The Great

  1. Episode 10 The Beaver’s Nose
    The Great Finale Recap: A Birthday Coup Catherine will meet other men to love, but not other massive Eurasian countries.
  2. Episode 9 Love Hurts
    The Great Recap: The Aristocrats! The Coup Club needs new members, but at what cost?
  3. Episode 8 Meatballs at the Dacha
    The Great Recap: First Lie Wins We’re all about Sweden this episode — well, Sweden, Grigor unraveling, and Catherine showing her growth as a statesperson.
  4. Episode 7 A Pox on Hope
    The Great Recap: Inoculation Nation Peter’s main goal is to be loved, and he can’t tell himself he is if people write horrible things in his idea box.
  5. Episode 6 Parachute
    The Great Recap: A Series of Horrifying Events Peter seems to be making great strides, and yet he also throws a dog off the roof, so …
  6. Episode 5 War & Vomit
    The Great Recap: Macarons of War Turns out our extremely kind and eccentric Elizabeth did not come to play.
  7. Episode 4 Moscow Mule
    The Great Recap: The Horse Rumors Catherine can hand out all the bejeweled eggs she wants, that’s not going to stop a rumor this good.
  8. Episode 3 And You Sir, Are No Peter the Great
    The Great Recap: Bear Aspirations Catherine keeps making decisions that seem destined to bite her on the ass later.
  9. Episode 2 The Beard
    The Great Recap: Larks and Japes and Weird Sex Can free will be debated through the medium of beards? The Great says yes.
  10. Episode 1 The Great
    The Great Premiere Recap: Huzzah! We are not here for facts, we are here for mummified empresses and big Russian beards (now banned for men under 50).

The Latest The Great News

  1. trailer mix
    Elle Fanning Chooses Chicken Over Sex in The Great’s Season 2 Trailer Same.
  2. the great
    How The Great Very, Very Loosely Adapts Russian History Creator Tony McNamara of The Favourite on the origins of his “occasionally true” story about Catherine the Great.
  3. tv review
    The Great Is Nasty, Brutish, and Long — and Very, Very Good Hulu’s “occasionally true” period satire skillfully balances empathy for its royal protagonist with an impulse to slice her to shreds.
  4. trailer mix
    The Great Trailer: The Favourite, But If Elle Fanning Were Catherine the Great With Nicholas Hoult as her idiotic Russian husband.
  5. series orders
    Hulu Orders Abigail Spencer Revenge Series, Elle Fanning As Catherine the Great Reprisal and The Great will premiere in 2019 and 2020.