The Good Wife

  1. Episode 23 Closing Arguments
  2. Episode 22
    The Good Wife Recap: The Breakup Alica and Kalinda, dunzo.
  3. Episode 21
    The Good Wife Recap: Hell Hath No Fury “Say something to make me love you again.”
  4. Episode 20
  5. Episode 19
    The Good Wife Recap: Six Feet Under Florrick has bimbo issues.
  6. Episode 18
    The Good Wife Recap: Storm Clouds on the Horizon The show takes a step back from last week’s revelations.
  7. Episode 17
    The Good Wife Recap: A Knife in the Back Kalinda’s big secret gets revealed, and it’s a doozy.
  8. Episode 16 Great Firewall
    The Good Wife Recap: Victory Dance Team Cary and Kalinda all the way!
  9. Episode 15
    The Good Wife Recap: Guns Blazing “What is this attraction with guns … it’s so base.”
  10. Episode 14
    The Good Wife Recap: Road Trip “Will, I need a moment of your time.”
  11. Episode 13 Real Deal
    The Good Wife Recap: Blood in the Water “You seem like a nice woman from the outside and then I get a glimpse of the darkness within.”
  12. Episode 12 Silly Season
    The Good Wife Recap: Abort! “Whenever I see that bitch I know we’re in trouble.”
  13. Episode 11
    The Good Wife Recap: Micro-Expressions “I want to make things different so you don’t leave.”
  14. Episode 10 Breaking Up
    The Good Wife Recap: Pharmacide “You mean before or after I fellated my first guy?”
  15. Episode 9 Nine Hours
    The Good Wife Recap: Witness to a Near-Execution If you didn’t cry as the firm rushed to free a convict from death row, you may not be human.
  16. Episode 8 On Tap
    The Good Wife Recap: The Wire “I’m sorry. Was that in your opinion?”
  17. Episode 7 Bad Girls
    The Good Wife Recap: Teenage Wildlife “Went pantiless in court just to rebel.”
  18. Episode 6 Poisoned Pill
    The Good Wife Recap: Drug Money “A lie always beats the truth.”
  19. Episode 5 VIP Treatment
    The Good Wife Recap: SVU “I thought the goal was to die with the most money.”
  20. Episode 4 Cleaning House
    The Good Wife Recap: Ham-Fisted “You shooting deer, or compensating for something?”
  21. Episode 3 Breaking Fast
    The Good Wife Recap: Sniped “As you well know, I don’t have a life.”
  22. Episode 2 Double Jeopardy
    The Good Wife Recap: Status Updates “The stiffer the better.”
  23. Episode 1 Taking Control
    The Good Wife Recap: I Just Called to Say … Who says, “I love you” on a voice mail, anyway?
  1. Episode 22 The Dream Team
    The Good Wife Recap: Kalinda’s Got a Gun We’re bothered that almost all of this season felt like an aimless run-up to what will essentially be a reboot.
  2. Episode 21 The Penalty Box
    The Good Wife Recap: Kalinda Shows Some Fear Stop talking about quitting the show. No matter how convoluted the story lines get, the actors are just too freaking good to give up on.
  3. Episode 20 Pants on Fire
    The Good Wife Recap: Lies Make the World Go Round Matthew Perry’s character is a real bastard, isn’t he?
  4. Episode 19 Blue Ribbon Panel
    The Good Wife Recap: Suburgatory Alicia still wants her old house back.
  5. Episode 18 Gloves Come Off
    The Good Wife Recap: Wine-Fueled Booty Calls No one’s immune to ‘em. Not even Diane.
  6. Episode 17 Long Way Home
  7. Episode 16 After the Fall
    The Good Wife Recap: Suicide, Blondes Welcome to Will’s enforced vision quest. It lasts a week. It is profound.
  8. Episode 15 Live From Damascus
  9. Episode 13 Bitcoin for Dummies
  10. Episode 13 What Went Wrong
    The Good Wife Recap: That’s What Friends Are For “I am the State’s Attorney. You don’t say no to me.”
  11. Episode 12 Alienation of Affection
    The Good Wife Recap: Clause 63 All hail Christine Baranski.
  12. Episode 10 Parenting Made Easy
    The Good Wife Recap: The End of the Affair And Kalinda to the rescue.
  13. Episode 9 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    The Good Wife Recap: Natural Enemy, Vegetables “Even if it weren’t wrong, it’s not smart.”
  14. Episode 8 Here Comes Santa
    The Good Wife Recap: Magic Sex Dust Kalinda sprinkles it on everyone.
  15. Episode 7 Executive Order 13224
  16. Episode 6
    The Good Wife Recap: Cary Rising And someone bangs a good Bin Laden. Really.
  17. Episode 5
    The Good Wife Recap: Classic C-Student “You and I should get drinks, trade whore stories.”
  18. Episode 4 Feeding the Rat
    The Good Wife Recap: Inside Baseball Half of the core cast is no longer interacting with the other half of the core cast.
  19. Episode 3
  20. Episode 2
    The Good Wife Recap: Current Affairs “How have I never met you before?”
  21. Episode 1
    The Good Wife Recap: Good Girl Gone Bad Sexy times in the season-three premiere.
  1. Episode 22 What’s in the Box?
    The Good Wife Season-Four Finale Recap: The Breakaway “How does it feel to be the First Lady of Illinois?”
  2. Episode 21 A More Perfect Union
    The Good Wife Recap: Down to the Wire Labor disputes, romance on the bus, and one very awkward funeral on this week’s middling penultimate episode.
  3. Episode 20 Rape: A Modern Perspective  
    The Good Wife Recap: The Big Chill Things are getting mighty frosty in the race to close out season four.
  4. Episode 19 The Wheels of Justice
    The Good Wife Recap: Modern Love “That’s why I love this place. Everybody sleeps with everybody else.”
  5. Episode 18 Death of a Client
    The Good Wife Recap: All That Glitters Shenanigans in white tie, a whodunit in flashbacks, and loads of drunken Irishmen make for one of the loopiest episodes ever.
  6. Episode 17 Invitation to an Inquest
    The Good Wife Recap: Good-bye, Old Friends “There’s no need to be sorry about the truth.”
  7. Episode 16 Runnin’ With the Devil
    The Good Wife Recap: FutureSex LoveSounds Cary and Kalinda sitting in a tree … 
  8. Episode 15 Going for the Gold
    The Good Wife Recap: Competitive Edge A densely packed episode wherein every character gets ruffled. 
  9. Episode 14 Red Team/Blue Team
  10. Episode 13 The Seven Day Rule
    The Good Wife Recap: A Woman in Love We’re officially ready to join the party of season four.
  11. Episode 12 Je Ne Sais What?
    The Good Wife Recap: French Twist At least this week’s episode was light on bankruptcy talk.
  12. Episode 11 Boom De Ya Da
    The Good Wife Recap: Waiting Game “No one disappears. They all come back like zombies.”  
  13. Episode 10 Battle of the Proxies
    The Good Wife Recap: Double Vision Two girls walk into a bar and everything changes.
  14. Episode 9 Defense of Marriage
    The Good Wife Recap: Family Values There’s no place like home for the holidays.
  15. Episode 8 Here Comes the Judge
    The Good Wife Recap: Subject Bias Sloshed judges and teenage dreams make for a better than average episode.
  16. Episode 7 Anatomy of a Joke
    The Good Wife Recap: Twigs and Berries “It really only looks like Brazil when it’s erect. Otherwise, it’s more like New Jersey.”
  17. Episode 6 The Art of War
    The Good Wife Recap: Female Troubles In which we enter the age of the feminist supervillain.
  18. Episode 5 Waiting for the Knock
    The Good Wife Recap: It’s All in the Footnotes A courtroom-free episode, with drama to spare.
  19. Episode 4 Don’t Haze Me, Bro
    The Good Wife Recap: The Insects Are Coming “Welcome to the lifeboat.”
  20. Episode 3 Two Girls, One Code
    The Good Wife Recap: Shaking the Tree Plus: more psychosexual fun with food.
  21. Episode 2 And the Law Won
    The Good Wife Recap: Welcome to the Thunderdome Starring: The Soft-Serve Incident heard ‘round the world.
  22. Episode 1 I Fought the Law
    The Good Wife Recap: Circumstances Beyond Control When we last left this show, Kalinda was waiting in the dark, with a gun.
  1. Episode 22 A Weird Year
    The Good Wife Season 5 Finale Recap: Graduation Day How amazing is it that this show continues to be this good after five seasons?
  2. Episode 21 The One Percent
    The Good Wife Recap: A Piece of the Pie Things slow down just a little bit before the season finale.
  3. Episode 20 The Deep Web
  4. Episode 19 Tying the Knot
    The Good Wife Recap: Sinner Party God, you guys, it’s hard out there for a working mother.
  5. Episode 18 All Tapped Out
    The Good Wife Recap: Chicago Confidential The NSA is always listening.
  6. Episode 17 A Material World
    The Good Wife Recap: The Illusion of Free Will “If I die before you, please don’t let them read ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ at my funeral.”
  7. Episode 16 The Last Call
    The Good Wife Recap: Will to Go On And now, the fallout and the grief.
  8. Episode 15 Dramatics, Your Honor
    The Good Wife Recap: Shots Rang Out The saddest, most shocking Good Wife episode ever. 
  9. Episode 13 Parallel Construction, Bitches
    The Good Wife Recap: Getting the Band Back Together For a firm that has splintered, they sure still see a lot of each other.
  10. Episode 13 We the Juries
    The Good Wife Recap: I’m Goin’ Down The show’s key players are all losing their sense of morality.
  11. Episode 12 Goliath and David
    The Good Wife Recap: A Gleeful Parody Alicia takes on a Glee-like TV show who ripped off her Jonathan Coulton–esque musician clients and “legal jazz” ensues.
  12. Episode 10 The Decision Tree
    The Good Wife Recap: A Case of Two Wills Last night’s episode was the show’s hundredth, and they pulled out all the stops.
  13. Episode 9 Whack-A-Mole
    The Good Wife Recap: The Seedy Underbelly of Internet Culture We got some interesting insight into the history of the Florrick family and the future of Lockhart/Gardner.
  14. Episode 8 The Next Month
    The Good Wife Recap: America the Beautiful A flustered Eli and a major Florrick/Agos victory? What a delightful episode.
  15. Episode 7 The Next Week
    The Good Wife Recap: Warrior Princess Mode Tensions are still high as we return to a typical case of the week episode.
  16. Episode 6 The Next Day
    The Good Wife Recap: Bill and Hillary on Steroids This week’s episode had to be a step down from last week’s. It had to be.
  17. Episode 5 Hitting the Fan
    The Good Wife Recap: Not Your Mother’s Lawyer Show That might have been one of the best hours of television we’ve seen all year.
  18. Episode 4 Outside The Bubble
    The Good Wife Recap: Not With a Bang Diane Lockhart is unstoppable.
  19. Episode 3 A Precious Commodity
    The Good Wife Recap: The Pregnant Pause It’s impressive how quickly Diane’s world has unraveled.
  20. Episode 2 The Bit Bucket
    The Good Wife Recap: You Can Thank Edward Snowden Did you learn nothing from Stringer Bell, Alicia?
  21. Episode 1 Everything Is Ending
    The Good Wife Season Premiere Recap: The New Will and Diane Put on your most powerful suit and stripiest tie, we’re back with season five of The Good Wife.
  1. Episode 22 Wanna Partner?
    The Good Wife Recap: That’s Too Bad The Good Wife’s very strong season finale will likely be remembered for being Kalinda’s final episode.
  2. Episode 21 Don’t Fail
    The Good Wife Recap: I Want to Know If You’ll Join Me I can tentatively get behind the idea of a Good Wife that looks like last night’s episode did.
  3. Episode 20 The Deconstruction
    The Good Wife Recap: Good-bye, Kalinda How does the show move on without a character who has anchored it for years?
  4. Episode 19 Winning Ugly
    The Good Wife Recap: It’s Never Over It’s been a little unsettling to see Alicia buy into the myth of Saint Alicia.
  5. Episode 18 Loser Edit
    The Good Wife Recap: Let Them Buy Cake Last night’s episode yanked hard on two threads the show’s been dangling for months now.
  6. Episode 17 Undisclosed Recipients
    The Good Wife Recap: All Options Are Open to Me I’m not applauding Alicia here. I’m a tiny bit heartbroken.
  7. Episode 16 Red Meat
    The Good Wife Recap: And the Winner Is … We’re left with a few big answers.
  8. Episode 15 False Feed
    The Good Wife Recap: Handsome Men Are So Weak This show has always been the story of Alicia, but I wonder what the show still hopes to teach her.
  9. Episode 14 Mind’s Eye
    The Good Wife Recap: Inside Alicia How long can Alicia keep this up?
  10. Episode 13 Dark Money
    The Good Wife Recap: The F-Bomb Nothing says, “Our hiatus is finally over!” like opening with 45 seconds of erotic asphyxiation.
  11. Episode 12 The Debate
    The Good Wife Did a Ferguson-Based Episode Last Night And it was debate night for Alicia.
  12. Episode 11 Hail Mary
    The Good Wife Recap: With Our Apologies What more could you want from an hour of television?
  13. Episode 10 The Trial
    The Good Wife Recap: Cary Goes to Trial And Alicia’s bad joke has consequences.
  14. Episode 9 Sticky Content
    The Good Wife Recap: Stop Banging the Help Alicia has a desire not to be private, but to be public on her own terms.
  15. Episode 8 Red Zone
    The Good Wife Recap: The Death of Saint Alicia? This week delivered a nice, meaty Michael J. Fox appearance.
  16. Episode 7 Message Discipline
    The Good Wife Recap: Questions Are for Dopes Hello there, David Hyde Pierce.
  17. Episode 6 Old Spice
    The Good Wife Recap: Call Me Maybe The show is back on point after last week’s odd episode.
  18. Episode 5 Shiny Objects
    The Good Wife Recap: Like I’m in a Bruckheimer Movie An episode that was all over the place.
  19. Episode 4 Oppo Research
    The Good Wife Recap: Opposition Research Alicia has a lot of dirt.
  20. Episode 3 Dear God
    The Good Wife Recap: Are You There, God? It’s Me, Alicia Alicia asks an important question and Cary gets sprung from prison.
  21. Episode 2 Trust Issues
  22. Episode 1 The Line
    The Good Wife Season 6 Premiere Recap: Agos Is the New Black All of a sudden, Cary has a prison problem.
  1. Episode 22 End
    The Good Wife Series Finale Recap: Ghost Story Good-bye, Alicia Florrick; we’ll miss you.
  2. Episode 21 Verdict
  3. Episode 20 Party
    The Good Wife Recap: No Better Moment Than Now Was anybody actually hoping for Howard Lyman closure?
  4. Episode 19 Landing
    The Good Wife Recap: Right Back Where We Started With only a few episodes left, my expectations are sky high.
  5. Episode 18 Unmanned
    The Good Wife Recap: Quitting Time It’s five o’clock somewhere, Cary.
  6. Episode 17 Shoot
  7. Episode 16 Hearing
    The Good Wife Recap: A Very Bright Lamp Alicia’s closure should involve more than simply finding another Will.
  8. Episode 15 Targets
    The Good Wife Recap: Crack Open the Green Notebook I did not expect The Good Wife to tackle a story line about ISIS.
  9. Episode 14 Monday
    The Good Wife Recap: Common Experiences When Eli Gold gets a spinoff, what should we call it? Good As Gold? Gold Rush?
  10. Episode 13 Judged
    The Good Wife Recap: Why Am I Doing This? This is probably the beginning of the end, so all bets are off.
  11. Episode 12 Tracks
    The Good Wife Recap: Good Morning, Magic Sunshine Is it time to say good-bye to Alicia Florrick?
  12. Episode 11 Iowa
    The Good Wife Recap: Not Number One If Alicia could go back in time, would she have picked Will?
  13. Episode 10 KSR
    The Good Wife Recap: Get Out This changes everything. Again.
  14. Episode 9 Discovery
    The Good Wife Recap: Inappropriately Jaunty Alicia is absolutely exasperated. After this episode, so am I.
  15. Episode 8 Restraint
    The Good Wife Recap: Ongoing Disasters When it comes to the First Amendment, never get in Diane Lockhart’s way.
  16. Episode 7 Driven
    The Good Wife Recap: Next Stop, Lincoln Bedroom? “It’s always sexier not to care.”
  17. Episode 6 Lies
    The Good Wife Recap: From Under the Blanket Another extended storyline on NSA surveillance? Pass.
  18. Episode 5 Payback
    The Good Wife Recap: Flaccid-o Domingo The Good Wife chose an appropriately blood-curdling, spine-tingling subject matter for this holiday weekend’s episode: student-loan repayment!
  19. Episode 4 Taxed
    The Good Wife Recap: Gumming Up the Works Last night’s episode of The Good Wife was a reminder that when the show is good, it’s among the best in the business.
  20. Episode 3 Cooked
    The Good Wife Recap: I Get a Gavel Who knew it would be so satisfying to watch some of the greatest character actors of their respective generations squeeze through tiny doorframes?
  21. Episode 2 Innocents
    The Good Wife Recap: Chopped Balls and Botched Investigations The case Alicia picks up this week is a fascinating one.
  22. Episode 1 Bond
    The Good Wife Recap: Good Luck With That The single-word title of the season premiere seems like a strong indication that The Good Wife will end come spring.

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