The Good Place

  1. Episode 13 Michael’s Gambit
  2. Episode 12 Mindy St. Claire
    The Good Place Recap: Unhappy Medium The Good Place introduces us to the Medium Place.
  3. Episode 11 What’s My Motivation
    The Good Place Recap: Pobody’s Nerfect What if the Good Place isn’t actually all that good?
  4. Episode 10 Chidi’s Choice
    The Good Place Recap: Trés Ladies “Chidi’s Choice” is an early candidate for 2017’s sweetest TV love story.
  5. Episode 9 …Someone Like Me As a Member
    The Good Place Recap: Hell Is Other People Eleanor Shellstrop, meet Eleanor Shellstrop.
  6. Episode 8 Most Improved Player
    The Good Place Recap: The Trial Why should people like Eleanor be “royally forkin’ forked?”
  7. Episode 7 The Eternal Shriek
    The Good Place Recap: Getting the Boot Ted Danson is utterly terrific in “The Eternal Shriek.”
  8. Episode 6 What We Owe to Each Other
    The Good Place Recap: The One About Friends The tragedy of Tahani and Chidi is that they might be too good
  9. Episode 5 Category 55 Emergency Doomsday Crisis
    The Good Place Recap: The Hole Truth “Category 55 Doomsday Crisis” is the best episode since the pilot.
  10. Episode 4 Jason Mendoza
    The Good Place Recap: Florida Man “That’s not music … that’s EDM!”
  11. Episode 3 Tahani Al-Jamil
    The Good Place Recap: Better and Bitter “Tahani Al-Jamil” answers two burning questions about The Good Place.
  12. Episodes 1 and 2 Pilot; Flying
    The Good Place Series Premiere Recap: You Don’t Belong Here Michael Schur’s new afterlife sitcom is clever, funny, and pleasantly familiar.
  1. Episode 13 Somewhere Else
    The Good Place Season-Finale Recap: Hot Diggity Dog! In “Somewhere Else,” Michael proposes yet another afterlife innovation.
  2. Episode 12 The Burrito
    The Good Place Recap: The People’s Court Do these people deserve an eternity of torture just for being selfish, vain, indecisive, and Jason?
  3. Episode 11 Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent
    The Good Place Recap: Exit Through the Gift Shop “Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent” is an action-packed and riotously funny episode.
  4. Episode 10 Best Self
    The Good Place Recap: There Goes the Neighborhood “Best Self” is a poignant and poetic episode.
  5. Episode 10 Best Self
    The Good Place Recap: There Goes the Neighborhood “Best Self” is far from the flashiest Good Place episode, but it’s one of the most poignant.
  6. Episode 9 Leap to Faith
    The Good Place Recap: Boom, Roasted No torture in the Bad Place is as diabolical as Michael’s comedy roast.
  7. Episode 8 Derek
    The Good Place Midseason Finale Recap: Who’s the Man? Michael and Eleanor are slowly learning that it’s not easy not being mean.
  8. Episode 7 Janet and Michael
    The Good Place Recap: Damn It, Janet A well-earned spotlight on D’Arcy Carden’s terrific performance.
  9. Episode 6 The Trolley Problem
    The Good Place Recap: All Aboard! Chidi, Eleanor, and Michael face off against the trolley problem.
  10. Episode 5 Existential Crisis
    The Good Place Recap: Party Crash Even in a subpar episode, Ted Danson is a joy to watch.
  11. Episode 4 Team Cockroach
    The Good Place Recap: The Better Battle Will Eleanor agree to team up with Michael?
  12. Episode 4 Team Cockroach
    The Good Place Recap: The Better Battle After two weeks of clever alternate realities, The Good Place settles down and scales back.
  13. Episode 3 Dance Dance Resolution
    The Good Place Recap: The Show That Never Ends There is no shortage of Bad Places in this week’s episode.
  14. Episodes 1 and 2 Everything Is Great!
    The Good Place Season-Premiere Recap: Starting Over (and Over) “Everything Is Great!” is a fiendishly clever way to blow everything up.
  1. Episode 12 Pandemonium
    The Good Place Season Finale Recap: Memories You May Have Forgotten The show ends the season by hitting yet another reset button, to diminishing returns.
  2. Episode 11 Chidi Sees the Time-Knife
    The Good Place Recap: The Neighborhood Play A busy episode brings the gang back to where they began — sort of — in a last-ditch bid to change how modern humanity is judged.
  3. Episode 10 The Book of Dougs
    The Good Place Recap: 4 Oreos from Paradise Even in the Good Place — or at least its mail room — nothing’s as easy as it seems.
  4. Episode 10 Janet(s)
    The Good Place Recap: Void (Where Prohibited) “Janet(s)” is a clear dividing line in the history of The Good Place.
  5. Episode 9 Don’t Let the Good Life Pass You By
    The Good Place Recap: True North The arrival of a pivotal character marks a standout episode that also features one of the most entertaining sequences of the entire series.
  6. Episode 8 The Worst Possible Use of Free Will
    The Good Place Recap: If You Choose Not to Decide … Just as the show seems to be edging further backward into familiar territory, it makes a welcome leap forward into the unpredictable.
  7. Episode 7 A Fractured Inheritance
    The Good Place Recap: The Parent Trap A transatlantic pairing of family reunions retreads familiar ground, but unearths some genuinely moving moments in the process.
  8. Episode 6 The Ballad of Donkey Doug
    The Good Place Recap: Daddy and Them We learn the secret of Donkey Doug in an episode that takes part of the gang to Florida while those left behind ponder breakup ethics.
  9. Episode 5 Jeremy Bearimy
    The Good Place Recap: Give It Away Now A metaphysical revelation throws the group into an existential crisis (and for one, that means making weird chili).
  10. Episode 4 The Snowplow
    The Good Place Recap: Perfect From Now On A playful episode skips through time before ending on a cliffhanger that could, once again, change everything.
  11. Episode 3 The Brainy Bunch
    The Good Place Recap: The Butterfly Shrimp Effect Trevor tries to sow discord and finds the show’s central foursome all-too-easy pickings.
  12. Episodes 1 and 2 Everything Is Bonzer! (Parts 1 & 2)
    The Good Place Season-Premiere Recap: Return to Oz Season three kicks off by catching up with gang’s adventures back on Earth.
  1. Episode 13 Whenever You’re Ready
  2. Episode 12 Patty
    The Good Place Recap: Everything Is … Fine? A brilliant penultimate chapter pivots on the understanding that we can only enjoy things properly if we know they’re going to end.
  3. Episode 11 Mondays, Am I Right?
    The Good Place Recap: Another Day in the Soul Mines While Michael struggles to help the Bad Place demons adapt to a new status quo, Eleanor and Chidi engage in some routine sitcom relationship angst.
  4. Episode 10 You’ve Changed, Man
    The Good Place Recap: The Right Place Our heroes present their plans to save humanity, hoping to win the approval of Gen and Shawn … and, um, Timothy Olyphant.
  5. Episode 9 The Answer
    The Good Place Recap: Life Hack An emotionally affecting tour of Chidi’s “thoughtful indecision” across centuries culminates in a key revelation about human existence.
  6. Episode 8 The Funeral to End All Funerals
    The Good Place Recap: Dearly Beloved Poised at the beginning of the end, The Good Place turns in one of its most emotionally resonant, surprising, and funny episodes ever.
  7. Episode 7 Help Is Other People
    The Good Place Recap: Presto Change-o! Perhaps, as Jason Mendoza well knows, you can blow up the same thing twice.
  8. Episode 6 A Chip Driver Mystery
    The Good Place Recap: B-b-b-b-bad? Brent’s idiotic novel exposes the fragility of Eleanor and Michael’s approach to rehabilitation.
  9. Episode 5 Employee of the Bearimy
    The Good Place Recap: Well-Suited Jason and Michael’s daring attempt to rescue Janet from the Bad Place makes good on the season’s ongoing use of disguises.
  10. Episode 4 Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy
    The Good Place Recap: A Matter of Trust The Bad Place demons are meddling again — but which ones? And how?
  11. Episode 3 Chillaxing
    The Good Place Recap: Beats on Repeat Tahani deals with her John problem, while the rest of the gang handles an unexpected complication: Chidi.
  12. Episode 2 A Girl From Arizona Part 2
    The Good Place Recap: Whither Squirtman? After a disastrous first few days as the Neighborhood’s fake architect, Eleanor rallies in characteristically reluctant fashion.
  13. Episode 1 A Girl From Arizona (Part 1)
    The Good Place Season-Premiere Recap: Semi-Charmed Afterlife Turns out running an entire Neighborhood can be pretty tough … especially if you’re a person who habitually cuts corners.

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