The Last Dance

  1. Episodes 9 and 10 Episodes IX and X
    The Last Dance Recap: The Final Cut Michael Jordan has lived his life as a battle of wills against the whole world. Why would he surrender control now?
  2. Episode 8 Episode VIII
    The Last Dance Recap: The Vengeance Season The story of Michael Jordan’s return to basketball inspires the most moving and most unsettling episode yet.
  3. Episode 7 Episode VII
    The Last Dance Recap: Michael Jordan Presents Michael Jordan Why did he retire from the NBA to play minor league baseball? Let’s find out.
  4. Episode 6 Episode VI
    The Last Dance Recap: A Competition Problem Elite athletes are, by and large, all absolute competitive psychopaths.
  5. Episode 5 Episode V
    The Last Dance Recap: Branded Discontent “Episode V” rewinds to 1992, the year Jordan went from being an NBA star to a colossal, worldwide celebrity.
  6. Episode 4 Episode IV
    The Last Dance Recap: The Triangle Offense Jordan’s singular presence is still at the heart of it all, but The Last Dance is finally letting his teammates tell the story too.
  7. Episode 3 Episode III
    The Last Dance Recap: Dennis Rodman Agonistes Why rush through a life as interesting as Rodman’s to get to yet another Michael Jordan anecdote?
  8. Episode 2 Episode II
    The Last Dance Recap: The Second Fiddle The Scottie Pippen Episode, like everything else about the actual Pippen, is pulled inexorably back toward Jordan.
  9. Episode 1 Episode I
    The Last Dance Premiere Recap: The Michael Jordan Project It’s the closest thing we’ve got to sports right now.

The Latest The Last Dance News

  1. last dance
    Channing Tatum Won’t Stop Grinding Until Magic Mike’s Last Dance “The stripperverse will never be the same.”
  2. snl
    Give Heidi Gardner an Emmy for SNL’s Last Dance Parody Paired with Keegan-Michael Key as Michael Jordan, it’s a tour de force.
  3. vulture lists
    The 83 Non-M.J. Talking Heads in The Last Dance, Ranked All have something to say, but with dozens of interview subjects, not all of what they have to say is equally valuable.
  4. the last dance
    A List of Michael Jordan’s Last Dance Grudges, Real or Imagined Featuring Isiah Thomas, Jerry Krause, and a suspicious pizza.
  5. close reads
    What Did The Last Dance Tell Us About Michael Jordan, Really? It boosted Jordan’s standing as the greatest ever, but, like Mike himself, there was a hollowness at its center.
  6. the last slice
    Michael Jordan Blames Infamous 1997 Finals Flu Game on Some Extremely Bad Pizza Who amongst us?
  7. trash talk
    14 Amazing Tales of Michael Jordan Being a Hypercompetitive Weirdo We’re not saying these are all definitely true, but watching The Last Dance makes it easy to believe they are.
  8. the last dance
    Is This Guy Really Michael Jordan’s Best Friend? His name is George Koehler, he lives in Chicago, and his friendship with Jordan has a surprising backstory.
  9. the last dance
    Why Did Michael Jordan Star in Space Jam? Why did the most competitive athlete of his generation spend a summer shooting a kids’ movie? Brand synergy, baby.
  10. the last dance
    Watch an Exclusive Last Dance Clip of Michael Jordan Being ‘an A-hole’ This clip from ESPN’s The Last Dance provides a look at Jordan’s cold-eyed practice demeanor.