Episode 2 The One Inspired By Ray Cohn
    The Good Fight Recap: Disorder in the Court How much you enjoy this episode rests almost entirely on how much you’re into whatever the hell Michael Sheen is doing as Roland Blum.
  7. Episode 1 The One About the Recent Troubles
    The Good Fight Season-Premiere Recap: Damage Control A fiendishly clever premiere ekes as much fun out of a serious subject as possible without veering into tastelessness.
  1. Episode 7 The Gang Discovers Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein
    The Good Fight Season Finale Recap: To Be Continued Season four ends three episodes early, with an hour that feels like both a question mark and an exclamation point.
  2. Episode 6 The Gang Offends Everyone
    The Good Fight Recap: The Hidden Hand How can the Memo 618 people ever be exposed when they’ve gamed the system that’s supposed to hold them to account?
  3. Episode 5 The Gang Goes to War
    The Good Fight Recap: Win/Loss The staging of a modern-day A Few Good Men is the central point of an hour that coheres elegantly around the possibility of justice.
  4. Episode 4 The Gang Is Satirized and Doesn’t Like It
    The Good Fight Recap: Foul Play C**ksucker in Chains may be grating and unfunny, but it’s sophisticated in the ways it irritates, inspires, and freaks out the targets of its satire.
  5. Episode 3 The Gang Gets a Call From HR
    The Good Fight Recap: Party Lines The series returns to the internecine battles of the Democratic Party — and, consequently, the numerous conflicts within Reddick, Boseman itself.
  6. Episode 2 The Gang Tries to Serve a Subpoena
    The Good Fight Recap: Gone to the Dogs For the first time in a while, The Good Fight behaves like a normal-ish courtroom drama. Emphasis on the “ish.”
  7. Episode 1 The Gang Deals With Alternate Reality
    The Good Fight Season Premiere Recap: The Butterfly Effect Season four opens with a startling flex, a fever dream of a misdirect that’s audacious even by Good Fight standards.
  1. Episode 10 And the Violence Spread
    The Good Fight Season-Finale Recap: To Secede or Not To Secede Despite all the silliness, in the end, Wackner’s court spoke to the current feelings of disenfranchisement in the legal system.
  2. Episode 9 And the End Was Violent…
    The Good Fight Recap: Marble Showers Why does Reddick-Lockhart spend so much of its energy representing bad people?
  3. Episode 8 “And the Détente Had an End…”
    The Good Fight Recap: Parking Violations Putting Hal Wackner under a focus group’s microscope is a stress test of his (and the show’s) idealism.
  4. Episode 7 And the Fight Had a Détente…
    The Good Fight Recap: Uncanceled Culture Two cases concerning cancel culture make for a thrillingly combustible episode.
  5. Episode 6 And the Two Partners Had a Fight…
    The Good Fight Recap: Anonymous Platypus Diane’s self-preservation reaches a new level as Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires her to make questionable decisions regarding the firm and her marriage.
  6. Episode 5 “And the firm had two partners…”
    The Good Fight Recap: Hospital Corners Jay’s experience as a Covid long-hauler might be more affecting were it not so useful for the writers to get themselves out of corners.
  7. Episode 4 And the clerk had a firm…
    The Good Fight Recap: A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar Perhaps this show is better off just making messes than engineering a meta-narrative about its right to do so.
  8. Episode 3 And the Court Had a Clerk…
    The Good Fight Recap: Take the Money and Run A lively episode reflects on a legal business that perverts justice for the many in order to cater to justice for the few.
  9. Episode 2 Once There Was a Court…
    The Good Fight Recap: Disorder in the Court With the freedom to be its audaciously weird self again, the show delivers a corker of an episode.
  10. Episode 1 Previously On…
    The Good Fight Season-Premiere Recap: Turn the Page The series returns from a pandemic-forced hiatus with a bunch of messes to clean up, and goes about it in typically meta fashion.
  1. Episode 10 The End of Everything
    The Good Fight Series-Finale Recap: A New Normal When someone in the future wonders what it was like to be alive right now, this has to be one of the first pieces of entertainment you’d show them.
  2. Episode 9 The End of Democracy
    The Good Fight Recap: Let’s Face It, Folks Entire seasons of crazy stuff happen in the penultimate episode of The Good Fight.
  3. Episode 8 The End of Playing Games
    The Good Fight Recap: Teetering at the Abyss The Good Fight is obsessed with the idea of citizens having to step up when legal institutions fail them, and that’s exactly where Jay finds himself.
  4. Episode 7 The End of STR Laurie
    The Good Fight Recap: Own Goals Turns out all Liz and Ri’Chard needed to do to take down their corporate bosses was to simply bear witness to an implosion.
  5. Episode 6 The End of a Saturday
    The Good Fight Recap: There’s Always a Plan B When a bone-marrow donor cancels at the last minute, every lawyer rallies to try to save Ri’Chard’s nephew.
  6. Episode 5 The End of Ginni
    The Good Fight Recap: Fili-busted! “Ginni Thomas” guest stars in this ambitious but unsuccessful episode.
  7. Episode 4 The End of Eli Gold
    The Good Fight Recap: True Believer Diane wants Eli to fight the titular good fight — whatever it takes.
  8. Episode 3 The End of Football
    The Good Fight Recap: Trick Play Lester has been arrested for a murder that he, for once, didn’t actually commit.
  9. Episode 2 The End of the Yips
    The Good Fight Recap: The Interrotron Liz faces down a documentarian who asks some uncomfortable questions.
  10. Episode 1 The Beginning of the End
    The Good Fight Season-Premiere Recap: Virtual Reality Diane is confused and unsettled by the state of things in 2022.

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    Alan Dershowitz Demands Apology From The Good Fight Over Jeffrey Epstein Episode “As one might explain to a small child, the Series, its characters, and the things they say are all make-believe,” replies ViacomCBS.