The Kardashians

  1. Episode 10 Enough Is Enough
    The Kardashians Season-Finale Recap: Send in the Klowns The family rallies around Khloe as she deals with Tristan’s latest betrayal.
  2. Episode 9 Bucket List Goals
    The Kardashians Recap: Benny Drama & Baby Mama Nobody is better than the Kardashians at letting their reality show become another character.
  3. Episode 8 Never Go Against the Family
    The Kardashians Recap: For the Love of Pete The Pete Davidson era is gaining momentum.
  4. Episode 7 Where I’ve Been and Where I Wanna Go
    The Kardashians Recap: Cover Girls The glamorous life leaves the Kardashians wanting more.
  5. Episode 6 This is a Life or Death Situation
    The Kardashians Recap: Pardon Their French If only Kim’s dad could see her now.
  6. Episode 5 Who Is Kim K?
    The Kardashians Recap: Birthday Kendalls Though the Pete Davidson era has begun, his name, much like Voldemort’s, is never mentioned.
  7. Episode 4 We’re Celebrating Sex
    The Kardashians Recap: Indecent Proposal The idea that Kourtney’s sisters ever gave her any flack for not showing enough on camera is laughable at this point.
  8. Episode 3 Live From New York
    The Kardashians Recap: Butt of the Joke The Kardashians might be the definitive behind-the-scenes look at Saturday Night Live.
  9. Episode 2 Did Somebody Tape That?
    The Kardashians Recap: Beta-Blocking Out the Haters James Corden really is the best person to get advice from about dealing with the internet hating you.
  10. Episode 1 Burn Them All to the F*cking Ground
    The Kardashians Series-Premiere Recap: Bodysuits and Lawsuits Our long national nightmare is over. After a ten-month absence, the Kardashian family is back on our screens.
  1. Episode 10 Here’s to Paris
    The Kardashians Season-Finale Recap: Family Style The season finale is a welcome return to form, refocusing on the Kardashians’ family dynamic.
  2. Episode 9 It’s Met Monday!
    The Kardashians Recap: Met Gala Behavior The Met Gala and the Blac Chyna trial verdict on the same day? A reality producer couldn’t ask for better timing, and yet this episode is not so good.
  3. Episode 8 I Never Thought I’d See the Day
    The Kardashians Recap: Believe It or Not Ana de Armas, eat your heart out: Kim’s really wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress (for about ten minutes).
  4. Episode 7 What’s More American Than Marilyn Monroe?
    The Kardashians Recap: Say Yes to the Dress On this week’s doozy of a to-do list: the Met Gala, Kourtney’s wedding planning, and that looming Blac Chyna trial.
  5. Episode 6 You Have No Idea How Iconic This Is!
    The Kardashians Recap: Model Behavior Breaking the fourth wall is one thing, but this is inception. We are watching the Kardashians watch The Kardashians on The Kardashians.
  6. Episode 5 One Night in Miami
    The Kardashians Recap: Kim and Khloé Take Miami The Kardashians can’t party till dawn anymore.
  7. Episode 4 We’re Built for This
    The Kardashians Recap: Proud As a Peacock Nobody gets their f - - - - - - ass up to work harder than Martha Stewart.
  8. Episode 3 Life Can Change on a Dime
    The Kardashians Recap: High Fashion While Kim tries on all the Prada, Kris tries out all the gummies.
  9. Episode 2 Prada You!
    The Kardashians Recap: When It Brains, It Pours Khloe gets a brain scan (for fun!), while Kim and Kendall take Milan.
  10. Episode 1 I Have Something to Tell You …
    The Kardashians Recap: A Very Khloé Episode At what point does reality television become inhumane? The season premiere puts a spotlight on Khloé’s horrible situation with Tristan.

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    The Kardashians Season 3 Is Their Rashomon “Listen, everyone has their own truth of how they think something happened.”
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    Brooke Shields Found Her Confidence in New Documentary “I’m amazed I survived any of it,” says Shields, reflecting on her career as a child model and actress.
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    Super Troopers Continues to Slow Burn Broken Lizard reunited to talk lethal soap, liters of cola, too much syrup, and the perks of having made a modern cult classic.
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    Holy Fvck, Demi Lovato Is Directing a Documentary About Child Stardom Including themself.
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    Brooke Shields Says She Was Sexually Assaulted 30 Years Ago “I’m more angry now than I was able to be then.”
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    Meryl Streep Is a Potential Suspect in New Only Murders in the Building Teaser Did she kill Paul Rudd?
  8. emergency discussion
    History of the World, Part II’s Beautiful Commitment to Stupidity Let’s celebrate how surprising and impressive it is to see a show lean this hard into total idiocy.
  9. wildin' out
    Kathryn Hahn to Play Wild Multiverse Cheryl Strayed Not Little Fires Everywhere. Not Big Little Lies. This is Tiny Beautiful Things.
  10. not going forward
    The Devil in the White City Adaptation Isn’t Happening Months after Keanu Reeves and Todd Field left the project, Hulu pulled the plug.