The Muppets

  1. Episodes 15 - 16 Generally Inhospitable; Because … Love
    The Muppets Finale Recap: Good-bye for Now I’ll say this much: The Muppets ended in a better place than it began.
  2. Episode 14 Little Green Lie
    The Muppets Recap: The Third-Most Important Secret Yet again, this show ignores the basic tenets of sitcom writing.
  3. Episode 13 Got Silk?
    The Muppets Recap: Appendix Girl Is Not Your Friend This show desperately needs a villain.
  4. Episode 12 A Tail of Two Piggies
    The Muppets Recap: Unveil the Tail I think … I actually liked this episode?
  5. Episode 11 Swine Song
    The Muppets Recap: The Full Miley Welcome back, The Muppets. Despite everything, I can’t not root for you.
  6. Episode 10 Single All the Way
    The Muppets Recap: A Glimmer of Hope Is a Kermit/Piggy reunion finally in the works?
  7. Episode 9 Going, Going, Gonzo
    The Muppets Recap: Brought to You by Piggy Water Enough is enough. Where is Camilla? And when will we see her again?
  8. Episode 8 Too Hot to Handler
  9. Episode 7 Pig’s in a Blackout
    The Muppets Recap: Emergency Jeggings This was my favorite episode of the show so far.
  10. Episode 6 Ex Factor
    The Muppets Recap: Whoopsie Bin Denise! We were all wondering when you’d show up! And you know what? You kind of made the show better.
  11. Episode 5 Walk the Swine
    The Muppets Recap: Joke’s on You Muppets were meant to sing together.
  12. Episode 4 Pig Out
    The Muppets Recap: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Moi? The Muppets is currently operating with neither sufficient heart nor brain.
  13. Episode 3 Bear Left Then Bear Write
    The Muppets Recap: A Sloop Called Cappuccino Take what creative liberties you will, The Muppets, but leave us the unbridled true love of Gonzo and Camilla.
  14. Episode 2 Hostile Makeover
    The Muppets Recap: Josh Groban Is a Douche We inch half a step forward from the pilot.
  15. Episode 1 Pig Girls Don’t Cry
    The Muppets Recap: Pig Girls Don’t Cry We need less detachment, more old-school Muppety heart.

The Latest TV News

  1. health
    Wendy Williams Has Dementia and Aphasia Williams has released a statement thanking fans for their support.
  2. grotesquerie
    Another Ryan Murphy Horror Series Is Coming to FX Grotesquerie is set to star Niecy Nash-Betts, Courtney B. Vance, and Lesley Manville.
  3. extremely online
    Who’s Gonna Dramatize TikTok’s Zola? The Reesa Teesa drama is sending Donald Glover to Atlanta, while one of the Safdies is on the phone with A24.
  4. chat room
    Feud’s James Baldwin Was Real to Chris Chalk “If I think of playing it as his imagination, does it become some sort of fetishism? It’s better for me to just play him as a real human.”
  5. sag awards 2024
    Find Out Who’s an Actor’s Actor at the 2024 SAG Awards Jennifer Aniston is presenting Barbra Streisand with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  6. what's in a name
    Shorten the Name of the Game of Thrones Prequel Why not Egg?
  7. oh the places you'll bend!
    An Avatar: The Last Airbender Travelogue Let’s recap all the iconic locations visited by Aang & Co., the notables they meet there, and what happens once they arrive.
  8. dun done
    Just to Clarify, Sam Waterston Is Not Retiring As he says good-bye to Law & Order (again), the former Jack McCoy has a message for casting directors: Call him!
  9. now streaming
    The 13 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend Including a new Coen brother (singular) movie.
  10. open investigation
    Only Murders in the Building Is on the Case for Season 4 Eva Longoria and Molly Shannon are joining the cast, and Meryl Streep is coming back for more.