The Mandalorian

  1. Episode 8 Redemption
    The Mandalorian Season Finale Recap: Tragedy of the Manufacturer’s Protocol We learn more than we ever have before about The Mandalorian’s origin, but this episode really belongs to IG-11.
  2. Episode 7 Chapter 7: The Reckoning
    The Mandalorian Recap: Bait and Switch (and Switch) The season’s penultimate episode reveals The Mandalorian’s self-contained chapters haven’t been that self-contained after all.
  3. Episode 6 The Prisoner
    The Mandalorian Recap: Battle Droids and Double Crosses Anyone who’s felt like The Mandalorian hasn’t featured enough dirtbags so far should have no complaints after this episode.
  4. Episode 5 The Gunslinger
    The Mandalorian Recap: Bounty Flaw This week’s adventure brings Mandalorian and Child to a familiar planet called Tatooine and raises some concerns about Mando’s parenting skills.
  5. Episode 4 Chapter 4: Sanctuary
    The Mandalorian Recap: Two and a Half Samurai With bounty hunters still in pursuit, the Mandalorian and the Child dip into a “backwater skug hole” to make new friends and join in a local skirmish.
  6. Episode 3 Chapter 3: The Sin
    The Mandalorian Recap: This Is the Way Amid a tense stealth mission and a thrilling battle, we start to get a clearer picture of what sort of man the Mandalorian really is.
  7. Episode 2 Chapter 2: The Child
    The Mandalorian Recap: Baby Onboard A satisfying second chapter reveals some intriguing new details about the Mandalorian’s bounty amid a string of rousing action scenes.
  8. Episode 1 Chapter 1
    The Mandalorian Premiere Recap: A Bounty Hunter Walks Into a Bar … The first live-action Star Wars series begins digging into the seedy underbelly of a universe still figuring itself out after the Empire’s fall.

The Latest The Mandalorian News

  1. poignancy
    It Happened: George Lucas Met Baby Yoda “Now I am become Death, Creator of Puppets.”
  2. justice for spotchka lady
    The Mandalorian’s 15 Best Cameo Appearances, Ranked Who’s the best comedian in the galaxy?
  3. the mandalorian
    The Unofficial Baby Yoda Coloring Book Inspired by the li’l guy’s biggest moments in The Mandalorian.
  4. close reads
    The Mandalorian Doesn’t Care About Diapers A series uninterested in the details of parenting indulges a very particular image of fatherhood: the guy who doesn’t have to sweat the small stuff.
  5. bring us the child
    Jon Favreau Confirms It’s Going to Be a While Before He Lets You See the Baby The Mandalorian creator says the series will return for season two in fall 2020.
  6. gif recap
    Just the Baby Yoda Parts of The Mandalorian A GIF recap of the cutest li’l baby in the galaxy.
  7. cuddliest guy in the galaxy
    Disney Finally Gives Us the Baby Yoda Plush We’ve Been Looking For Cuddle the Child, you will.
  8. gift guide
    The Perfect Star Wars Gift for Every Room of the House 101 semi-essential basics (or however else you’d classify a BB-8 nutcracker).
  9. vulture lists
    Every Star Wars Creature, Ranked by Cuteness From Ewoks to Babu Frik — and, yes, Baby Yoda.
  10. last night on late night
    Baby Yoda Is a Lot More Self-Aware Than We Thought He’s flaunting his Reebok deal on SNL.